English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Kijiset Revision Mock Exams 2022

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  • Answer ALL the questions in this paper in the spaces provided.
  • Answer all the questions in English.
  1. Comprehension based on an unseen text
    Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. (20mks)
                  To alleviate poverty in Africa and other developing regions, the rural poor must be made partners in the growth process, asserts the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). In processing for urgent action, the UN Body maintains that standard poverty – reduction strategies, which regard the poor as passive beneficiaries of eventual economic success, have been a striking failure. Only by mobilizing the productive potential of the nearly I billion small farmers, pastoralists and fisher folk who are living in dire poverty – a fifty of the world’s population- can the sharp deterioration in living standards be reversed, says IFAD.
                  The solution lies “first and foremost” among rural people themselves. Unless governments and international agencies rely upon and bolster local knowledge and resources, the number of rural poor world. Wide – which rose by 40 percent over the past 20 years- may reach 1.5 billion by the end of this decade. Africa, with 11 of the 15 poorest nations documented by IFAD, is the region experiencing the most rapid rise in rural poverty.
                Standard approaches, such as structural adjustment and what the report terms “trickledown economics have proved unable to stem the growth of rural poverty. This is because they have generally channeled resources to urban areas and large producers, viewing aid to small farmers as a costly act of charity. But IFAD maintains that investments aimed at raising small-scale rural production can in fact “trickle up” to stimulate economic growth, citing Burundi and Cameroon as African examples. And projects in poor rural communities often bring returns that compare favorably with other economic activities, the fund adds.
                To reinforce its call for “drastic action” the IFAD report paints a slark picture of chronic hunger and increasing deprivation. The number of rural people living below the poverty line in Kenya by 150 per cent from 1965 to 1988; in Tanzania the figure rose by 71 per cent; Egypt, 133 per cent; and Ghana, 67 per cent. Food security at the house hold level was judged “low” in sub Saharan countries, and “high” in only two of the 66 developing countries with the most severe level of poverty, 36 are in Africa.
                Without concerted action to counter this trend;large part of the burden will spill over to the urban areas and abroad, where the cost of providing, livelihood is much higher.
                African governments say developed countries must make rapid economic shifts to allay the crisis. At an IFAD Governing Council meeting in Rome last year. Nigerian vice president Augustus was blunt; the “critical bottleneck” to African development is protectionism within Northern markets “ridiculous prices” for primary commodities and suffocating debt. It is time, he said, for the west to adopt a policy of “debt forgiveness,” since previous efforts have reduced the continent’s debt by “a mere 2 per cent.”
    1. Why, according to the passage, have the efforts to alleviate poverty? (2mks)
    2. What percentage of the world’s population lives in dire poverty (2mks)
    3. Why according to the writer of this passage have structural adjustment and other standard approaches failed to alleviate poverty? (3mks)
    4. What evidence does IFAD advance to prove that poverty in Africa is on the rise? (2mks)
    5. “Passive beneficiaries of eventual economic success, have a striking failure” ……………………………. Add a question tag. (1mk)
    6. In about 40 words, summaries what the writer says must be done so as to stem the tide of poverty in the world. (5mks)
    7. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage. (4mks)
      1. Maintains
      2. Stem
      3. Reinforce
      4. Blunt
      5. .In your own words, state the argument put forward by the Nigerian vice-president. (2mks)

  2. Excerpt based on the compulsory set text:Blossoms of the Savannah by HR Ole Kulet.
    Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow.
                  It was then that the girls recognized their hero. It was Olarinkoi. He did not talk or look at them. He stood trembling with anger, breathing heavily, with first clenched and looking down at men who lay in a heap, one of the men moved his limbs weakly and moaned hoarsely as thick, heavy streams of blood trickled from his nose and lips to the soil. Olarinkoi stepped forward, lifted his foot and kicked him viciously on the ribs. The man let a load yell and fell silent.
                  “That will teach them a lesson,” Olarinkoi said. He pompously straightened the collar and cuffs of his shirt and dusted its sleeves with his hand. “Now go home girls.” Taiyo and Resian looked up at Olarinkoi gratefully. They could not find words to express their gratitude. It was only when he told them to go home that they collected themselves and begun to walk. Although not injured, they were terribly shaken. They sobbed with rage and shame. The incident left a feeling of invasion and degradation. Their dresses were soiled and torn and one of the vagabonds.
                  When they got home, their parents had not returned. The girls still felt soiled and greasy. The stench on the men’s sweaty filthy clothes and bodies still lingered in their nostrils and the feel of their rough hands still burned on their delicate skins. They took a bath and washed the dirty clothes.
                  They could never than Olarinkoi adequately. They were lucky he had come at the nick of time. They could not imagine what would have happened to them had he not come at the very moment. One thing was certain; they would have been raped.
                  Later that night as they lay on their bed, each of them was contemplating. Resian thought how they had a right to every woman’s body. The sooner she left Nasila, she thought angrily, the better it would be for her.
                  Taiyo also seethed with fury. She thought the two vagabonds that accosted them were part of the tyrannical Nasila culture that did not respect women. The incident strengthened her resolve that she was a combatant in a war zone. She hoped she would one day team up with the Emakererei to fight for women and girl child rights.

    1. Briefly explain events leading to this extract. (4mks)
    2. State 2 styles used in the above excerpt. (4mks)
    3. Identify the main theme in the excerpt above (2mks)
    4. “When they got home, their parents had not returned.” Using your knowledge of the text Explain where their parents had gone and why. (3mks)
    5. What happens immediately after the excerpt? (2mks)
    6. “The girls were nearly raped by the two vagabonds” elsewhere in the text, explain how the two were punished and how one of them is related to Kaelos. (4mks)
    7. Explain the mood of the excerpt above. (2mks)
    8. “The sooner they left Nasila,Ressian thought angrily, the better it would be for her.” where does Ressian wants to go and why? (2mks)
    9. Provide the meaning of the following as used in the excerpt above. (2mks)
      1. Degradation
      2. Seethed

  3.  Literary Appreciation (20mks)

    “The face of hunger.”
    I counted ribs on his concertina chest
    Bones protruding as if chiseled
    By sculptor’s hand of famine.

    He looked with glazed pupils
    Seeing only a bun on some sky-high shelf.

    The skin was pale and taut
    Like a glove on a doctor’s hand

    His tongue darted in and out
    Like a chameleon’s
    Snatching a confetti of lies

    Oh! Child
    Your stomach is a den of lions
    Roaring day and night

    By Mbuyiseni Mstshali

    1. Identify the persona in the above poem. (2mks)
    2. What is the poem about? (4mks)
    3. Identify and illustrate instances of imagery in the poem. (4mks)
    4. Using illustration identify the dominant theme in the above poem. (2mks)
    5. What tone do you get in the above poem. (3mks)
    6. Your stomach is a den of lion.(negate the statement.) (1mk)
    7. Give the contextual meaning of the following words and phrase (4mks)
      1. Protruding 
      2. Pale 
      3. Darted 
      4. A den of lions
  4. GRAMMAR (15mks)
    1. Replace the underlined word in each of the sentences with the most suitable phrasal verbs (3mks)
      1. The doctor remarked that the girl …………………………….(Resembles) the father.
      2. The looters ………………….. (Stole) goods of unknown value during the city riots.
      3. When he …………………….. (Regained consciousness), he was amazed to realize that he was in hospital.
    2. Complete the following sentences by adding the correct relative clause.
      1. The picture ……………… you were talking about has been sold.
      2. Get it back from the person ……………….. You sold it to
      3. I should like to see the trees ……………………….. You picked these oranges from
    3. Use the correct form of the words in brackets to fill in the blank spaces in each of the sentences below. (3mks)
      1. The accident …………………. (Occur) near the hospital yesterday.
      2. The …………………….. (Argue) made them to quarrel at last.
      3. The vehicle broke down due to poor ……………………….(maintain)
    4. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed. (3mks)
      1. Nyambura never came late to school this term. (Begin: not …………….) 
      2. If I had known that they would bring the book with them, I would not have brought this copy. (Rewrite the sentences using need not instead of (would not))
      3. No one likes to be sick. (Change the infinitive into a gerund)
    5. Write the following sentences according to the instructions given.
      1. Someone is following us. (Rewrite in passive)
      2. He was absent from work for three days without permission. He wrote a rude letter to the manager. (Rewrite as one sentence beginning, not only …………. )
      3. Let me have a taste. (Add a question tag). 

Marking Scheme

    1. Failure to involve the rural partners in the growth process. (1mk)
      Poverty reduction strategies have regarded the poor as passive beneficiaries and thus failed to mobilize and involve them in alleviating poverty (1mk)
    2. 21/2 = 1B = the 20% of the world’s population live in dire poverty. (2mks)
    3. They insist on channeling resources to urban areas (1mk) and large producers while neglecting the poor majority (1mk). The benefits accruing never reach the poor man thus widening their poverty index. (1mk) (3x1mk)
    4. IFAD paints a stark picture of chronic hunger and deprivation in Africa giving steady growth in poverty levels (2mks)
    5. Passive beneficiaries of eventual economic success have been a striking failure, haven’t they? (1mk)
      N/B (must be well punctuated, if not award 0)
    6. To stem the tide of poverty in the world, the rural folk should be mobilized and involved,(1mk) Resources should be channeled to the rural areas (1mk). Removal of bottlenecks to development in and debts for poor countries is important (1mk). Lastly there should be concerted effort 1mk. (44words).
    7. Maintains – holds that, insist on the fact (1mk)
      Stem – uproot/bring to an end/deal with once and for all. (1mk)
      Reinforce – emphasize on (1mk)
      Blunt – clear to the point. (1mk)
    8. The west should cancel Africa debts (1mk) and reduce prices for primary commodities. (1mk)
    1. Resian and Taiyo were walking back home from their fathers shop where they had gone to have lunch. (1mk) the saw two men behind a tree eyeing at them. (1mk). The men approached them having knobkerries in their hands. They immediately recognized one o them as the one who had accosted them on their second day in Nasila (1mk). One man was dragging Taiyo into the bush while another was wrestling Resian on the ground. (1mk). A third man sprang from the bush and helped them, beating the two vagabonds to pulp.(1mk). (Award any 4 points that are systematic)(4mks)
    2. Onomatopoeia (1mk) – moaned. (1mk)
      Vivid description (1mk) - h stood (1mk) trembling with anger, breathing heavily, with first clenched and looking down………
      Idiomatic expression (1mk) – nick of time (1mk) (4mks) (A ward any two styles that are well illustrated) (wrong spelling for style award (0mk)
    3. Moral decadence/moral decay.
      The vagabonds accosted the two (Resian and Taiyo) with an intention of raping them.
    4. Gender discrimination/male chauvinism.
      She thought the two vagabonds that accosted them were part of the tyrannical Nasila culture that did not respect women. (Any 1 theme well illustrated)
    5. Ole Kaelo had gone to speak to his long term friend Ole Supeyo (1mk) if he could buy the stock in his shop so as to be free to tell off Oloisudori (1mk) about his intentions to marry his daughter Resian while mama Milanoi (1mk) went to seek advice from Simiren’s wives on how to avert Oloisudori’s demand of marrying their daughter. (3mks)
    6. The two waited eagerly for to tell them what had happened to them. (1mk)
      Resian saw that as an opportune time for Taiyo to talk to their father about their intention of going back to Nakuru and enroll at the university. (1mk)
      The two vagabonds(Lante son of Kanyira and Ntara son of Muyo) were fined two heifers (1mk) each and Ntara Muto was to add an extra (1mk) heifer to erase the shame.
      NtaraMuyo is a cousin to Resian (1mk) and Taiyo since mama Milanoi is the sister to her mother. (1mk) (aunt). (4mks)
    7. Tensed (1mk) – the scare by the vagabonds. Olarinkoi beating the vagabonds. (1) (2mks)
      Resian wants to go back to Nakuru and enroll at the Egerton (1mk). University to pursue a course in veterinary medicine. (1mk) (2mks)
    8. Degradation
      Lose of self-respect. (1mk)
      Fumed (1mk) – (observe tense to award a mark must be in past tense.) (2mks)
  3. QUESTION 3. (20MKS)
    1. The persona. (2mks)
      • An observer of hunger/famine (1mk)
      • Illust: “I counted ribs on his concertina chest” (1mk)
        For definition (1mk)
        For illustration (1mk)
    2. The poem is about someone who has been affected by hunger/famine (1mk) as his body has been emaciated due to starvation (1mk) his eyes are weak (1mk) and his stomach is rumbling because of hunger. (1mk) (4mks)
    3. Metaphor (1mk)
      • Illust: Your stomach is aden of lion. (1mk)
        Smile (1mk)
        Illust: His tongue darted in and out like a chameleon’s bones protruding as if chiseled (1mk) (a mark for identification and a mark for illustration)
    4. Famine (1mk) Hopeless/Disillusionment.
      • Illust: I counted ribs on his concertina chest (1mk (Any theme a ward (1mk) illustration a ward (1mk) )
        (No mark for illustration without identification)
    5. Resigned /Sympathetic – any appropriate illustration. (2mks) (identification of tone (2mks))
    6. Your stomach is not a den of lion (1mk)
      1. Protruding – sticking out/ bulging (1mk)
      2. Pale – unhealthy/ feeble (1mk)
      3. Roaring – Rumbling (1mk)
      1. took after (1mk)
      2. made away with (1mk)
      3. came to (1mk)
        (must begin with a small letter)
      1. which (1mk)
      2. whom (1mk)
      3. which (1mk)
        (Must begin with a small letter)
      1. Occurred (1mk)
      2. Argument (1mk)
      3. Maintenance (1mk)
      1. Not once did Nyambura come late to school this term. (1mk)
      2. I need not have brought this copy if I had known that they would bring the book with them. (1mk
      3. No one likes being sick. (1mk)
      1. We are being followed. (1mk)
      2. Not only was he absent from work for three days without permission, but he also wrote a rude letter to the manager (1mk) (A comma is compulsory, no comma a ward 0)
      3. ,will you? (w must be in small letter. Must end with (1mk) a question mark. w be preceded by a comma.)


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