Christian Religious Education Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Mumias West Pre Mocks 2022

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    1. Explain why the Bible is written in different styles (6mks)
    2. State the responsibilities given to human beings in Genesis Chapter 1 and 2. (8mks)
    3. Why is it important for Christians to obey God? (6mks)
    1. Why is Abraham called the father of faith? (8mks)
    2. Describe ways in which God demonstrated his mercy to the Israelites at Mt.Sinai (6mks)
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son? (6mks)
    1. In what ways did David promote the worship of God? (6mks)
    2. State practices of idolatry during the time of Prophet Elijah (8mks)
    3. What is the relevance of Elijah’s prophetic mission to the Christians today? (6mks)
    1. With reference to the Old Testament, outline the characteristics of a true Prophet. (8mks)
    2. Describe how Amos background was relevant to his future career. (6mks)
    3. How can Christians assist the church leaders to perform their duties effectively? (6mks)
    1. What problems did the Israelites face during the Babylonians exile?(8mks)
    2. Outline the sufferings of prophet Jeremiah during his ministry (7mks)
    3. Give the similarities in the life and experiences of Nehemiah and Jesus Christ (5mks)
    1. Explain how the rites connected with initiation into adulthood express Traditional African beliefs in life after death.(8mks)
    2. Identify six occasions when oaths were administered in traditional African communities. (6mks)
    3. Outline ways in which traditional African communities show respect for unborn Child. (6mks)


      • It was written by different authors.
      • It was written at different times in history.
      • It was written for different readers/audience.
      • Different books were written for different reasons
      • The authors were influenced by different circumstances in history
      • Various parts of the Bible were originally written in different languages i.e the Old Testament in Hebrew and the New Testament in Greek. ( Any 6x1= 6)
      • To fill the garden and to guard it
      • To multiply
      • To fill the earth
      • To subdue the earth
      • To eat the fruits in the garden
      • To preserve the environment
      • To Obey God’s commands
      • To worship God the creator of life
      • To care for the rest of the creation (Any 8x1=8)
      • Obedience to God brings blessings
      • Christians obey God to avoid being punished
      • In order to have a good relationship with God
      • He alone is God and he alone should be obeyed and worshipped
      • God expects them to do so
      • In order to live in harmony with others (Any 6x1=6)
      • He left his homeland to go to a foreign land
      • He wanted to sacrifice his son Isaac to God
      • He undertook a long dangerous and uncertain journey to unknown land
      • He trusted in God’s promises of a son despite his wife age
      • He did not give up in spite of the hardships he encountered in his journey
      • He entered into a covenant with God
      • He accepted to be circumcised and he also circumcised his servant and his son
      • He worshipped and scarified to God
      • He accepted to change his name and his wife’s name
      • He abandoned idol worship
      • He built two altars at Bethel and Schechem in honour of God. (6x1=6)
      • God appeared to the Israelites to reassure them that they were not alone, he was present among them
      • God reminded them that he was the God who brought them out of Egypt
      • God gave them the ten commandments to guide them in their relationships with him and with one another
      • He entered a covenant relationship with them in which he promised that they would be his special people and he would be their God
      • He forgives those who repent after worshipping the golden calf
      • After Moses broke with the tablets of law God replaced them with new ones
      • He promised to be with them always to preserve them and to make them prosperous ( exodus 32: 34)
      • After the Israelites broke the covenant by worshipping the golden calf he renewed the covenant with them
      • God continues to provide for their needs
      • They should Obey God (8x1=8)
      • They should have faith in God
      • They should be patient and wait upon God/ should not give up
      • They should be prepared to face difficult situations
      • They should be ready to give up everything for God totally committed to God
      • God blesses those who are ready to serve him
      • They should be wise when dealing with issues affecting their lives
      • They should involve family members in worship (6x1=6)
      • In what ways did David promote the worship of God?
      • He brought the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem
      • He made Jerusalem a holy city where Israelites from all over the land came for important religious occasions
      • He composed psalms which were used in worship by the Israelites
      • He showed respect to the prophet of Yahweh and listened to their messages
      • He wanted to build a temple for God
      • When he made mistakes he asked for Yahweh’s forgiveness
      • He Constantly sort God’s guidance (6x1=6)
      • They shed innocent blood
      • They were oppressive of their rule (introduced, heavy taxation and forced labour)
      • They married foreign wives
      • They built temples/ shrines for idols
      • They were unfaithful/ dishonest
      • They did not tell the people who was
      • They were disobedient to God
      • They did not rule according to the law of Moses
      • They did not listen to the prophets
      • They worshipped both God and idols
      • They took part in Pagan feasts
      • They sought alliance with neighbouring states instead of relying on God (8x1=8)
      • Like Elijah church leaders should condemn evils being committed in the society
      • Leaders should use their positions to uplift the poor and the weak instead of exploiting them
      • Christians should live a life of prayers
      • Christians need to be very honest in giving information that affects others
      • Christians must not give false information at anytime in court when acting as witnesses.
      • Christians should live free of corruption
      • Christians should be persistent like Elijah in the struggle for justice.
      • Christians should advocate for the rights of the week and the poor and speak against any form of oppression. (6x1= 6)
      • A true prophet must have been called
      • A true prophet communicated God’s message to the people
      • A true prophet spoke with authority
      • A true prophet understood the nature of their prophecies
      • A true prophet acknowledged only one god
      • A true prophet received revelations in the form of dreams, visions and symbolic actions,
      • Their prophecies came to pass
      • They understood the nature of their prophecies
      • They proclaimed punishment and rewards to individual and to the whole nation
      • Their reductions were fulfilled (6x1=6)
      • An ordinary person from a simple family-shows God can use any person regardless of status to do his work
      • As a shepherd, he was prepared for his prophetic career to guide a different kind of flock
      • He was a leader of other herdsman the leadership qualities helped him as a prophet
      • He cultivated sycamore trees- he was hard working and could do more than one job at a time
      • He was from Judah and was sent to Israel to prove that the two kingdoms despite political divisions were still bound together by covenant.(3x2=6)
      • Giving financial /material help
      • advising/counseling them on various issues
      • Encouraging them in their work
      • Participating fully in church activities/functions
      • Giving tithes and offerings faithfully
      • Praying for them
      • Respecting them
      • Practicing/obeying the word of God
      • Defending them against unfair criticism.
      • Providing training opportunities for them(8x1=8)
      • They lacked adequate food/famine
      • Adapting to a new environment
      • Following/keeping the Babylonian officials
      • They lost their identity/discriminated
      • They were turned into refugees in Egypt, Moab, Edom, Ammon etc
      • They were not united
      • Their religious loyalty to god was undermined
      • They lacked places for worship/religious festivals
      • They were influenced into idolatry
      • There were false prophets (8x1=8)
      • He was rejected by his own family/relatives
      • People made false accusations against him
      • He was threatened with death because of speaking for God
      • He lived a lonely and solitary life/was commanded to neither marry nor attend any social gathering
      • His message was rejected by the Israelites
      • He went through spiritual struggle as he saw the evil prosper while the righteous suffered
      • He was physically assaulted/beaten
      • The enemies attempted to kill him/He was put in muddy cistern
      • He was humiliated in public/mocked
      • He was imprisoned/jailed
      • He was arrested and put on trial.(7x1=7)
      • Both led prayerful lives
      • Both had compassion for their people
      • Both led in the cleansing of the temple
      • Both faced opposition during their missions
      • Both led exemplary lives
      • Both came to restore the relationship between God and men (5x1=5)
      • Initiation has been handed down from the ancestors who are custodians of the tradition
      • Rejection of the rite of initiation may lead to punishment from the ancestors
      • In some communities a person cannot be buried before circumcision if he is a grown up for fear of him being rejected in the spirit world
      • The sheding of blood during initiation incorporates the living and the dead/ unites the initiates with the ancestors.
      • The shedding of blood during initiation incorporates the living and the dead/unites the initiates with the ancestors
      • It is only after initiation that a person is allowed to procreate so that after death there will be offspring to inherit him to remember him
      • Initiation songs depict past heroes and ancestors who withstood the operation without fear.
      • The medicine/ herbs used on the wound is said to belong to the ancestors who have power to heal
      • Offences committed before initiation must be confessed before initiation lest one bleeds to death due to the wrath of the ancestors
      • Gifts to the initiates were to please the ancestors and were the sign of welcome to the full community which is composed of the living the dead and the unborn
      • Prayers are made through the ancestors for the protection and blessings of the initiates.
      • All members of the community participate in the initiation ceremony- the living, the dead and the unborn
      • The initiates learn the stories of heroes so that they can emulate them
      • Initiation is a stage closer to death which leads to life after death
      • Ancestors are consulted regarding the initiation rite
      • In some communities the initiates acquire names of ancestors after initiation to honour them as a sign the ancestors are still alive represented (8x1=8)
      • During reconciliation ceremonies
      • During marriage
      • After initiation
      • When preparing for a raid
      • When deciding on cases/ settling disputes
      • When a person is being adopted into a family or clan or tribe
      • When a person was being initiated into a secret society
      • During installation of leaders ( oath of office)
      • When a community was threatened members took oath to remain united against the enemy
      • During the making of peace treaties
      • When buying land
      • During some naming ceremonies (6x1=6)
      • The expectant mother is given charms to wear to protect her and the unborn child
      • The expectant mother observes taboos hence avoid certain foods, people and places
      • The expectant mother is checked and occasionally advised by traditional mid- wives
      • Prayers sacrifices and libations are given to God and ancestors for protection
      • Sexual intercourse is not allowed during pregnancy
      • Herbs and medicine is administered to the expectant mother
      • There should be no harmful implements in the house or compound where the expectant mother lives
      • Expectant mothers were not to be treated cruelly by members of the family / society etc (6x1=6) 
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