English Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Mumias West Pre Mocks 2022

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  1. QUESTION 1: Comprehension
    Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow. (20mks)
    Meat is a common component of human diet. The health benefits of red and white meat have for long been the centre of debates. Many debaters favour white meat as a healthier option. However, dietitians argue otherwise. The nutritional component in meat is proteins and the content in proteins in white meat is the same as that of red meat. It is also important to note that most types of meat are considered white when they are indeed red. Pork is mistaken to be white meat while it is actually red.
    What determines whether meat is red or white is the myoglobin concentration. Myoglobin is the equivalent of haemoglobin in edible animals. The iron available in red meat is higher and more readily available to the body than the kind found in white meat. If your intention is to boost your haemoglobin levels, it is important to include red meat in your diet. Meat is very essential in your diet, but it does not mean one cannot live without it.
    Many people wonder whether meat leads to weight gain. Even though it is a source of proteins in the diet, if you exceed your requirements by eating larger portions, the extra is converted into fat for storage, which is what leads to weight gain. Meat consumption has also been associated with other unhealthy lifestyle habits especially alcohol intake. This is also a catalyst for weight gain. But for those working on losing weight, skipping meals is not an advisable strategy as it leads to rising levels of cholesterol or having a higher body-fat percentage.
    Boiled, deep fried, fried or roasted meat, which is healthier? Whether you boil, fry or roast meat, what determines how healthy your meat is, is the leanness. Boiled meat with a lot of fat would be unhealthier compared to roasted lean meat. It is also known that roast meat is associated with cancer, but generally boiling would be a better option compared to frying and roasting as long as the meat is lean. For vegans, the most prominent nutrient in meat that they will lack is vitamin B12; in some instances, especially for strict vegetarians, they will also lack calcium which can be compensated with supplements.
    Does refrigeration of meat affect nutritional value? Any food that you take should be as close as possible to its natural form because it always loses its nutritional value with time. Refrigeration does not prevent food from losing its nutrients either and, therefore, foods should be consumed while fresh. Refrigeration or freezing only slows the process of food degradation, but does not stop it completely.
    On whether meat is carcinogenic, the World Health Organization categorizes processed meats as carcinogenic, but excess consumption of red meat is said to be a possible cause of cancer. Processed meat includes sausages, hams and hotdogs.
    Adapted from Daily Nation, Tuesday October 27, 2020
    1. From the first paragraph, what misconception do people have about pork? (2marks)
    2. Why do dieticians deny the claim that white meat is healthier than red meat? (2marks)
    3. Make notes to explain how meat eating is related to weight gain (3marks)
    4. What risk do vegans and strict vegetarians face in their diet? Briefly explain how they can overcome this challenge. (3marks)
    5. Why does the writer recommend consumption of fresh foods? (2 marks)
    6. According to the passage, what is the main difference between red and white meat? (2marks)
    7. In your opinion, can one live without eating meat? Explain your answer. (2marks)
    8. How does refrigeration help in preserving food? (1mark)
    9. Give the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage (3marks)
      1. Catalyst
      2. Centre of debates
      3. Processed
  2. Blossoms of the Savannah. Henry ole Kulet
    Read the excerpt below and answer the questions that follow. (20 marks)
    Her dream was rudely and violently interrupted by a thunderous bang and a loud roar of laughter. She woke up with a start, jumped up to her feet and stared at the door with wide panic-stricken eyes. For a moment she could not figure out her surroundings and called out the name of her sister Taiyo. She was terrified. The door flung open and Olarinkoi staggered in. He was stone drunk. Resian stared at him unblinkingly as he walked towards her and she backed off terrified, squeezing herself flatly against the wall. He followed her there and got hold of her shoulders and shook her violently glaring at her with his glittering eyes.
    “You silly thing,” he thundered angrily. “I tell you to prepare food and you refuse to do so, eh? Today you will know who the owner of this home is. If you are still in doubt, let me tell you frankly that from today on you are my wife, hear that, eh? You are my wife. For a long time you have been sneering at me, showing how highly educated you are. Today we shall see how educated your body is! Yes, eh shall see!’’
    He got hold of her hand and began dragging her into the other room. At first she did not understand his intention until he began unfastening her buttons with his rough trembling hands. Then the truth came, and with it, terror and panic. She tried to get away from him, but he held her effortlessly as he brutally continued fumbling with her dress, trying to loosen it. She screamed as loudly as she could while she pushed him away and thrashed frantically about. But that did not deter him and he totally ignored her screams holding her more firmly with his strong arms. Against her loud protest, he tore her garments and began to push her towards the bed.
    Then desperately she took the last chance of self-defense and self-preservation. Mustering all her strength, she thrust his thumb the flesh like a ferocious animal and tenaciously held onto it, tugging at it fiercely like a lioness. She could feel the flesh tearing and she tasted the salt of his blood as it filled her mouth but she clung unto the thumb as Olarinkoi howled with pain.
    1. Make notes on the content of Resian’s dream just before the excerpt (4Mks)
    2. Discuss one character traits of Resian in this excerpt. (2Mks)
    3. What has greatly changed in Olarinkoi in this excerpt compared to his earlier conduct in the novel towards Resian? (3Mks)
    4. Identify and illustrate two aspects of style in this excerpt. (4Mks)
    5. Explain two major issues raised in the excerpt. (4Mks)
    6. Explain what happens immediately after the excerpt. (3Mks)
    7. “Today we shall see how educated your body is” Rewrite in reported speech. (1Mk)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following expressions in the passage. (4 Mks)
      1. Unblinkingly……………………………….
      2. Effortlessly……………………………….
      3. Mustering ……………………………….
      4. Howled ………………………………….
    Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow
    When I get out
    I’m going to ask someone
    Touch me
    Very gently please
    And slowly,
    Touch me
    I want
    To learn again
    How life feels
    I’ve not been touched
    For seven years
    For seven years
    I’ve been untouched
    And I’ve learned
    To know now
    The meaning of
    Untouchable – not quite
    I can count the things
    That have touched me.
    One: fists
    At the beginning
    Fierce mad fists
    Beating beating
    Till I remember
    Don’t touch me
    Please don’t touch me
    Two: paws
    The first four years of paws
    Every day
    Patting paws, searching
    Arms up, shoes off
    Legs apart-
    Probing paws, systematic
    Heavy indifferent
    Probing away
    All privacy.
    I don’t want fists and paws
    I want
    To want be touched
    And touch.
    I want to feel alive
    I want to say
    When I get out
    Here I am
    Please touch me.
    (From poets to the people, edit by Barry Feinberg)
    1. Where do you think the person is? Briefly explain your answer. (3marks)
    2. What do you the persona means by “touch”? (3marks)
    3. Using two illustrations, describe the persona’s experience during the seven years. (4marks)
    4. What is the significance of the word ‘paws’? (2marks)
    5. Which device does the poet use to reinforce the theme? (2marks)
    6. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the poem. (2marks)
      1. Prodding
      2. Indifferent.
    7. What does the poet use to reveal about human need? (4marks)
  4. QUESTION 4: GRAMMAR ( 15 Marks)
    1. Rewrite the following sentences according to the instructions given after each. Do not change the meaning.
      1. Immediately the guests arrived, the choirs began singing. (Begin: No sooner…)
      2. He was very angry. He would have resigned if I had not talked him out of it.( Begin : So…)
      3. The students saw the uselessness of violence. They changed their strategy. (Rewrite as one sentence using a participle)
    2. Change the following passive sentences into active. ( 3 marks)
      1. I was called by the teacher.
      2. Chinese is taught in many colleges now.
      3. The winning team was given a trophy by the organizers
    3. Complete the blanks with the given adjectives in their correct order. ( 3 marks)
      1. The house I bought has……………………………………………………….(old, leather, brown, comfortable) furniture.
      2. You might have to buy the student ………………………………….……..( new, several, covered, exercise) books.
      3. We were hosted by …………………………………..…….( tall, Nigerian, charming, three) gentlemen.
    4. Complete the sentences using an auxiliary and the correct form of the verb given in brackets.
      1. Reports coming in indicate that a train ……………………….(derail) at Kibwezi.
      2. I ………………………… ( lie) in bed thinking of getting up when the doorbell rang.
      3. The students ……………………………. (watch) the last episode of the soap opera.
    5. Give a word that means the same as the underlined phrasal verb. ( 3 marks)
      1. I could not put up with the situation much longer
      2. We were nearby when the bomb blew up.
      3. It is time you gave up drinking


  1. Q1
    1. Most people mistake it for white meat while its actually red meat √√
    2. The nutritional component in the meat in proteins and the content in proteins and in white meat is the same as that of red meat.√√
      1. Though meat is source of proteins,
      2. If you exceed your requirements by eating larger portions,
      3. the extra is converted into fat for storage, √
      4. this is what leads to weight gain. √1
    4. They may end up lacking Vitamin B12 √1 and calcium√1. They can overcome this by taking supplements.√1
    5. Writer encourages people to eat fresh food as food loses its nutritional value with time.√√
    6. The Iron available in red meat is higher √1 and more readily available to the body√ 1than the one found in white meat.
    7. Yes. √1 This is because there are people who don’t like√1 ( it and there are plenty of other supplements to make up the nutrients they would get in meat.)
    8. (Refrigeration or freezing only) slows the process of food degradation, but does not stop it completely √
      1. Catalyst
        Speeds up the process/ makes reactions do faster√1
      2. Centre of debates
        A topic of discussion where people have different views√1
      3. Processed
        Meats that have been preserved (by smoking, salting, canning, curing, )adding chemical preservatives√1
  2. Q2
    1. Make notes on the contents of Resian’s dream just before the excerpt. (4Mks) 1)
      1. Resians meets emmakererei, who promises her of wonderful things
      2. emmakererei promises to take her to Nakuru and join Egerton university
      3. She promised to offer a vocational job
      4. She promises to protect her against anyone threatening her with FGM
      5. She assures her of her right to remain intoiye nemengalana
    2. She’s naïve. Resian did not understand has intention until he began unfastening her with his rough trembling hands
      She is courageous /Fearful
      (Any correct and well-illustrated character trait)
    3. Benevolent to malevolent. Olarinkoi has turned to a monster and rapist yet he had worn a protective, caring and mindful face to Resian and her sister and actually saved them from the two vagabonds-Ntara and Lante.
      1. Use of dialogue “you silly thing,” he thundered angrily.
      2. Use of simile “Sunk her teeth into the flesh like a ferocious animal.”
        ‘…tugging at it fiercely like a lioness…
      3. Personification ‘Her dream was rudely and violently interrupted by a thunderous bang and a loud’
      1. Plight of women. Women are subjected to physical, sexual and emotional harassment by the male counterparts. Against her loud protest, he tore her garments and began to push her towards the bed.
      2. Male chauvinism. Olarinkoi thinks that he has the right to molest Resian just because she is a woman
    6. Resian bites Olarinkoi’s thumb to a near severing the limb. She is hit on the ribcage and head until she passes out.
    7. “Today we shall see how educated your body is” Rewrite in reported speech. (1Mk)
      He said that they would see how educated her body was
      1. Unblinkingly -forthright
      2. Effortlessly easily
      3. Mustering collecting
      4. Howled wept/ cried loudly
    1. The persona is probably in prison/detention or some form of confinement. The person is longing to get out “when I get out…” He /she has been held in inhuman conditions. (3marks
    2. By ‘touch’ he/she means being treated like a human being, loving and being loved. ‘Touch’ means freedom to express his or her emotions freely, spontaneously. ‘touch’ the literal physical touch (3marks)
    3. During the seven years of confinement, the persona has been treated like a pariah. He/she says ‘I have learned the meaning of untouchable’. The persona has also been brutalized. He /she was subjected to violence. ‘Fierce mad fists, beating…’ Finally the persona experienced utmost indignity he /she was humiliated and denied any form of privacy ‘…searching, arms up, shoes off, legs apart… probing away all privacy.’ (4marks)
    4. The word ‘paws’ vividly describes the beastly behavior of the tormentors. Animals like hyenas and lions have paws which they use to tear their prey to pieces. The word reveals the cruelty visited on the persona and the attempts to disfigure and mutilate him/her physically and emotionally. (2marks)
    5. The poet uses repetition to emphasize his message. The word ‘touch’ for example is repeated more than ten times – both to explain the kind of touch that is desirable and that which is resented. Also emphasis through the enumeration and pauses (‘one…two…) (3marks)
    6. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the poem. (2marks)
      1. Prodding - poking/ jabbing
      2. Indifferent – callous/ inhuman/ beastly
    7. The poem reveals that human beings abhor confinement, brutality and all forms of degrading treatment. On the other hand, people crave for human warmth, affection, privacy and freedom. When one is denied the latter, one in away ‘dies’. The persona says; “I want to feel alive again” (4marks)
      1. No sooner had the guests arrived than the choirs began singing.
      2. So angry was he that he would have resigned if I had not talked him out of it.
      3. Seeing the uselessness of the violence, the students changed their strategy.
      1. The teacher called me.
      2. Many colleges now teach Chinese.
      3. The organizers gave the winning team a trophy.
      1. Comfortable, old, brown, leather
      2. several, new, covered, exercise
      3. three charming tall Nigerian
      1. has derailed
      2. was lying/had lain
      3. are watching/were watching
      1. tolerate
      2. exploded
      3. stopped

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