Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Questions - Alliance Mock Examinations 2022

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    1. State the activities that took place during the dedication of Jesus in the temple (Lk 2: 22-40) (8 mks)
    2. Give seven similarities between the annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. (7 mks)
    3. State five ways in which parents develop their children's spiritual life. (5 mks)
    1. Explain four reasons why Jesus was rejected in the synagogue at Nazareth after reading from the book of Isaiah. (8 mks)
    2. Describe the healing of Gerasene demoniac. (Luke 8:26-39) (7 mks)
    3. Identify five challenges faced by Christians while spreading the gospel. (5 ms)
    1. Describe the preparations Jesus made or the Lord's supper (Lk 22:7-13)(8 mks)
    2. Outline the steps taken by the Jews to have Jesus crucified. (7 mks)
    3. Give five lessons Christians learn from Jesus' response to the Sadducees question on resurrection. (Lk 20:27-40) (5 mks)
    1. Explain four teachings about the Unity of believers in the New Testament (8 mks)
    2. What is the significance of Pentecost to the disciples. (6 mks)
    3. State the importance of the gift of prophecy in the church today. (6 mks)
    1. Describe the Christian teaching on human sexuality. (6 mks)
    2. Give reasons why some Christians choose celibacy as an alternative to marriage. (7 mks)
    3. Identify seven reasons that lead to polygamous marriages in the society today. (7 mks)
    1. Give soven obstacles to effective maintenance of Law and Order. (7 mks)
    2. List seven ways of acquiring wealth in Traditional African communities (7 mks)
    3. Identify six ways in which Christians use print media to preach the gospel. (6 mks)


      • Jesus was taken to Jerusalem to be presented to the Lord by his parents.
      • Simeon took Jesus up in arms/blessed the Lord 
      • Simeon said that he was ready to die for he had seen God's salvation/a light for revelation to the gentiles/glory to the Israelites.
      • Simeon blessed the parents of Jesus.
      • Simeon told Mary Jesus mother that the child was set for the fall ind rising of many in Israel.
      • Anna gave thanks/prayed/spoke of Jesus to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem
      • The parents of Jesus performed everything according to the law of the lord/offered a pair of the turtle doves and pigeons. 
      • Parents of Jesus returned home
      • Gabriel delivered both messages
      • Mary and Zechariahs were afraid.
      • Both questioned the possibility of the message
      • Zechariah and Mary ware righteous people
      • The mothers, Elizabeth and Mary had not had children before
      • The angel Gabriel ge the names of the children to be born.
      • Mary and Zechariah were given signs to confirm the message
      • Both children to be sons/males
      • Both children would be great in their mission
      • by having the children baptised/participate in the sacramental if of the church
      • Leading righteous life for the child to copy being good role models
      • Taking children to church for dedication thanksgiving
      • By allowing his/her so intact with others eg during Sunday school.
      • Praying to Ged to guide the child
      • By exposing the child to church activities
      • By condemning the child's evil activitiesporting them
      • By offering counselling services en spiritual matters
      • Teaching them to read the Bible
      • The reading from Isaiah was about the work of the Messiah. Isaiah prophesied that the Messiah would be sent by God's knowledge
      • The Messiah's mission was to bring salvation to the oppressed and restore sight to the blind. His mission was to bring fondom to the captives
      • Jesus claimed that the prophecy had been fulfilled that day. This that that he was the promised Messiah
      • He condemned the forefathers of the people for killing the prophets
      • Jesus challenged their unbelief by quoting to inckfects from the Old Testament
      • The stories were about God's prophets, Ejah and Elisha, who were rejected by the ele yet they were accepted by the Gentiles.
      • The people were reprised for they knew Him as the son of Joseph, the carpenter
      • The people realized that He was condemning their unfaithfulness. He compared them unfavorably with the despised Gentiles
      • They got furious with Jesus and tried to kill Him. They led Jesus out of the city with the intention of killing Him. However, their plan failed
      • Jesus and His disciples served in the country of the Games after selling as the sea of Galilee
      • A man possessed by demon met him from the city. The demons had no clothes, and he lived mong the tombs.
      • When he saw Jesus, he fell before Him and loudly said, "What have you to do with me,Jesus,son of the most High God? I beseech you, do not to usalem spirits to come out of the man
      • The man had been bound in chains and fees and demous seized him, and he broke the chains and Jesus anked the man him kept under guard and many times the way into the desert.
      • The demons answered, 'Legion, because many demons had entered him
      • They begged Jesus to send them into the pigs which were feeding on the hillside, so Jesus let them leave
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