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  1. Imaginative Composition     (20 mks)
    1. Write a story starting with the statement,
      The news on the cancellation of my KCSE results after being in Bahati High School for five years was received with shock and resentment……………………………………


    2. Write a composition based on the following statement.
      “The solution to the run-away corruption is in the hands of Kenyan’s themselves.”
  1. Compulsory questions.  The blossoms of savannah by Olet Kulet                                        (20 mks)
    ‘Our greatest enemies are those close to us.’  Support this statement with illustrations from the novel.  
  1. Answer only one question from these choices
    The optional setbooks         (20 mks)


    1. Short story
      When a teenage girl is brought up by an absentee mother, she is bound to face countless challenges. Justify this assertion basing your answer  on Lesley Nneka’s story ‘Light’ in memories we lost and other stories by Chris Wanjala.   (20 mks)


    2. Write an essay to show the truth of the saying.
      “ what you see is always what you get.”
      Use illustrations from John Steinbeck’s The Pearl’         (20 mks)


    1. Expect a story that begins with the input statement. The story should revolve around a candidate’s misery after spending five years in high school instead of the usual four years when results are announced then later cancelled.
    2. It must be an expository. If a story deducts (4mks).a candidate should argue exhaustively to leave no doubt about understanding of corruption and its possible solutions.
  2. Blossoms of the savannah
    Introduction- general or contextual 2mks
    Oloisudori betrays Ole Kaelo. Though they were close business friends. Oloisudori blackmails Ole Kaelo so that Ole Kaelo has no option but to marry off his daughter to Oloisudori.
    Mama Milanoi who is the mother to Taiyo betrays her by allowing her to accompany three women to take her to Resian only for her to end up being forcefully subjected to F.G.M

    Ole Kaelo, father to Taiyo refuses to allow his daughter Taiyo to travel to Mombasa with the other youth selected by an FM radio station for a music extravaganza. To him participating would be like engaging in prostitution.

    Ole Kaelo also betrays his daughter’s ambitions to join Egerton University preferring instead to marry them off to Oloisudori. This shows he is not ready to help them realize their dreams as a father should do.

    Ole Kaelo betrays Resian. He openly shows his resentment to Resian. Constantly rebuking her for even the slightest of mistake she makes. He hates because he expected a boy child not a girl child. This leaves Resian with a low self-esteem and fearful.

    Olarinkoi, who is occasionally accommodated by the Ole Kaelo’s and is even though he is not part of their family, later betrays the Ole Kaelo’s when he abducts Resian with the intention of eloping with her. This is betrayal to a family that had hosted him.

    1. The short story ‘memories’ we lost and other short stories
      Introduction (2mks)
      Any plausible introduction
      Body (12mks)
      -Getting physically lost; Enebeli had separated for hours during chaos in the market place.
      -Unanswered questions may be demonstrated by the wrong people; Enebeli had to handle them though even when he wasn’t the right person to do so.
      -Biological developments are not clear thus could have humiliated episodes, the girls first monthly period seeped all through the mattress.
      -It leads to family conflict and disintegrating; Enebeli is always at loggerheads with the wife because of the girl.
      -Breakdown of communications eventually sets in between the mother and daughter making a bad situation worse. The girl stopped talking with the mother.
      -Relationship with other family members is affected;
      • The aunt to the girl
        Conclusion (2mks)
        Acc any valid conclusion
      • Language (4mks)
    2. Introduction(2mks)
      Expect a contextualized introduction or General
      At time looks can be deceiving/ judging things/ people at face value is erroneous.
      • The pearl has outward appeal, the promise of riches, and comforts; however it brings miser.
        -Leads to death of Coyotito.
      • The doctor is supposed to treat Coyotito of the scorpion sting; he instead comes to make him more I’ll, want a part of the pearl’s good fortune.
      • The pearl traders pretend they want the best price for Kino they have however, conspired and agreed on the price. They even dismiss the pearl/ downplay its worth.
      • Kino is frustrated by their price; he opts to go to sell in the city.
        The priest-pretends he has come to bless and celebrate the finding of the pearl.
        Underneath, he is thinking of the repairs that the church need.
        -the beggars
        -the neighbours
        Any 4 points= 4x3=12 marks
        Conclusion-expect a summary of points or general conclusion (2mks)
        Language (4mks)


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