Drawing and Design Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Bunamfan Cluster Pre Mock Exam 2022

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Instruction To Candidates

  • you should have the following for this examination;
    -4 sheets of drawing paper size A3.
    -Drawing instruments
  • This paper has one compulsory question.
  • This paper is issued to the candidates 30 minutes before the examination starts.
  • The candidates are advised to spend this time understanding the design problem and planning the work on one of the drawing papers provided.
  • This paper consist of 2 printed pages.
  • Candidates should check the question paper to ascertain that both pages are printed as indicated and no question are missing.
  • Candidates should answer the question in English.



  • Tourists on the beach sometimes find it difficult to sunbath due to lack of devices on which they can lie as they enjoy the sun. Design a device that can be used for the said purpose.


  1. It should be able to accommodate the people of different heights.
  2. It should be possible to tilt the head at an angle if there is need.
  3. It should be possible to fold it and keep in a narrow space.
  4. It should have provision that prevents the use from harsh rain conditions.
  5. It should be made from at least two different materials.


  1. Make two thumbnail sketches of the given design. 6mks
  2. Select one of the designs in [a] and make a refined labeled sketch. 14mks
  3. Make detailed exploded sketches of the mechanism used in considerations [1],[2],[3],[4] above 16mks
  4. Name two suitable materials and state why used 2mks e) State two methods of joining the device and state where used 2 mks

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