Agriculture Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Cluster Pre Mock Exam 2022

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Instruction To Candidates.

  • This paper consists of three sections A, B and C.
  • Answer all the questions in A and B and two in section C.



Answer all the questions in this section.

  1. State four causes of stress in poultry. (2mks).
  2. State four factors that determine the amount of feed an animal consumes (2mks.)
  3. State four advantages of artificial calf feeding. (2mks.)
  4. Name two methods of service in livestock breeding (1mk).
  5. Name two species of camel. (1mk).
  6. State four functions of vitamins in livestock body (2mks.)
  7. Define the following terms (2mks).
    1. Cockerel-
    2. Broiler-
    3. Ewe-
    4. Kid—
  8. List two main parts of a farm building. (1mk).
  9. State two reasons why lubrication or greasing of farm machines is important (1mk).
  10.  Give two reasons for seasoning timber before it is used for construction. (1mk).
  11. State the functional difference between a drenching gun and a bolus gun. (1mk).
  12. Name four tools which a farmer uses for dehorning cattle. (2mks)
  13. List two reasons why bees are fed with syrup (1mk).
  14. Differentiate between inbreeding and outbreeding (1mk).
  15. Identify four abnormalities which can be identified in eggs through candling (2mks).
  16. Name two dual purpose breeds of sheep (1mk).
  17. State four factors which influences the rate of respiration in farm animals (2mks).
  18. Mention four preventive measures farmers uses to control diseases in animals (2mks).
  19. State four harmful effects of lice in sheep. (2mks).
  20. Name two examples of two host ticks. (1mks).

Answer all the questions in this section.

  1. Study the diagram below and answer the questions that follows.
    1. Identify the tool. (1mk)
    2. Name the parts labeled .(3mks).
      1. --------------------------------------------------------------------
      2. --------------------------------------------------------------------
      3. --------------------------------------------------------------------
    3. State two maintenance practices of the tool above (2mks).
  2. Using Pearson's square method, compute a 200 kg ration with 20% DCP from oats which contains 10% DCP and sim sim seedcake containing 60%DCP (3mks).
  3. Study the illustration below and answer the questions that follow.
    1. Identify the parts labeled (2mks)
      J -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      K -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      L -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      M ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2. State one use of the part labelled L. (1mk).
    3. State one reason why it is important to have the structure labelled M at the edge of the roofing materials. (1mk).
  4. Below is an illustration of a sheep with parts marked E, F and G.
    1. State the operations that are carried out on the parts labelled (2mks).
    2. State two reasons for carrying out the operation identified in E (2mks).
    3. At what age should the operation stated in E be carried out. (1mk).
    4. State two methods of carrying out the operation named in E. (2mks).

Answer any two questions from this section in the spaces provided.

    1. Give nine reasons why the battery cage system of rearing poultry is popular for used by large scale poultry farmers. (9mks.)
    2. Describe five management practices carried out on a fish pond. (5mks).
    3. Describe six symptoms observed on a calf heavily infested with internal parasites (6mks).
    1. State six advantages of animal power over tractor power in seedbed preparation.(6mks).
    2. Explain nine factors to consider in siting farm structures (9mks).
    3. State five importance's of farm buildings. (5mks).
    1. Name two causes of pneumonia in livestock. (2mks)
    2. State four predisposing factors of pneumonia disease in livestock (4mks).
    3. Describe four types of stores that can be found on a farm. (8mks).
    4. State six differences between Petrol and diesel tractor engines. (6mks).

Marking Scheme

    • Sudden change of routine management.
    • Overcrowding.
    • Presence of predators/strangers.
    • Lack/ inadequate food and water.
    • Disease attack and parasite infestation.
    • Sudden noise e.g thunder.
    • Intrduction of a new flock.
    • Handling of birds during vaccination,culling.
    • Age of the animal.
    • Breed of the animal.
    • production level of the animal/ activity of the animal.
    • Pysiological condition of the animal e.g health.
    • Size of the animal/ Body weight.
    • Many calves can be reared at the same time
    • They calf is given the Correct amount of milk.
    • Proper milk records are kept.
    • Orphaned calves can be successfully raised
    • Artificial insemination.-
    • Natural mating..
    • Embryo transplant.
    • Dromedary.
    • Bactrian.
    • Promotes growth.
    • Helps in bone formation
    • Helps in blood clotting.
    • Helps in muscular activity.
    • Prevent diseases.
    • Act as organic catalysts.
    1. A young male bird from eight weeks Upto maturity..
    2. Bird kept for meat production.
    3. Mature female sheep.
    4. Young one of goats.
    • Roof.
    • Wall
    • Foundation.
    • To prevent rusting./corrosion.
    • To reduce friction.
    • To reduce wear and tear.
    • To prevent warping.
    • To prevent rotting due to fungal attack.
    • To prevent insect damage
  11. A drenching gun is used for administering liquid drugs through the mouth of an animal while a bolus gun is used for shooting solid drugs through the mouth of an animal.
    • Dehorning wire or saw
    • Dehorning iron/disbudding iron.
    • Caustic potash stick.
    • Rubbering and elastrator.
    • Dehorning colloidon.
    • To maintain bee colony.
    • To encourage multiplacation.
    • To supplement what the bees get from flowers.
  14. Inbreeding is the mating of closely related animals while outbreeding is the mating between unrelated animals(which are not related.)
    • Broken egg shell
    • Hair cracks
    • Blood or meat spots.
    • Double yolk.
    • Corriedale
    • Hampshire down
    • Romney masrsh.
  17. Body size of the animal.
    • Amount of exercise done by the animal.
    • Degree of excitement.
    • Ambient or environmental temperature.
  18. Isolation of the sick animals.
    • Imposition of quarantine.
    • Prophylactic measures and treatment.
    • Slaughtering the affected animals.
    • Use of antiseptics and disinfectants.
    • Cause irritation.
    • Loss of health due to heavy infestation.
    • Poor feeding leading to emaciation.
    • Restlessness.
    • Anaemia in poultry.
    • The red legged tick.
    • They brown tick.
    • African bont-legged tick..
    • Large bont- legged tick.
    1. Hand saw.
      1. - Heel.
      2. -Handle
      3. -Toe.
      • Straighten the blade when bent.
      • Setting the teeth.
      • Tighten the loose screw and nuts.
      • Hang the saw properly after work.
      • Regular cleaning.
      • Regular sharpening of the teeth.
      • Broken handles should be replaced or repaired.
      • When storing for long periods blades should be oiled to prevent rusting.
    11 Agr P2qa22
    40/50 x 200 = 160kg of oat 1/2mk
    10/50 x 200= 40kg of simsim seed cake 1/2mk
      • J-Rafters.
      • K-cross tie/tie beam.
      • L-purlins.
      • M-Gutters.
      • Receive/ hold the roofing material.
      • Hold trusses in position.
      • To collect rain water from the roof.
      • To prevent rain water from splashing soil onto the walls by preventing direct impact.
      • E-Docking
      • G-Hoof triming.
      • To facilitate tupping/ mating.
      • To prevent blowfly infestation.
      • For even fat distribution throughout the body.
      • To promote cleanliness of the animal.
    3. 1-2 weeks old.
      • Use of an elastrator and rubbering.
      • Uses of burdizzo.
      • Uses of a sharp knife and a hot iron.
      • Cannibalism and egg eating are controlled.
      • Accurate/Individual egg records can be easily kept.
      • Birds do not contaminate food and water.
      • Broodiness is discouraged as birds do not reach the eggs.
      • A large number of birds can be kept in a small area/ it allows higher stalking rate.
      • Sick birds can be detected and isolated for treatment.
      • There is low labour requirement.
      • There is no bullying during feeding.
      • The system can be easily mechanised.
      • Wire floors prevent re infestation of parasite, worms and coccidiosis.
      • Handling is easy as hens are restricted to a small space..
      • Clean eggs are collected..
      • Higher egg production due to less energy wasted by birds.
      • Culled birds have tender meat.
      • Control water pollution.
      • Harvest at the correct maturity state.
      • Maintain appropriate water level in the fish pond always.
      • Aerate the water by ensuring constant inflow and outflow of water .
      • Supply adequate feeds regularly..
      • Control stocking rate/cropping.
      • Regular fertilisation of the pond .
      • Control predators.
      • Loss of weight/ emaciation.
      • potbellies.
      • Indigestion.
      • Anaemic condition due to su king of blood.
      • Painful abdomen.
      • Reumbence precedes death.
      • Dullness and depression.
      • Prescence of eggs/segments/parasites on the faeces .
      • Staring/ rough coat.
      • Blockage of internal organs/ obstruction of internal organs.
      • loss of appetite.
      • Animal owner can be used where land is not accessible by a tractor.
      • Animal power is used in irregularly shaped piece of land..
      • Animal power is useful where the cost of hiring a tractor is high..
      • Animal power is used in cases where tractor hire services are not available.
      • Is economical on small pieces of land.
      • Is used on steep slopes.
      • The location of the homestead
      • Accesibility.
      • Security.
      • Direction of prevailing wind.
      • Drainage.
      • Relationship with other structures.
      • Farmers taste and preferences.
      • Proximitu to the amenities.
      • Topography of the area..
      • They protect the farmer and livestock from predators.
      • Help in the control of livestock diseases and parasites.
      • Provide shelter against extreme weather conditions.
      • Provide storage of farm produce and other variable inputs.
      • They increase the efficiency of production in the farm.
      • Bacteria
      • virus
      • dust and worms in the lungs.
      • Poor ventilation
      • Overcrowding.
      • Young age.
      • Effects of diarrhoea.
      • Feed stores.
      • Farm produce stores
      • Chemical stores
      • Machinery store.
      • Tools stores.
       1.Uses petrol as fuel. 1.Uses diesel as fuel.
       2.Has a carburetor for mixing petrol and air 2.It does not have a carburetor.
       3.Power occurs when air and petrol mixture is ignited. 3.Only diesel is ignited.
      4. Air and petrol first meet in the carburettor.  4.Air and diesel first meet in the cylinder
      5.Has spark plugs. 5.Does not have spark plugs.
      6.Has no injectors. 6.Has injectors which atomise diesel.
      7.Uses more fuel per unit area when working 7.Uses less fuel per unit area  when working.
      8.Is lighter. 8. Is heavier.
      9.Produce less noise.  9.Produces a lot of noise.
      10.Produces little smoke. 10.Produces a lot of smoke.
      11.Produces less power  11.Produces more power.
      12.Fuel is ignited by an electric spark from the spark plug. 12.Fuel is ignited through compression.
      13.Air has low compression ratio(8:1). 13.Air has a higher compression ratio (16:1).
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