English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Kangundo Subcounty Pre Mock Exams 2021/2022

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    Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow;
    There are varied opinions as to why real pressure ought to be. However, this is one view which approaches this controversial topic from the positive angle and lays down certain tests which true pleasure must satisfy.
    Firstly, no pleasure can be right if its effects on the person who indulges in it are harmful. There are pleasures which can injure a man’s body and which, in the end, can have a permanent ill-effect on his health. There are pleasures which can coarsen a man’s moral fibre and lower his resistance against which is wrong. Any pleasures which leaves a man less physically fit, less mentally alert, less morally sensitive is wrong.
    There are obvious instances of this. Excessive use of alcohol lowers a man’s power of self-control and renders him liable to do things which he would not have done if he had soberly master of himself. The taking of drugs and stimulants can end in leaving a man a physical wreck. Over indulgence in eating and drinking can leave a man burden to himself, with his physical fitness seriously impaired. Promiscuous sexual relationships can leave a man with the most tragic of disease which will not only ruin his own life, but will be passed on to his children.
    One of the simplest tests of pleasure is: What does it do to a man who indulges in it? If it is actively harmful, or even if it has a built-in risk in it, it cannot be right.
    Secondly, no pleasures can be right if its effect on others is harmful. There are pleasures which can result in the corruption of other people, either physically or morally. To teach others to do wrong, to invite them to do, or to make it easier for them to do so, cannot be right. To take drugs should not be painted as adventurous and free. An illicit relationship, similarly, should not be presented as a beautiful friendship. Experiment with things that experience has proved to be disastrous cannot be looked on as the assertion of freedom.
    Thirdly, pleasure which becomes an addiction can never be right. One of the old Greeks said that there were only two questions about any pleasure: ‘Do I posses it or am I possessed by it?’ and ‘Do I control it or does it control me?’ The minute a man feels that pleasure is gripping him in such a way that he cannot do without it, he will be well advised to break it before it breaks him.
    Addiction can happen with things like tobacco and alcohol; it can also happen with drugs, so that a man becomes hooked on some drugs and thereby become a slave to them. It is better to have nothing to do with pleasure which is liable to become an addiction. It is essential, the moment we become aware of the growing addiction, to stop.
    Fourthly, a pleasure is wrong if, to enjoy it, the essentials of life have to take second place. A pleasure should not cost too much, even if it is a good thing in itself. A man may spend on a game time and money which should have gone to his home and family. Anything in life that’s gets out of proportion is wrong. Whenever any pleasure annexes time and money which should have gone to things and to people in life of even greater importance, then, however fine it is in itself, it is wrong.
    N.B “Man” in this passage is used to refer to both man and woman.
    Adapted from Ethics in a Permissive Society
    By William Barclay, Collins, 121-12.

    1. According to the information given in paragraph two, how can pleasure affect a man? (3mks)
    2. What is the author’s argument against excessive use of alcohol? (2mks)
    3. Apart from alcohol, what other so-called pleasures does the author discuss in paragraph three? (3mks)
    4. What is the author’s recommended test for pleasure? (1mk)
    5. How does pleasure become harmful to other people? (3mks)
    6. Make notes on what test true pleasure must satisfy (4mks)
    7. How can pleasure become harmful to a person according to the passage (1mk)
    8. State the author’s definition of true pleasure according to the last paragraph(1mk)
    9. There are obvious instances of this, (add a question tag) (1mk)
    10. How can pleasure become harmful to other people (3mks)
    11. Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage (3mks)
      1. Controversial
      2. Over indulgence
      3. Illicit relationship
      4. Renders
  2. A DOLLS HOUSE by Henrick Ibsen 25 marks.
    Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow.
    Krogstad: I am not asking your husband for a penny.
    Nora: What do you want, then?
    Krogstad: I will tell you. I want to rehabilitate myself, Mrs. Helmer; I want to get on; and in that your husband must help me. For the last year and a half, I have not had a hand in anything dishonorable, amid all that time I have been struggling in most restricted circumstances. I was content to work my way up step by step. Now I am turned out and I am not going to be satisfied by merely being taken into favor again. I want to get on, I tell you. I want to get into the bank again, in a higher position. Your husband must make a place for me-
    Nora: That he will never do!
    Krogstad: He will; I know him; he dare not protest. And as soon as I am in there
    with him, then you will see! Within a year I shall be the manager’s
    right hand. It will be Nils Krogstad and not Torvald Helmer who
    manages the Bank.
    Nora: That’s a thing you will never see!
    Krogstad: Do you mean that you will-?
    Nora: I have courage enough for it now.
    Krogstad: Oh, you can’t frighten me. A fine, spoilt lady like you-
    Nora: You will see, you will see.
    Krogstad: Under the ice, perhaps? Down into the cold, coal-black water?
    And then, in the spring, to float up to the surface, all horrible and
    unrecognizable with your hair fallen out –
    Nora: You can’t frighten me.
    Krogstad: Nor you me. People don’t do such things, Mrs. Helmer. Besides, what use would it be? I should have him completely in my power all the same.
    Nora: Afterwards? When I no longer------
    Krogstad : Have you forgotten that it is I who have the keeping of your
    reputation? (Nora stands speechlessly looking at him.) Well,
    now, I have warned you. Do not do anything foolish. When
    Helmer has had my letter; I shall expect a message from him. And
    be sure you remember that it is your husband himself who has
    forced me into such ways as this again. I will never forgive him for
    that. Goodbye, Mrs. Helmer. (Exit through the hall)
    Nora: (goes to the hall door, opens it slightly and listens) He is going.
    He is not putting the letter in the box. Oh no, no! that’s impossible!
    (Opens the door by degrees) What is that? He is standing outside.
    He is not going downstairs. Is he hesitating? Can he-?
    (A letter drops into the box; then KROGSTAD’S footsteps are heard
    until they die away as he goes downstairs. NORA utters a stifled cry,
    and runs across the room to the table by the sofa. A short pause)
    Nora : In the letter box . (steals across the hall door) There it lies-
    Torvald , Torvald, there is no hope for us now! (Mrs Linde comes in
    From the room on the left, carrying the dress)
    Mrs. Linde There, I can’t see anything more to mend now.
    Would you try to try it on-?
    Nora : (in a hoarse whisper) Christine, come here.
    Mrs. Linde : (throwing the dress down on the sofa) What is the matter with you?
    You look so agitated!
    Nora: Come here. Do you see that letter? There, look -you can see it
    through the glass in the letter box.

    1. Explain why Krogstad visited Nora in the excerpt. (2mks)
      1. People don’t do such things (provide a question tag) 1mk
      2. I will never forgive him for that (write in reported speech) 1mk
    3. “I want to rehabilitate myself………….?” From the context of the drama, explain what Krogstad means by this assertion. (3mks)
    4. Discuss the character of Krogstad as brought out in the excerpt. (4mks)
    5. Identify and illustrate any two themes brought out in this excerpt. (4mks)
    6. With clear illustrations, give any two styles found in the excerpt. (4mks)
    7. Why does Krogstad say that he keeps Nora’s reputation? (3mks)
    8. What is the content of the letter that Nora fears Krogstad would drop in Helmer’s letter box? (3mks)
  3. POETRY 20MKS.
    Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow;
    I worked for a woman
    She wasn’t mean
    House to clean
    But she had a twelved room
    House to clean
    Had to get breakfast
    Dinner, and supper too
    Then take care of her children
    When I got through
    Wash, iron and scrub
    Walk the dog around,
    It was too much
    Nearly broke me down
    I said, madam
    Can it be
    You are trying to make a
    Pack-horse out of me
    She opened her mouth
    She cried, “oh no!
    You know Alberta
    I love you so!”
    I said “madam,
    That may be true-
    But I will be dogged
    If I loved you.

    1. Briefly explain what the poem is about. (4mks)
    2. Who is the persona in the poem? (1mk)
    3. Contrast the character trait of the persona and that of Madam. (4mks)
    4. Identify and illustrate the stylistic devices evident in the poem. (6mks)
    5. Identify and explain one theme evident in the poem. (2mks)
    6. Comment on the tone of the poem. (2mks)
    7. Explain the meaning of the following line used in the poem (1mk)
      “can it be you are trying to make a park-horse out of me?
  4. GRAMMAR (15MKS)
    1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given. (4mks)
      1. If he comes, he will not be punished
        Begin: Unless……………………………………………………………………………
      2. The snail reached the ark only by perseverance .
        Begin: Only…………………………………………………………………………
      3. They had just walked out of the building when the bomb went off.
        Begin: No sooner……………………………………………………………………….
      4. These books belong to the daughter of our teacher
        Begin: These are …………………………………………………………………………
    2. Replace the underlined words with phrasal verbs that begin with the words given in the brackets. (3mks)
      1. Parents should not yield to their children unreasonable demands. (give)
      2. The officials cancelled the match because of the heavy rain. (call)
      3. Disagreeing with his parents was his worst mistake. (fall)
    3. Explain the difference in the meaning of the following pair of sentences. (2mks)
      1. I only heard the news in brief.
      2. I only heard the news briefly
    4. Complete the following sentences using the appropriate form of the word given in the brackets. (3mks)
      1. Sophie’s mother ____________________________of Sophie wearing very tight clothes church. (approve)
      2. His ______________________ cost him his job. (efficient)
      3. The _______________________ of the traveler’s was hindered by the poor roads. (mobile)
    5. Give the meaning of the idiomatic expression used in the following sentences. (3mks)
      1. The long - awaited guests arrived at the eleventh hour.
      2. After thorough revision of the text the teacher told the students ‘the ball is in your court.’
      3. After being arrested the thief spilt the beans about their spoil. 


      1. morally
      2. Physically
      3. mentally
      1. lowers a man’s power of self - control.
      2. makes him liable to do things which he would not have done if he had been sober.
      1. drugs and stimulants
      2. overeating and drinking.
      3. promiscuous sexual relationships.
    4. Is it harmful or does it have a built – in – risk?
      1. By teaching them to do wrong.
      2. By inviting them to do wrong.
      3. By making it easy for them to do wrong.
      1. No pleasure can be right if its effects on the person who indulges in it are harmful.
      2. No pleasure can be right if its effects on others is harmful.
      3. pleasure which becomes an addiction can never be right.
      4. A pleasure is wrong if, to enjoy it, the essentials of life have to take second place.
    7. aren’t there? (Must start with small letter and end with a question mark)
      1. That which is debatable. (1mk)
      2. illegal association
      3. makes
    1. Krogstad aims at blackmailing Nora into persuading Helmer not to dismiss him from the bank. (1mk) He also aims at acquiring a higher position at the bank. (1mk)
      1. People don’t do such things, do they? (Ensure a comma, small letter at the begging the question tag and a question mark) 1mk.
      2. He said that he will never forgive him for that. (1mk)
    3. Krogstad meant that he wanted to correct his former past without engaging in any indiscretion. (1mk). Having been involved in forgery which ruined his reputation. (1mk) he finds the opportunity to work in the bank as the means of mending his past. (1mk)
      • Manipulative (1mk) – he uses his secret weapon about forgery to force Helmer retain him at the bank. (1mk)
      • Opportunistic (1mk) – he takes advantage of Nora’s desperate situation to face his way back to bank. (1mk)
      • Scheming (1mk) – he plans to take a higher position at the bank by force. He threatens to expose Nora’s crime if this is not done. (1mk) (any 2*2=4marks) identification 1mk illustration 1mk
      • Blackmail (1mk) -Krogstad blackmails the Helmer’s to retain him in the bank because failure to do so, it will make him expose Nora’s forgery thereby ruining the family’s reputation. (1mk)
      • Opportunism (1mk) – Krogstad takes advantage of Nora’s past mistake to force his way into the bank and also aims to get a higher position at the bank. (1mk)
      • Conflict (1mk) – Nora and Krogstad disagree strongly as to whether Krogstad should expose the forgery or not. (1mk)
    6. Interior monologue (1mk) – Nora engages in a stream of consciousness as she hopes Krogstad doesn’t drop the letter that would expose the forgery. (1mk)
      Metonymy (1mk) – Krogstad says that within a year he will be the manager’s right hand. (meaning he would be in control) 1mk (any 2 well illustrated style 2*2=4mks)
    7. Krogstad keeps the secret that Nora forged her father’s signature. (1mk). If this information goes public Nora will not only face public shame (1mk), but also lose trust from Helmer who does not know about the secret. (1mk)
    8. The letter contains Nora’s secret crime of forgery. (1mk). It presents the truth about Nora’s past and represents the inevitable dissolution of her marriage (1mk). It reveals that Nora’s father had not given them any money rather the money had been borrowed from Krogstad. (1mk) the letter contains Nora’s deceitful nature. (1mk)
    1. The poem is about a house help. (1mk) who is overworked/ exploited by her employer. (1mk) . She does all the work and is never assisted. (1mk). Her employer pretends to be good to her, yet she leaves all the work on her (1mk).
    2. A house help /maid /worker / Alberta (1mk).
      1. The persona is hard working (1mk) but the madam is lazy. (1mk)
        She does all the work but madam never assists. (1mk)
        “Had to get breakfast, dinner and supper… take care of children… wash, ion, scrub… walk the dog around. (1mk)
      2. The persona is honest (1mk) while madam is hypocritical. (1mk) The persona honestly tells her madam opinion of her. “I will be dogged if I loved you” (1mk) while madam pretends to love her while she takes her for a beast of burden. (Any 2 well illustrated traits)
      1. Dialogue(1mk)- conversation between the persona and madam (1mk). Helps brings out the character traits of the two.
      2. Repetition (1mk) – I said .., madam(1mk)
      3. Irony (1mk) – madam claims to love the persona yet she leaves all work to her. (1mk) (Identification 1mk , Illustration 1mk)
    5. Hypocrisy (1mk) – Madam pretends to love her employee yet she overworks her (1mk).
      Exploitation(1mk) – The househelp does all the work. She’s treated like a beast of burden (1mk)
    6. Ironic | ironical tone(1mk) – madam pretends to love the persona but she gives her all the work to do. “You know Alberta, I love you so.” 1mk)
    1. Unless he comes, he will be punished. (comma missing = 0mk)
    2. No sooner had they walked out of building than the bomb went off.
    3. Only by perseverance did the snail reach the ark.
    4. “I need to go and see the nurse because I am feeling unwell”, John told the Principal.
      1. ‘These are our teacher’s daughters’ books.
        1. Give in.
        2. Called off.
        3. Falling out.
        1. I listened to the news summary without many details.
        2. I listened to the news for a short while.
        1. The best composition was written by Njoroge.
        2. The beautiful house on the hill was bought by Sue.
        1. last minute.
        2. Upto you to make the next decision / step.
        3. reveal the secret / plan.

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