Home Science Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Bondo Joint Mocks Exams 2022

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Instructions To Students

  • This paper consists of three sections: A, B and C
  • Answer all the questions in sections A and B and any two questions in section C
  • Candidates should answer the questions in English
    For examiner’s use only

Answer ALL the questions in this section in the spaces provided.

  1. State any four methods of purifying water for use in the home. (2 marks)
  2.  Identify two principles of food preservation used in bottling and canning. (2 marks)
  3. State two importance of growth monitoring and promotion at the post natal clinic. (2 marks)
  4. Give four ways of improving abrassives. (2 marks)
  5. Identify two challenges of a vegetarian diet. (2 marks)
  6. State two ways of managing varicose veins in pregnancy. (2 marks)
  7. Distinguish between direct and semi-direct lighting techniques. (2 marks)
  8. State two methods of managing fullness that are mainly functional. (2 marks)
  9. Give two benefits of preparing a shopping list. (2 marks)
  10. State two reasons why a child suffering from scurvy may also be anaemic. (2 marks)
  11. Give two reasons why consumers should avoid skin products that contain mercury. (2 marks)
  12. Give two reasons why too early weaning of the baby is not recommended. (2 marks)
  13. Identify two points considered when marking covers at the dining table. (2 marks)
  14. State two precautions to take when using rechauffe dishes. (2marks)
  15. State two advantages of a well-planned kitchen area. (2 marks)
  16. State two uses of a colander. (2 marks)
  17. State two reasons why excess weight gain during pregnancy is not recommended. (2 marks)
  18. Give two ways of conserving fuel when cooking. (2 marks)
  19. State two reasons for food fortification. (2 marks)
  20. Mention two processes that must be completed before attaching a waist band. (2 marks)


  1. You are preparing to host your sister’s graduation party. Describe the correct procedure you will use to thorough:
    1. Clean the oil painted wall of your living room. (11 marks)
    2. Clean the china mug you will give her as a gift. (5 marks)
    3. Finish a silk scarf to be used in the occasion. (4 marks)

Answer any TWO questions in this section.

    1. State and explain four factors that determine repair methods used on a garment. (8 marks)
    2. Define term anorexia nervosa. State any three of the signs and symptoms. (4 marks)
    3. Describe the correct procedure of threading the upper thread on the sewing machine. (4 marks)
    4. Outline the function of the following sewing tools. (4 marks)
      1. Bodkin
      2. Stilleto
      3. Meter stick
      4. Measuring gauge
    1. State any four physical changes in the body of the sick that may require immediate medical attention. (4 marks)
    2. Outline four factors to consider to ensure effective baking of food. (4 marks)
    3. State and explain four methods of sterilizing clothes of the sick. (8 marks)
    4. State four reasons for increasing popularity of acrylics for school sweater. (4 marks)
    1. Outline four qualities to look choosing flowers for arrangement. (4 marks)
    2. Outline four causes of cracked nipple in breastfeeding. (4 marks)
    3. State any four types of child play and for each, outline the aspect of development it promotes. (8 marks)
    4. State four importance of table setting. (4 marks)

Marking Scheme

    • Boiling
    • Sedimentation
    • Chemical purification (chlorination)
    • Filtration
    • Decantation
    • Use of heat
    • Elimination of oxygen
    •  Help in early detection of health problems that may affect the child’s health (e.g. malnutrition) of early intervention.
    •  It shows whether the baby is growing normally or not.
    • Crushed egg shell
    • Crushed charcoal
    • Wood ash
    •  Fine sand
    •  Sisal
    •  It is not easy to balance the meals as most plant proteins lack nutrients like vitaminB 12 , Vitamin D and Iron.
    • The meal may cause bloating due to excess roughages in plant proteins and vegetables.
    • Not easy to vary texture of the meals as most of the dishes have to be soft.
    •  Wear support stocking
    •  Support legs on a stool when sitted
    •  Avoid standing for long
    • Direct lighting is where most light is spread downwards from a focal point.
    • Semi-direct lightning is where sources of light hang from a ceiling pendant and light is spread in all directions for use in general activities that do not need high visual concentration.
    • Darts
    • Easing
    • Help to guide the consumer to make wise purchase
    • Help to avoid impulse buying
    • Help to save time when shopping
    • Vitamin C is needed for proper Iron absorption in the body
    • Vitamin C helps in the formation of the scar tissue to facilitate quick healing of wounds hence avoid hemorrhage in case of an accident.
    • Mercury weakness the skin structure
    • Mercury destroys melanin pigment which prevents skin from U-V rays of the sun.
    • Baby’s digestive system is still weak/ not fully developed to handle new foods
    • Baby does not need additional nutrients below at 6 months of age as breast milk issufficient for its needs
    • It may expose baby to infections due to poor handling of foods
    • Allow enough space in between covers to prevent guest from knocking each other while dinning
    • Mark the cover at a few distance from the edge of the table
    • Coat fried foods like chicken to prevent overcooking and braking during reheating
    • Ensure the food has not gone stale before reheating
    • Do not re-heat food more than once as this denatures and toughens nutrients and encourages growth of micro organisms
    • Season and flavor reheated dishes carefully to improve taste as they tend to loose natural flavor.
    • Slice large pieces of left-over food into small pieces before reheating to ensure adequate heat penetration
    • Allows for efficient use of available floor space
    • Allows free flow of work from one work centre to another
    • Gives the kitchen an orderly and organized outlook
    • Help to save on time and energy when performing tasks
    • Draining solid foods
    • Steaming food
    • Mother may not be able to shed off the excess weight gained after delivery
    • Excess weight gained pre disposes the mother of lifestyle, diseases like obesity, high blood pressure which may be harmful to the pregnancy
    • Excess weight gained in pregnancy may lead to overweight births thus leading to complications during delivery
    • Use a pressure cooker to cook hard foods
    • Cover food during cooking with a tight fitting lead to prevent loss of steam hence quicken cooking process
    • Simmer food gently
    • Put out fuel once cooking is complete
    • Collect all ingredients beforehand, before lighting the fire
    • To improve nutritive value
    • To improve appearance
    • To improve flavor and texture
    • To prevent under nutrition
    • Working of the waist dart; gathers (managing fullness at the waist)
    • Working of the waist opening
    • Joining the side seams
    1. Cleaning oil based painted wall. (11mks)
      • Collect equipment and materials needed.
      • Clear the wall by removing pictures and wall hangings.
      • High dust the wall and ceiling paying attention to the vents.
      • Low dust the whole wall and skirting board.
      • Clean wall using warm soapy water and sponge, clean in lengthwise motion, a section at a time, working from lower levels towards upper levels to avoid trickling stains.
      • Overlap the sections so that no areas remain unclean.
      • Remove stubborn stains using a mild abrasive indirectly.
      • Rinse by wiping using a sponge wrung from warm water working from upper levels towards lower levels.
      • Repeat cleaning and rinsing till whole wall is clean.
      • Dry with a clean dry cloth.
      • Clean the skirting board by wiping using warm soapy water and a sponge. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth.
      • Clean and store equipment used.
    2. Cleaning a china cup. (5mks)
      • Collect equipment and materials needed.
      • Rinse off the cup in cold water.
      • Clean the cup in hot soapy water using a soft sponge.
      • Clean inside and outside.
      • Rinse well in hot water to remove soap and dirt.
      • Dry completely on a plate rack or using a dry dish cloth.
      • Store appropriately in readiness for use.
      • Clean and store equipment used.
    3. Finish a silk scarf. (4mks)
      • Iron while still slightly damp using a hot iron from the wrong side.
      • Work quickly to complete ironing before the fabric dries in order to produce a smooth glass.
      • Air to dry completely.
      • Fold and store appropriately.
      • Method of fabric construction – Knitted fabrics are best darned.
      • Effect desired – E.g. Decorative patch may be used to create interest while calico patch is used where strength is required.
      • Position of the tear – E.g. a tear on a collar is repaired differently from one next to a seam.
      • Size of tear – Large tear is patched while small one may be darned.
      • Weight of the fabric – Patching is not suitable for use on heavy bulky fabrics as it adds bulk.
      • Cleaning method – Items / articles that experience a lot of strain during laundry are best patched.
    2. Eating disorder where one avoids food for fear of being fat even when they are hungry.
      • Extreme thinness / sudden weight loss.
      • Depression.
      • Avoidance of food.
      • Body weakness
      • Pull thread from the spool pin through thread guides to the tension disc.
      • Pass thread through the tension disc then through the thread take – up – lever
      • Pull thread through the thread guides to the needles.
      • Thread needle from the direction of the last thread guide.
      • Bodkin – For threading elastics, ribbons, tapes into casing and eyelets.
      • Stiletto – For piercing holes and eyelets on fabric.
      • Meter stick – for measuring straight lines and skirt hem lines.
      • Measuring gauge – For measuring hem depths and seams widths.
      • Difficulty in breathing.
      • Increase or decrease in body temperature.
      • Changes in blood pressure.
      • Changes in blood sugar levels.
      • Stiff neck with severe backache.
      • Coughing or urinating blood.
      • Changes in skin colour.
      • Pre – heat the oven to the right temperature before placing in the food.
      • Place food in the right shelf. Top shelf is the hottest.
      • Observe baking duration for the food being baked.
      • Do not open the oven door before the flour mixture sets.
      • Test naked foods for readiness before removing from the oven.
      • Boiling – Involve putting clothes that have been washed and rinsed into water and bringing to boil in order to kill germs.
      • Fumigation – Involve use of poisonous gases in an enclosed chamber to kill germs on cloths.
      • Use of steams – Involve putting clothes in a chamber of hot steam to kill germs.
      • Use of chemical disinfectants e.g. Dettol – Involve use of chemical substances to kill germs on clothes.
      • Warm to wear.
      • Does not shrink or felt.
      • Resistant to abrasion.
      • Has high affinity for dye stuffs.
      • Light in weight.
      • Choose fresh flowers that are not wilted or withered.
      • Chose clean foliage.
      • Avoid strongly scented flowers as some people may be allergic to strong scents.
      • Avoid choosing too many flowers in full bloom as they wither quickly.
      • Choose a mixture of flat and pointed flowers.
      • Poor or wrong positioning of the baby on the breast.
      • Friction on nipple as baby learns to latch with extra effort.
      • Too dry nipples making skin around it to crack and bleed.
      • Using a breast pump with a small flange.
      • Baby introduced to bottle too early thus have problem suckling the nipple.
      • Pulling the baby from the breast.
      • Physical play – A child plays by jumping, climbing, skipping helps child to exercise body muscles and develops strong bones.
      • Social play – Enables child to know importance of team work, cooperation,sharing, honesty and loyalty.
      • Creative play – Enables child to develop proper eye – hand coordination, properbrain development and proper development of smooth body muscles.
      • Imaginative play – Helps the child to act out feelings and fantasies. Also help the child to identify with characters of their role model.
      • Manipulative play
        1. Enables child to learn about volume, colour, shape and size of objects.
        2. Also help in proper eye – hand – brain coordination.
        3. Develops smooth body muscles.
      • Enables parents / care givers to teach children good table manners.
      • It gives an organized and orderly look at meal time.
      • Allows / enables the family to bond as they share the day’s experiences at meal time.
      • A well laid table stimulates appetite and enjoyment of the meal by dinners.

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