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  1. Imaginative composition
    1. write a composition to illustrate the proverb:             (20 MKS)
      “As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.”


    2. “Education is the surest way to achieve the much needed national integration in Kenya today. “Write a composition supporting or opposing this statement.
  1. The compulsory set text:                   (20MKS)
    The novel; Blossoms of the Savannah by Henry ole kulet.
    Bad decisions can adversely affect our lives. Using Blossoms of the Savannah, write an essay in support of the statement with illustrations from the novel.
  1. Optional set text
    Answer any of the following questions
    1. Memories we lost and other stories. “Greed and Materialism can lead to grave consequences.” In reference to the story ‘How Much Land Does a Man Need’ by Leo Tolstoy, write an essay to illustrate the truth of this statement. ( 20 MKS)
    2. The novel: the pearl by John Steinbeck. “Greed leads to evil.” Write a composition to show the truth of this statement using illustrations from john Steinbeck’s the pearl.( 20 MKS)
    3. The play: inheritance by David Mulwa.
      ‘Lacuna is an epitome of evil.’ Drawing examples from David Mulwa’s inheritance, write an essay illustrating the truth of the statement


    1. -Must be a story.
      – the story must bring out the meaning of the saying.
    2. – this is a discursive composition
      - the candidate must take a stand and discuss it appropriately.
    INTRODUCTION; the choices we make can affect us positively or negatively. Bad choices definitely have adverse effects on our future
    • Ole kaelo is advised by supeyo what kind of man oloisudori is. He is warned but does not heed the advice. He signs lucrative business deals that end up to hound him when oloisudori demands to marry Resian.
    • ole kaelo makes the bad choice of agreeing to give his daughter Resian to oloisudori. He wants to save his businesses. This creates a lot of problems for the family that makes the girls to rebel.
    • Olarinkoi is not well known by the kaelos yet nobody questions about his presence. He seems mystery and with time, he becomes a member of the family. The trust he had from Resian turns into more chaos when he attempted to rape her and force he into marriage
    • Mama milanoi makes a bad choice of giving her daughter Taiyo to three strange women cheating that she was being taken to her sister. Her plans are to have her circumcised before being married to oloisudori. This makes her loose the trust from her daughter.
      (mark any four well illustrated; 3;3;3;3)
      Bad decisions made knowingly or unknowingly will definitely have negative impact in our lives or on those that are dear to us.
  1. optional set text.
    1. The short story memories we lost and other stories: the short story ‘how much land does aman need’
      Introduction; pahom desire to a mass more and more in terms of money or property is a vice that leads to his death ( mark any relevant introduction)
      • Pahom yearns for more land. He thinks the land was not big enough . he wanted wider and more fertile lands . he had the desire to farm widely and keep more livestock. He kept on thinking about how he can get more land.
      • The news about 13000 acres of land all for 1000 roubles attracts pahom greatly. He wonders whether it is true. He says he must go and buy that lad. He embarks on the journey with his servant.
      • The prospects of pahom owning a large piece of land makes him sleepless. One had to mark by walking around and coming back to the same spot. Pahom could not sleep. He kept thinking about how much land he would cover.
      • Armed with his spade, he waited for the sun to rise and started off. He at some point takes off his coat and shoes. He becomes too thirsty and tired. He finds it hard walking back.
      • Pahom realizes time to sunset was almost gone and began running back to the hillock. He realizes he had tried too much. He felt serious pain but pressed on. He was seized with terror and died of strain.
        (Mark any four well illustrated; 3;3;3;3)
        Conclusion; unrelentless pursuit for material wealth can lead to disastrous consequences.
    2. The novel; the pearl
      Introduction; too much desire for something can lead to negative thoughts that may ruin everything.
      (Mark any relevant introduction)
      • The doctor declines to treat kino’s child coyotito, of the scorpion sting because he has no money but valueless pearls
      • The peral buyers are out to take advantage of kino and his pearl. Their goal is to cheat him and ruin his plans of happiness and peace for his family.
      • Kino is attacked several times and even his hut burnt as the attackers want to rob him of the pearl of the world
      • The pearl turns juana and kino against one another. Initially they were very close. Kino attacks and injures his wife when she wants to throw away the evil pearl.
      • Kino is forced to kill a man to defend himself and the pearl.
      • The trackers follow him and his family. When they hide in the mountains, they are pursued forcing kino to strike killing them and in the process coyotito is shot dead.
        Conclusion; the desire for the pearl causes a lot of struggle for those who would wish to have it at any cost.
    3. the play; inheritance by David Mulwa.
      Introduction; most African leaders who took over after independence were very wicked. In the play, such leaders like lacuna kazoo who poisoned his own father to death to grab powers.
      (Accept any other valid introduction)
      • He is very immoral. He has many concubines
      • He ruins the economy of kutula by offering free services to people. E.g. health, infrastructure, transport etc
      • He is very tribal. Only employs people from his tribe
      • He drives citizens out of their homes in the valley so as to get funding from the British Empire.
      • He is a murderer- he kills zen melo after he refuses to allow him marry his daughter lulu
      • He borrows money from foreign countries but embezzles it. He purchases a personal aircraft and hides money in foreign accounts
      • He locks lulu at the palace against her will. He wants to make her his young wife.
        (Accept any four well illustrated points. Mark 3; 3; 3; 3)
        Leaders ought to be concerned about their peoples welfare. Being wicked leads to suffering of people.
        (accept any other relevant conclusion)


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