English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Mumias West Pre Mocks 2022

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  1. Imaginative composition – (20 marks)\
    1. Write a story to illustrate the saying: If wishes were horses beggars would ride.
    2. Write a composition to show how Kenyan can harmoniously co-exist despite holding divergent views.
  2. Compulsory Set-Text – (20 marks)
    Henrik Ibsen:  A Doll’s House
    “Desperation can bring agony to oneself.” Using specific examples from Ibsen’s play, A Doll’s House, write a composition to justify the truth in this statement.
  3. Option Set-Texts – (20 marks)
    1. The short story:  Memories We Lost and Other Stories.
      Drawing examples from Mqombothi’s story, Memories We Lost, write a composition to show that when we live with the sick we need to show them love and compassion.
    2. The play: David Mulwa – Inheritance
      “What goes round comes around.” Citing specific examples from Mulwa’s Inheritance, write an essay show the truth of this saying.
    3. The novel: John Steinbeck – The Pearl 
      Referring to specific instances in Steinbeck’s The Pearl, write an essay to show that Juana exemplifies reason in whatever challenge she finds herself in.


    General guidelines on marking compositions.
    • The question tests the ability to communicate effectively in English. This communicative ability is tested at various levels such as: correctness, intelligibility, originality, fluency, accuracy and pleasantness.
    • It is the linguistic mark that counts not the number of points raised by the candidate.
    • Read through the composition, establish the level of communication by determining its class then award the mark commensurate with the class of the composition.
    • The underlining should point to the class of the composition eg.
      • Heavily underlined- a bleeding script (has construction, spelling, poor paragraphing, vague parts, redundancies, unnecessary repetitions etc)
      • Clean and unassuming (fluent but no merit items, bookish)
      • Pleasant and attractive( captivating, twists and turns, communicates whole self, conscious of culture- the dos and don’ts, has attitude, infuses mood, many merit-able items on the margin)

Categories of compositions
D Class ( 01-05): Features of such compositions

  • There is no communication at all.
  • The reader guesses what the candidate intended to say.
  • No valid punctuations.
  • There are all kinds of errors.
  • Chaotic script

C Class (06-10)

  • There is difficulty in communication.
  • Lacks confidence in language use.
  • Subject is undeveloped and often repeated.
  • The flow is jerky
  • Unnecessary repetitions.
  • Mother-tongue influence can be felt.

B Class (11-15)

  • Fluent/Pleasant.
  • Uses English as normal way of expression.
  • Ambitious and overambitious.
  • Items of merit- one word or expression type.

A Class (16-20)

  • Fluent and attractive
  • Shares deep feelings, emotions and enthusiasm.
  • Has many items of merit(inversion, well managed paragraphs, well punctuated dialogues, suspense, ellipsis, appropriate use of idioms, twists and turns, clever climax)
  • Has “SPARK”(convinces beyond doubt; good choice of words, has tone, mood, attitude, sets the virtues and vices, high sense of morality-knows limits and consequences, draws the reader into the story)
  • Uses language for effect- to pass a moral message.

Guidelines for marking discursive/expository compositions

  • Identifies a point.
  • Explains the point.
  • Illustrates the point either using statistics, facts, published information, makes relevant quotations from authentic sources- to convince beyond doubt.
  • Invokes authority.
    1. Points of interpretation
      • Must be a story if not deduct up to 04AD.
      • The story should be illustrative of regret after a missed opportunity/loss that could have been avoided.
    2. Points of Interpretation
      • Must be expository if not deduct up to 04 AD.
        Some of the points that could be expected include:
      • Being tolerant.
      • Keeping away from making comments that would trigger violence.
      • Allowing others to air their divergent opinions without hindering them from doing so.
      • Staying away from rallies of those with divergent opinions.
      • Realizing that the difference is only on opinions but not personalities
  2. Compulsory set text- A Doll’s House
    “Desperation can bring agony to one self”
    Sometimes when one becomes desperate to get or do something they may end up suffering in the process. This is the case with characters such as Nora, Dr. Rank, Helmer and others in A Doll’s House.
    (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
    D (i) Krogstad is desperate to redeem his reputation through the job he has at the bank and in so doing he suffers a lot. He visits Nora frequently hoping to arm-twist her to put in a good word for him to retain the job. He threatens her with dire consequences through a court action if she would not do so. He reminds Nora of the discrepancy he had noted in the bond. However, instead of retaining the job, he gets fired.
    D (ii) Helmer is desperate to maintain his manly dominance over Nora and this makes him suffer. He struggles to keep her in good moods by giving her money. He cautions her against associating with those regarded as morally diseased such as Krogstad. He coaches her on the Tarantella so as to have a stellar performance at the Stenborg’s and is disappointed when Nora doesn’t dance as he instructs. Finally, when Nora decides to walk out on him, he pleads with her to remain even if they were to behave like a brother and a sister. He asks if he even write to her but Nora refuses. In the he is embarrassed and sinks down in his chair when Nora leaves.
    D (iii) Christine is desperate to save her ailing mother and help her siblings and in the process of doing so she suffers. She leaves Krogstad to marry a rich man that would afford him the money with which to make the end life of her mother bearable. In the end she fails to find fulfillment in that act. The man dies leaving her with not even a child. Even the business the man leaves behind goes under and her effort to start a school and a shop collapses. She ends up haggard looking to the extent that even her former classmate cannot recognize her. She also confesses to Krogstad that she is a ‘shipwreck.’Pp 9-13; 87-88
    D (iv) Nora’s efforts to hide the secret causes her agony. She has to save money from the little she gets for housekeeping to pay off the loan in secret. She juggles between giving the husband a good table and saving some money to pay the loan. She hides Krogstad from everybody around her and even when it is obvious that he has been entertaining Krogstad, he openly lies about  it. She is forced to lie to her husband that he has forgotten all the dance moves so that he can coach her again and in the process not read the letter that would reveal the secret. She contemplates suicide when she thinks the husband will know the secret. 13-19; 42-43; 61-62; 81-83
    D (v) Dr. Rank is hell-bent on winning Nora’s love and this causes him agony. When he get the chance with Nora, he whips up her sympathy by talking about his eminent death and flirts with her. He is desperate to have Nora in his arms. On noticing his ill intentions, Nora rebukes him for his ill manners. 63-70; 97-99
    D (vi) Nora’s effort to get a loan to save her husband makes her suffer. She pleads with her husband to take a loan but he declines. She cannot take the loan herself because the society doesn’t allow women to secure loans without their husband’s consent. At the time of the loan she was pregnant with her first child her father was also sick. Desperate to save the husband’s life at the time her father was also sick, she forges the father’s signature to secure the loan. Pp. 13-21; 38-41
    Mark any 4well illustrated points. Mark 3;3;3;3. Total 12marks
    Grammar and presentation 4marks
    Sometimes when we are desperate for something we may end up hurting ourselves.
    (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2marks
    1. When we live with sick we need to show them love and compassion
      Those who are sick in our midst require compassion for them to recover. This is the case in the story Memories We Lost.
      (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
      S (i) The narrator’s sister is attacked while playing near hot porridge. She hurls the pot which misses the narrator’s face but lands on the chest. She is pain and strips off her clothes. When the sister comes to she sympathizes with what happened to her sister. The narrator lies to her that she had poured hot water on herself. This is to save her the agony she would have felt if she learned she had caused the sister that much pain.
      S (ii) The narrator’s sister is attacked in the classroom. She throws desks and breaks windows and everybody runs away scared of her. But the narrator stands in front of her and looks at her straight in the face. She scans the environment, recognizes her sister and “returns’. Whereas everybody flees from her, the narrator remains.
      S (iii)After the classroom incident, the narrator drops out of school so as to be with her sick sister. The sister begs her to return to school but she declines. She argues that she wants to be in the same class with her sister. When they remain at home they spend time together talking their own language. She discovers that her sick sister is good at drawing sketches.
      S (iv) When the narrator returns to school, she listens to the teacher talking about Schizophrenia as a disease without cure. But she feels her sister deserves to feel something. At home they throw away the drugs and when they did so the sister began to recognize herself. The two girls begin to communicate without words.
      S (v) After the bizarre ritual that was conducted to appease the ancestors and with it cure the girl, the two girls sleep together lying in the same position. Her sister sunk her teeth deep into the pillow so as not to cry.
      S (vi) On the night when the narrator’s sister was attacked by this ‘thing’, the villagers are all up. They form themselves into two groups each with a self-appointed leader and head into the darkness in search of one of them who had disappeared. They dared the terrain and darkness. Even though they return without the sick one, they are relived when the mother comes with her the following day.
      S (vii) The narrator overhears Mother and Smelly Foot talking conspiratorially to take the sick sister to a Nkunzi, the man who baked people with cow dung and those he baked never survived. The narrator feels that her sick sister should not go through that. In the night they leave with sister. She lies that they are going to visit an aunt. She holds her sister’s hands tightly as they walk in the dark.
      S (viii) On their way to hospital the narrator keeps the Nkunzi story away from her sister. She hopes that she would get to tell her that she has a mental disorder of sorts that make her not differentiate fiction from reality. She heaves a sigh of relief when she sees a hospital in the morning. They tighten their grip on each other’s hands.
      S (ix) the narrator’s sister is seized by the attack making her hit her head on the wall severally leaving bloodstains on the wall that lasts for a long time. The sister holds her tightly to try and restrain her.
      Mark any 4 well illustrated points. Marks 3;3;3;3. Total 12 marks
      Grammar and Presentation 4marks
      Whenever we show love and care to the sick around us they feel relieved and recover quickly.
      (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2marks
    2. The Novel; The Pearl
      Juana exemplifies reason in whichever challenge she finds herself in.
      When faced with any challenge Juana turns out to be reasonable and her actions in such situations help to assuage/remedy/ help family.
      (Accept any other relevant introduction) 2marks
      R (i) When Coyotito is stung by the scorpion Juana asks that they call the doctor and when she learns that the doctor would not come, she asks that they go to him. Even when the doctor turns them away, she goes to see from where she makes poultice from the sea weeds with which she treats the scorpion bite Pp. 23-29; 31-33
      R (ii) She advises Kino to do away with the pearl because it portends evil for them as the family. Even though Kino refuses, she turns out to be correct because it the pearl that sets even their neighbours against them making them flee from La Puz after their house is set on fire. Pp. 59-60. 78-80; 87-92
      R (iii) Even after being badly beaten by Kino for attempting to throw away the pearl,Juana reasons that she still needs Kino despite his brutality. She argues that beating her was an act Kino committed without much thought. she collects herself and returns to Kino and helps the family flee from the marauding ferocious neighbours. Pp. 83- 85
      R (v) When there is a threat of imminent attack from the trackers, Juana comes out to advise Kino against going to attack them in white clothes for he word be spotted from far. Kino then changes the clothes. He manages to kills all the trackers and takes their rifle. Pp.112-114
      (Accept any 4 well illustrated points. Mark 4;4;4;4. TOTAL 12 Marks)
      A united family will always stand strong against any storm.
      (Accept any other valid conclusion) 2 marks
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