English Paper 3 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Cluster Pre Mock Exam 2022

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  • Answer three questions only.
  • Question one and two are compulsory
  • In question three choose only one of the optional texts you have prepared on.
  • Where a candidate presents work on more than one optional text, only the first one to appear will be marked
  • Each of your essays must not exceed 450 words




  1.  Write a composition beginning with the following statement:
    “As I got closer to my home that night, I realized that the commotion and noise I had heard on getting off the bus came from my elder brother’s house.
  2. Write a composition explaining the role of student leaders in a secondary schools.

Henrik Ibsen: A DOLL’S HOUSE (20 MARKS).

“Appearance can be misleading.” Write an essay to show the validity of this statement drawing illustrations from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.


  1. Memories we lost and other Stories by Chris Wanjala
    Superstition can never solve a problem in life. Justify this statement basing your illustrations using Memories We lost by
  2. Inheritance by David Mulwa
    Betrayal by leaders makes subjects disillusioned. Discuss this statement.
  3. The pearl by John Steinbeck
    Social stratification in the society breeds inequality. Write a composition to show the truthfulness of this statement.

Marking Scheme


D CLASS (01-05)
 The candidate either does not communicate at all or his language ability is so minimal that the examiner practically has to guess what the candidate wants to communicate. The candidate fails to fit English words he knows into meaningful sentences.
The subject is glanced at or distorted. Practically no valid punctuation. All kinds of errors are “Broken English.”.

  1. D- (01-01) Chaotic. Little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words from it simply copied.
  2. D (03) Flow of thought almost impossible to follow. The errors are continuous.
  3. D+(04-05) Although English is often broken and the essay is full of errors of all types one can at least guess what the candidate wants to communicate.

C CLASS (06-10) - Generally, there is difficulty in communication.
The candidate communicates understandably but only more or less clearly. He/she is not confident with their language. The language is often undeveloped. There may be some digressions. Unnecessary repetitions are frequent. The arrangement is weak and the flow is jerky. There is no economy of language mother tongue influence is felt in spelling; there is direct translation.

  1. C- (06-07)- The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his ideas. He is seriously hampered by his very limited knowledge of the language structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement, spelling, misuse of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and sentence construction.
  2. C 08 The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. His linguistic abilities being very limited, he cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is little variety or originality. Very bookish English. Links are weak, incorrect and at times repeated.
  3. C+ (09-10) The candidates communicates clearly but in the flat and uncertain manner. Simple concepts and sentences are often strained. There may be an overuse of clinches or unsuitable idioms. Proverbs are misquoted or misinterpreted. The flow is still jerky. There are some errors of agreement, tenses and spelling.

B CLASS (11-15) Generally, there is fluency in communications
This class is characterized by greater fluency and ease of expression. The candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way expressing himself. Sentences are varied and usually well constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and even over ambitious i.e the candidate may use too much vocabulary in an effort to impress. There may be items of merit of the one word or one’s expression types. Many essays in this category may be just clean and unassuming but they still show that the candidate is at ease with the language.

  1. B(11-12) The candidates communicates fairly and with some fluency. There may be little variety in sentence structure gross errors are occasional.
  2. B 13 The sentences are varied but rather simple and straight forward. The candidate does not strain himself in an effort to impress. There is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom. Some items or merit, economy of language. The candidate seems to express themselves naturally and effortlessly.
  3. B+ (14-15) The candidate communicates his ideas pleasantly and without strain. There are few errors and slips. Tenses, spellings and punctuations are quite good. A number of merit of “whole sentence” or the “whole expression” type are evident.

A CLASS (16-20) Communication is efficient
The candidate communicates not only fluently, but attractively, with originality and efficiency. He has the ability to make the reader share his deep feelings, emotions, enthusiasm. He expresses himself freely and without any visible constraint. The script gives evidence of maturity, good planning and a tinge of humour. Many items of merit which indicate that the candidate has complete command of the language. There is no strain, just pleasantness, clever arrangement and felicity of expressions.

  1. A-(16-17) The candidates shows competence and fluency in using language. He may lack imagination or originality which usually provides the “spark” in such essays. Vocabulary, idioms, sentence structure, links and variety are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.
  2. A18 Positive Ability.
    A few errors that are felt to be slips. The story or arguments has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures. A definite spark.
  3. A+(19-20) The candidates communicates not only information and meaning, but also and especially the candidate’s whole self, his feelings, taste, points of view, youth and culture, this ability to communicate his deep self may express itself in many ways: wide range effective vocabulary, original approach, vivid and sustained account in case of a narrative, well developed and ordered argument in case of a debate or discussion. A very definite spark


      • Must be a relevant story. If not, deduct up to 4mks.
      • The story must begin with the given statement. If not, deduct 2AD
      • Must be a negative story capturing bad incidents or experiences witnessed by the narrator.
      • The narrator must be the I…first person.
      • Length---must not exceed 2pgs (A4)
        NB: Award marks for the following;
      • Ability to write an interesting composition creatively
      • Ability to develop a plot that has a beginning, climax and resolution.
      • The composition should be expository. If not, deduct up to 4mks.
      • Ensure the candidate should establish the main idea of the composition using convincing evidence to explain the role of the leaders in secondary schools.
      • Display respect and ensure adherence to school rules and values.
      • Displaying good communication skills with both peers and adults.
      • Assisting in the facilitation and smooth running of whole school events.
      • Contribute their view point on whole school related issues with the schools leadership team and school council.
      • Be a good role model for other students.
      • Facilitating and leading the whole school assembly.
      • Managing classes.
      • Supervising school programs such as games.
      • NB: Marks awarded to be pegged on the candidate’s language ability.

  2. “Appearance can be misleading.” Write an essay to show the validity of this statement drawing illustrations from Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House.

      In the play, A Doll’s House, characters wear masks to appear what they are not. As reality unfolds, the true character of Helmer among others come to scrutiny.
    • BODY
      • Torvald thinks Nora is a plaything and is expected to be wife and homemaker. She appears naïve and helpless. Her role in the home is taking care of the children and her husband yet she is very intelligent.
      • Torvald thinks she is wholly reliant on his disposition but as the play progresses, we see that she is intelligent, motivated and ultimately decisive. She procures a loan of 250 pounds secretly from Krogstad
      • Even though women are not allowed to take loans without their husband’s consent. She is forced by circumstances to forge a signature so that it looks like her father signed the bond. This money is for financing her husband’s treatment in the South. Torvald recuperates and is as sound as a bell.
        (pgs. 2, 3, 6, 12, 19-21, 48, 72-76, 102-120)
      • Torvald plays the part of a strong responsible benevolent husband. He is prudent as his duty as a father calls for. With the promotion, Nora hopes that heaps and heaps of money in the salary and allowances will ensure comfort and happiness. At some point, Torvald says that he wishes that something bad happens to Nora so that she might be threatened by some great danger, so that he might risk his life’s blood and everything for her sake. When he learns from Krogstad’s letter that Nora obtained money fraudulently, a liar, a criminal. He claims that Nora inherited her irresponsible manners from her irresponsible father. This revelation portrays him as cowardly and selfish when faced with the realities of Nora’s strength of character. He only cares about his reputation and fears the possibility of a public rebuke or scandal from Krogstad whom he has just fired for being corrupt.
        (pgs. 2, 3, 6, 20,57,61,95-97,102-120)
      • Krogstad, a moneylender engages in business with Nora. He helps her secure a loan of 250 pounds to treat her ailing husband. Later, when he learns that Torvald, the new bank manager is planning to dismiss him, he blackmails Nora. He wants her to ask Torvald to retain him at the bank else he would reveal her secret to her husband. Nora fears that this would cause a disagreeable situation leading to her marriage break up. In the end, Krogstad redeems his character as he proves sympathetic and forgiving. He brings the bond thus clearing Nora’s name. This is contrasted with his earlier vindictive/ vengeful and imposing personality.
      • Dr. Rank is a great friend to the Helmer’s. He visits their home regularly. He is Nora best and truest friend and reveals to her his deteroriating health and imminent death. However, Rank has been in love with Helmer’s wife for the whole time. At one point, he confesses to Nora that he feels for her is more than friendship; he loves her. He further tells Nora that he would gladly give his life for her sake and this is to the latter’s chagrin. ( pgs. 24, 24-28, 63-71, 97-99).
      • Mrs. Linde abandons Krogstad for family sustenance. This is despite the fact that she truly loves him. Later, when her husband dies, his businesses collapse. She is lonely now that she is childless, the mother dies and the two younger brothers are grown-ups to fend for themselves. Lonely and beaten by life, she gets back into a hopeful reunion with Krogstad in at a crucial moment in his life after losing his job at the bank. She will be wife to Krogstad and mother to his children. (pgs. 14-23, 72-76, 85.)
      In conclusion, Nora shocks Helmer who had believed all along she is inferior. She is equally shocked by Dr Rank’s attraction to her yet they are family friend. This leads to mistrust. Indeed, appearances can be deceptive

    1. Memories we lost and other Stories by Chris Wanjala
      Superstition can never solve a problem in life. Justify this statement basing your illustrations using Memories We lost by
      • No one can be helped as long as he or she thinks of witchcraft or it is suspicious of an illness or failure to seek proper medication leads to suffering
      • BODY 
        • Sangomas
          The narrators mother is superstitious about her daughters illness and instead of addressing the issue by seeking medical attention, she takes her daughter from one sangoma to another and the girl condition worsens, she does not get better she is unresponsive. She only nods and shakes her head at irrelevant times. Each time sangomas promise that she will be healed within days,she decides to take her to a Nkunzi who bakes people, no one has been heard survive or die.
        • Thing
          The villagers are very suspisious,they shout insults at the thing, for what felt to be a lifetime as it remained unknown to them, while the narrator and the sister sit at a corner in the Kraal, their heads bowed, the elders keep referring to this thing as the devils work and demons. None of them knew nor cared about the sick girl. She does not get better even after the insults to the demons.
        • Ritual
          The villagers gather outside yet for yet another ritual meant to cure the sick girl. She has been through all these rituals and church sermons and nothing has changed.Tobacco,meat and matches are put for ancestors to take at night, in one of the many rituals, the things were not there, leading them to believe that the ancestors have healed her. It was not long after that thing comes back proving that,the meat, tobacco and matches were stolen by thieves.
        • Father
          The narrators mother fails to address the daughters issue because she believes it came from the husband, she is torn and defeated and asks God why he gave the husband the daughter. It remains as a secret and no one has ever known that the husband had the thing, he left one day and never came back.
        • Narrator.
          She is convinced that if one observed more carefully, one sees it with horns and spikes and in an oversized head, the narrator imagines that that is how the thing looks like. The horror of seeing a monster coming for you and not being able to run even though one is not in a dream is unbearable for her sister. She is equally suspicious as the sister continue suffering.
      • Conclusion
        From the above illustrations it is evident that a solution can be found after the right diagnosis..
        (Any other relevant point).

    2. Inheritance by David Mulwa
      Betrayal by leaders makes subjects disillusioned. Discuss this statement.
        We are faced with many difficult situations but it should never be the end of everything. We should press on just like Lulu,,Bengo,Reverend Sangoi
      • BODY 
        • Citizens
          The citizens of Kutula are subjected to inhumane conditions.They are mistreated,killed,maimed,exploited intimidated and denied their rights .These barbaric acts set them against the cruel regime of Lacuna Kaso,citizens are disillusioned
        • Wealth
          Lacuna grabs peoples wealth and keeps money in foreign accounts,he embezzles money by buying himself a plane, he ruins the economy, people feel hopeless.Tamina changes her name from Anna to Tamina because she feels she cannot associate with same God as Lacuna.Judahs death and locking up of Lulu makes her go insane.
        • Corruption
          People suffer because of corruotion,Judah invests in bribib=ng Mithambo with drinks to get the job of Machine operator. His family suffers when he does not send money home.Lulu is sent home and according to her God does not exist, he cannot allow such suffering on them if he did, she is disillusioned
        • Nepotism
          Lacuna thrives by rewarding psychophants and his clansmen,qualified men are left unemployed,those who are employed are poorly paid and overtaxed.Judah Zen Melo loses hope in God and loses the desire to pray.
      • Conclusion:
        It is true to say that,people that are well led will always have a sense of direction.
        (Any other relevant point).

    3. The pearl by John Steinbeck
      Social stratification in the society breeds inequality. Write a composition to show the truthfulness of this statement.
        When society clusters people according what they have or do not have,there will be unequal distribution of opportunities and resources.
      • BODY 
        • Education
          People are Lapaz do not have equal opportunities those of a higher social class study until they become professionals just as the doctor,the priest,the poor do not have the same chance,when Kino gets the pearl of the world,he says he will take his son to school and when he knows,they will know through him”And my son will make numbers and this will make us free …lack of education makes them cheated by Kino.
        • Medical attention.
          Care givers offer services to the rich only,the doctor refuses to offer services to Kino because he does not have money,he can not treat the poor if they do not have money,he tells the servant to find out if they have money,when Kino finds the pearl of world,he is ready to treat him as long as he is able to pay,services are not offered fairly.
        • Shelter
          There is a disparity in the way people in Lapaz live ,the poor live in brush houses whereas the rich live in stone house,the rich never come those cluster of houses ,why should the doctor come to the cluster of houses when he had more than he could do to care of the rich people who live in the stone and plaster house in town.
        • Religious services.
          There is a difference in the way services are offered in church ,the poor are denied basic services like marriage and baptism in church because they can not pay ,when the priest hears about the pearl of the world,he wonders if Kino is married in church and whether Coyotito is baptized Kino says that they will be married in church now that they can pay meaning they could not do it before because they did not.Services in church are offered according the money people have.
        • Business
          The rich tend to exploit the poor,this is evident with what the pearl buyers try manupilate Kino by bidding so low,the pearl buyers highly placed people,they should have set a level ground for buying the pearl from him.The pearl buyers would be the happiest is the one who buys at a lowest bid.
      • Conclusion.
        It is not good to discriminate people according to their race or status.
        Any other relevant point. 

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