English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mangu High School Mock Exams 2022

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    You have read the play "A DOLL'S HOUSE" and really enjoyed and you are ready to tackle it in K.C.S.E. You overheard some of your friends in form three complaining that it should not be included as one of the texts to be done in K.C.S.E
    Write a Book Review encouraging them to read since it will be examined in their year.
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word
    Themes arise out of those (1)...that are within the writer's experience or interest. love, betrayal, colonization and revenge. Although some common themes (2).....people live different kinds (3).....lives, they share a common humanity.(4)............that was penned thousands of years ago in a different culture from your own can be extremely current and relevant, especially if (5).......................emphasizes the ............ examples of common themes are jealousy,common human experience. (6).....corruption, hope and charity. Themes also arise out of humankind's interaction with nature andothers. Thus we find themes (8).............environmental degradation, pollution and...........environmental conservation in literature. Note that themes can (9)......................be captured they must be supported by way of explanation and using a single word, (10).........exemplification.
    1. Read the narrative below and then answer the questions that follow. (8 marks)
      Once upon a time, a tribe of Monkeys made their home in their pleasure garden of the king. On a certain holiday when the drum was beaten to call the people together, the King's gardener, hearing the drum, said to himself, "Even though it is a holiday, the garden must be watered. Accordingly I will ask the Monkeys to water the garden for me, so that I can be off to enjoy myself and keep holiday with the rest." So he called the Monkeys and asked them to water the garden. When the Monkeys had promised to water all the young trees faithfully, the gardener gave them water skins and the wooden pot with which to perform the task. After the gardener had gone, the Monkeys took up the water skins and the watering pot and began to water the young trees. But the leader of the
      monkeys stopped them. "Wait," he said, We must be careful not to waste water. Before you water them, you must first pull up each tree and look at the size of the roots. Then you must give plenty of water to those which have long, deep roots, but less to those with short roots. For when this water is finished, we shall have work to get any more. To be sure," said the other monkeys, "that is what we must do." So they pulled up all the trees just as their leader had told them to do and all the young trees died.
      1. What preparations do you think the narrator would make to ensure that the narration is effective?(2 marks)
      2. Illustrate any two features that show this is an oral narrative.(2marks)
      3. How would you perform the line in bold ...... "that is what we must do."(2 marks)
      4. Mention two ways through which the narrator can tell the audience is listening to the story.(2marks)
    2. Kot took Kot's coat, Kot went to court, the court told Kot to return Kot's coat to Kot.
      1. Identify the above genre.(1 mark)
      2. Identify the dominant sound feature in the above genre.(1mark)
      3. Mention two functions of the above genre.(2 marks)
    3. Provide another word that is pronounced as the following(3marks)
      1. Eight
      2. Air
      3. Gnaw
    4. For each of the following words underline the part that is stressed (3 marks)
      1. Succeed
      2. Reply
      3. Contest (verb) (3marks)
    5. Identify the odd one out, considering the underlined letters
      1. Chef Chief Sachet
      2. Bucket Burry Berry
      3. Topography Photograph Shepherd
    6. Indicate the intonation in the following sentences.(3 marks)
      1. Has Richard arrived in Nairobi?
      2. Why did you throw a fit?
      3. What an entertaining football match!
    7. Explain what you need to do before and during the interview to ensure that you succeed. (4 marks)
    8. For each of the following situations below write what you would say,
      1. I really appreciate for your visit.
      2. When your desk mate tells you that he is sick.


    CONTENT Title = ½
    Authors = ½
    Publisher = ½
    Year of publication = ½
    NO. OF Pages
    Price - If any missing deny
    1. Setting the where/when - Patriarchal/male dominated society
    2. Plot - flow of events - Teacher to judge the summary
    3. Main characters - Nora, Helmer, Krogstad, Christine
    4. Main theme - secrecy/deception/women emancipation
    5. Stylistic devices - dramatic irony suspense
    6. Strengths - Appreciating sacrifice & acknowledging role of women
    7. Weakness - Author advocates for separation
    8. Recommendation - form 3 studens for KCSE
    1. issues
    2. include
    3. of
    4. literature
    5. it
    6. other
    7. capital
    8. like
    9. often
    10. however
        • Practise on the narrative to gain mastery
        • Practise before a mock audience to gain confidence
        • Prepare appropriate costumes/props to make it lively
        • Practice on appropriate verbal/non-verbal cues to use.
        • Opening Formula - Once upon a time
        • Timlesshness
        • personification
      3. Falling intonation to show finality/strong conviction of what needs to be done
        • Maintaining meaningful eye contact with the narrator
        • Maintaining an upright posture while leaning slighty foward
        • Wearing a startled/surprised face when all trees are uprooted
        • Clapping at the end of the narration/asking Questions after narration
      1. Tongue Twister
      2. Alliteration
      3. Speech Therapy
      1. ate
      2. heir
      3. no
      1. succeed
      2. reply
      3. contest(verb)
      1. chief
      2. bucket
      3. shepherd
      1. rising
      2. falling
      3. falling
    7. Before   
      • Read widely/Research on to job and organization
      • Arrange your professional documents
      • Be then early enough
      • Good grooming/official
      • Greet the panelists
      • Be attentive
      • answer honestly
      • maintain eye contact with the interviewer
      • sit upright
      • appreciate the interviewer
        • Welcome 
        • it's my pleasure
        • Do not mention it
      2. Sorry
        Quick recovery
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