English Paper 2 Questions - Kassu Jet Pre Mocks 2022

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Instructions to students

  • Write your name, admission number and class in the spaces provided
  • Sign and write the date of the examination in the spaces provided
  • Answer all questions in the spaces provided
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  1. Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow (20 marks)
    The news of a new virus spreading across the globe following close on the heels of a devastating pandemic is a cause for concern However, the viral illness caused by monkeypox virus is not like the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19, and it’s unlikely to cause a major outbreak for six reasons: Less contagiousness, close contact transmission mode, lack of asymptomatic spread, low fertility rate, well-known preventive measures and vaccine availability
    First, monkeypox is an old, primarily zoonotic disease-transmitted from animals to humans when people come into close contact with infected animals through an animal bite, scratch, bodily fluids, faeces or by consuming meat that isn’t cooked enough – and human-to human transmission is very rare unless there’s close physical contact(skin-to-skin)
    Second, although it can also spread through fomites (contaminated clothing and bedding), and through respiratory droplets produced by coughing and sneezing like the novel coronavirus, monkeypox is not an airborne disease
    Airborne transmission through tiny aerosols for the novel coronavirus is a far greater risk than from large respiratory droplets (contaminated surfaces), meaning that in a crowded, poorly-ventilated indoor space, a single infected person can release enough aerosolised virus over time to infect many people and sending a super spreader event
    Monkeypox virus is spread through respiratory droplets-requires prolonged face-to-face contact because the droplets cannot travel more than a few feet-and, in order to infect 30 people through the droplets in one sitting, a single infected person has to be within a few feet of all the 30 people when coughing or sneezing, or to have contaminated an object that all the 30 touched
    Other routes of monkeypox transmission include from mother to fetus via placenta, or during close contact after birth
    Third, unlike the novel coronavirus which can be spread by an asymptomatic person, monkeypox virus is contagious only when an infected person shows symptoms such lesions and blisters which can be spotted easily and victims isolated
    On average, symptoms appear within six and 13 days after infection and persons experience fever, headache, backache and muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes and general exhaustion
    It then enters the body of an exposed person through broken skin, the respiratory tract, or the mucous membranes (eyes, nose and mouth) Monkeypox virus also creates a rash which can start on the patient’s face, hands, feet, or inside the mouth or genitals, before progressing to the rest of the body
    Fourth, the case fatality rate for monkeypox is slightly higher than for Covid-19, but the odds of getting infected is higher with the latter than the former (risk of death is a function of probability of event occurring-contagiousness – and its impact (fatality rate)
    For example, although the rare brain-eating amoebas can cause 100 per cent fatality rate, the risk of getting infected is extremely rare and only 310 cases have been documented globally so far Moreover, viruses need to mutate to become more infectious, but, compared to RNA viruses, DNA viruses like monkeypox are generally very stable and evolve much slower
    Fifth, the vaccine for smallpox, called vaccinia virus WR, provides lifetime immunity and neutralizing immune responses against all human infectious poxviruses, including Variola major and Variola minor, the stains that cause smallpox and monkeypox respectively
    As a result, even older adults who were vaccinated against smallpox decades ago still maintain a high level of antibodies and are likely to get milder symptoms if they get infected with the monkeypox virus
    Last, the good news is that same measures used to protect against getting infected with the novel coronavirus-social distancing, wearing masks in public, handwashing and surface disinfections -will also reduce your risk of getting monkeypox
    Standard Newspaper: 31st May 2022
    1. Explain how monkeypox is spread through animals to humans (2 marks)
    2. What is the similarity and difference in the spread of monkeypox and coronavirus? (2 marks)
    3. What is the author’s attitude towards monkeypox from paragraph ten? (2 marks)
    4. List down three symptoms of monkeypox (3 marks)
    5. In not more than 20 words, explain how one can reduce the risk of getting monkeypox (4 marks)
      Rough copy
      Fair copy
    6. Monkeypox is not an airborne disease (Supply a question tag) (1 mark)
    7. ‘The fatality rate for monkeypox is slightly higher than that of Covid 19 But the odds of getting infected is less’ Why is this so? (2 marks)
    8. Explain the meaning of the following words/clauses as used in the passage (4 marks)
      1. close on the heels
      2. novel
      3. airborne
      4. asymptomatic
  2. Read the extract below and then answer the questions that follow (25 marks)
    When Mama Milanoi appeared, her husband introduced her to Oloisudori He then became quite lyrical about Oloisudori’s pivotal role that gave them the financial stability they were enjoying in Nasila He mentioned the contracts that he had assisted him to win and others that were still in the pipeline “This man is more than a brother to me,” he said emotionally “there’s nothing, and I repeat, nothing that he ought to be denied in this home”
    Resian shut the door behind her and effectively cut off her father’s effusive praise of the man she loathed She walked through the kitchen to the back door Opening it slowly she got out, shut it behind her, leaned against it, grateful for the clean cool air She shuddered when she thought of those shamelessly questing eyes Was there no better man that her father could find to do business with? Then she remembered her sister, Taiyo, and the promise to speak to their father “Oh, my God,” she exclaimed to herself excitedly, “I’m standing here foolishly thinking of Oloisudori’s stupid antics, while I could actually be on my way to the university!” She felt sure Taiyo had spoken to their father and possibly he had already consented She stood quite still for a moment She was enthralled Then she quickly walked round the house and got back to the front
    As she walked to the gate, she saw her sister sitting on a log next to Joseph Parmuat One look at her sister’s face, and Resian was sure things did not click She hoped that her father had not rejected Taiyo’s proposal to take them to the university She wanted to remain hopeful Her fear was to have the door shut permanently on them
    Taiyo knew her sister’s expectation As soon as Resian got where they were seated, she explained to her, how she tried, without success, to talk to their father She had hoped to find him alone and in an agreeable mood, but all that had proven difficult
    Strangely, for the first time, she found Resian understanding Instead of getting sulky, as she often did, she said she had appreciated her sister’s effort and that she was happy the door was still open She was sure an opportune time would offer itself, and at that time, she believed, divine powers would have prevailed upon their father She was that optimistic
    “Papaai has a monster for a visitor this afternoon,” Resian said, effectively changing the subject “You should see him to believe me when I say he’s ugly and mean He is an absolutely horrible man with deplorable manners I can’t imagine what business Papaai would be transacting with such a person! He is simply olbitirr”
    Taiyo exploded into an uproarious laughter at the man’s description while Joseph Parmuat’s dark eyebrows shot up almost to his airline, eyes gleaming with surprised amusement
    “Honestly, Resian, what a thing to say about a human being!” Taiyo said still in stitches “Only a man out of this world would look that horrible!”
    “And for some reasons, Papaai seems terrified of him”
    “Papaai, of all people, terrified?” Taiyo said wide-eyed with incredulity “I have never seen him terrified”
    “Did you get to know the name of the monster?” Joseph Parmuat asked perceiving that the girls were overly amazed rather than being over anxious about their father’s discomfiture
    “He announced importantly that his name his name is Mr Oloisudori Edward Loonkiyaa,” Resian said mimicking him while roaring with laughter
    1. What is Joseph Parmuat’s immediate reaction after hearing Oloisudori’s name? (2 marks)
    2. How does the statement: “there’s nothing, and I repeat, nothing that he ought to be denied in this home” come back to haunt Ole Kaelo later in the novel? (3 marks)
    3. Comment on the figurative language used in this excerpt (4 marks)
    4. Describe the transition in Resian’s mood in the whole excerpt (3 marks)
    5. Identify and illustrate any two themes in this excerpt (4 marks)
    6. Explain Taiyo’s character as brought out in the excerpt (2 marks)
    7. Explain the irony of this statement: “She was sure an opportune time would offer itself ” drawing your illustrations from elsewhere in the text (3 marks)
    8. Change this interrogative to a statement: “Did you get to know the name of the monster?” (1 mark)
      1. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the excerpt (3 marks)
        1. Pivotal role
        2. sulky
        3. in stitches
  3. Read the oral poem below and then answer the questions that follow (20 marks)

    My husband
    In the wisdom of Lang’o
    Time is not stupidity split up
    Into seconds and minutes

    It does not follow
    Like beer in a pot
    That is sucked
    Until it is finished

    It does not resemble
    A loaf of millet bread
    Surrounded by hungry youths
    From a hunt
    It does not get finished
    Like vegetable in the dish

    A lazy youth is rebuked
    A lazy girl is slapped
    A lazy wife beaten
    A lazy man laughed at
    Not because they waste time
    But because they only destroy

    And do not produce
    And famine
    Invades your villages
    And women take their baskets
    To go and beg food,
    Strangers will sleep with them
    They will have your wives
    And what can you say?

    1. Classify the above song (1 mark)
    2. Who is the singer? (1 mark)
    3. Identify and illustrate two features of oral poetry evident in the oral item above (4 marks)
    4. Explain two economic activities practiced by the community from which the song is derived (4 marks)
    5. Identify and illustrate two aspects of style found in this song (4 marks)
    6. Contrast the Africans and Westerners in view of time as seen in the above song (2 marks)
    7. Giving examples, state the dominant tone of this song (2 marks)
    8. Explain the moral lesson found in this song (2 marks)
  4. Grammar (15 marks)
    1. Rewrite the following as instructed Do not change the meaning (5 marks)
      1. The woman left the child with a neighbor and went to the market (Begin: Leaving)
      2. You will only succeed if you work hard (Rewrite using ‘unless’)
      3. I would not have made it if he had not assisted me (Begin: But)
      4. Mayop walked every day to work He did not reduce his weight (Join using in spite of)
      5. Amina had just finished eating when she received news of her promotion
        (Use: no sooner)
    2. Change the following sentences from direct to indirect speech (2 marks)
      1. “You must report to the police,” the nurse told the victim
      2. “I shall tell you tomorrow,” he said
    3. Replace the underlined words with a phrasal verb (2 marks)
      1. The patient regained consciousness in the middle of the night
      2. I will work hard to compensate the wasted time
    4. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the word in brackets (3 marks)
      1. I told her that I was .........................................for her help (gratitude)
      2. Because of the officers’ ........................................., the election results were fair ( partial)
      3. Should you .........................................your identity card, you must report (loss)
    5. Use the correct form of the verb ‘be’ to fill the blanks (3 marks)
      1. The chaos caused by workers in the factory ......................................... quelled by the police
      2. Neither the parents nor the child ......................................... in the house when the fire started
      3. Irarak, along with his brother......................................... to be awarded next year

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