English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Alliance Mock Examinations 2022

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Answer three questions only. (Use a different foolscap for every question).

    1. Write a story involving an explosion, sirens and a hospital.
    2. Or
      Write a composition discussing the following statement: Leaders are bom not made.
  2. DRAMA
    Henrik Ibsen: A Doll's House. "Self sacrifice must be rewarded" Write a composition in support of this statement drawing your illustrations from A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.
  3. The short story: Chris Wanjala (Ed.) Memories we lost.
    "It is in life's confinement that positive thinking and hope creates comfort and ultimate success". Using Siddhartha Gigoo's story. "The Umbrella Man" show the truth of this statement.


  1. (Mark as required)
  2. Some characters in A Doll's House are portrayed as selfless. They give up their comfort and time in order to keep others. This is eventually rewarded . Mrs Linda abandoned Krogstad whom she loves and marries a rich man for the sake of her family. In the end, her brothers become independent. Nora sacrifices a lot for the sake of her husband Helmer. He is awfully sick and needs urgent care. Ehen they get married, Torvald leaves his office work becasue there is no prospect of promotion. With a view to providing for his family, he works early and late. In the process, he overworks himself and falls dreadfully ill. The doctor tells Nora, his wife, that the only remedy is for him to take a rest in the south (Italy). The trip would cost a tremendous amount of money. Since her husband would not allow Nora to borrow the money and would not accept help from a woman, Nora is forced to borrow 250 pounds from Krogstad and forge her father's name since he was ill. A woman is not allowed to borrow without her husband's consent. She taked Torvald to Italy where they stayed for a year. They take the journey after Tvar is born. Torvals comes back from the trip and is sound as a belt. Indeed, Nora makes a huge sacrifice for the sake of her husband.
    In addition, Nora sacrifices for the sake of her three children. She leaves her home fearing that she may corrupt her three children. Due to the societal expectations, she is convinced that she is a corrupt person as a result of her lies and pretentious nature her marriage to Torvald is full of deception. She lies about trivial things like eating macaroons to serious issues like borrowing money from Krogstad and telling her husband that she got it from her father. Torvald convinces her that such an atmosphere of lies infects and poisons the whole life of a home. Fearing to deprave her own children and poison her home, Nora chooses to leave. Leaving her children is an act of self-sacrifice. She does it for their sake. At the end, she achieves independence from her suffocating marriage and gains freedom to try and understand her role in society.
    Mrs Linda also sacrifices for the sake of of her mother and brothers. She abandons Nils Krogstad whom she loves and marries a rich man whom she did not love or the sake of her family - her helpless mother and two little brothers. Nils prospects at that time seemed hopeless, she is proud and happy to make the end of her mother's life almost free from care. She is also proud of what she does for her brothers since they are since independent. This indeed was a big sacrifice on Mrs Linda's side.
    Lastly, Anna the nurse is also a selfless woman. She sacrifices her hapiness for the sake of Nora and her three children. She leaves her own child among strangers. Nora wonders how she would abandon her own child and she says she was obliged to since little Nora had no other mother than her. Nora says that she was a good mother to her when she was little. Anna benefits by getting a good place to live and also gets a salary.
  3. Introduction
    It is evident that optimism is what needs to endure toughest of times and see through to success as demonstrated by the inmate, No.7
    1. No.7 is given to the priviledge of going out of the gates because of his obedience and calmness, a position that the other inmates do not enjoy
    2. He ensures that he is psychologically at peace with himself and when there is threat of loneliness in the night, he recreates amity with a child in his dreams. He keeps consoling the child until it becomes happy
    3. He turns a rejected umbrella and makes it his soul mate and gives him hope to surge on and live in permanent expectation or good tidings. It becomes his comparison and he psychologically thrives in its companionship the symbolic expectation of rains that eventually comes with positivity
    4. Rain signifies and with it abundance and constant hope. The conversation he has with the barber shows how deeply inclined he is to the hope of a brighter future and he urges the barber to see it his way. And as if to confirm his belief it rains the very day he is released
    5. The punny little fellow is sympomatic of the yearning for freedom
    6. Conclusion
      In coclusion, No7 keeps to the faith as he lives it and at the end, the hope is realized when he is released from both physical and psychological bondage

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