Music Paper 3 Questions - Bunamfan Cluster Pre Mock Exam 2022

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  •  Answer all the questions.
  • Read the instructions to every question before writing the answer
  • In question 4 choose any two of the questions numbered (a) , (b), (c), and (d)  


Answer all the questions in this section.

    1. Copy and continue the following opening to make a 16 bar melody for voice. Introduce a sequence and duplet. Modulate to the relative minor and then back to the tonic. Add phrase marks. 9mrks
    2. Using staff notation, write a melody and set it to the text below. Add phrase marks. 6mrks
      Mambo hayaji kwa nguvu
      Wala kwa hila, sikia
      Vumilia ule mbivu
      Omba mungu na ngojea
  2. Harmonize the melody below for Soprano Alto Tenor and Bass (SATB). Choose appropriate chords from the following I, ii, IV, V and iv.

Answwer all the questions in this section except in question four where you should choose any two parts of the question numbered (a),(b),(c),(d)

  1.  African Music
    1. State any four factors that influence the choice of songs for performance in the African society. (4mks)
    2. Classify each of the following instruments as ideophones, aerophones. chordophones and membranophones. (4mks)
      1. Abu
      2. Mchirima
      3. Zeze
      4. Dongo
    3. Explain any four ways in which modern technology has affected traditional African Music. (4mks)
    4. Name two traditional dances in which shaking of shoulders is a dorminant feature. (2mks)
  2. Prescribed Western Composers.
    1. Antonio Vivaldi
      1. Which work was Vivaldi best known for? (1mk)
      2. Name two contemporaries of Vivaldi. (3mks)
      3. Name two instruments that Vivaldi used in his concertos. (2mks)
      4. In which period did Vivaldi compose? (1mk)
    2. Johannes Brahms
      1. State four characteristics used in Johannes music. (4mks)
      2. Name three works by Brahms. (3mks)
    3. Wolfgang Amadeus
      1.  Which works did Amadeus compose in Vienna. (2mks)
      2. List three styles Wolfgang used in his compositions. (3mks)
      3. State two appointments Mozart received. (2mks)
    4. Benjamin Britten
      1. What is Britten’s nationality.(1mk)
      2. State three sources that influenced Britten’s musical life and style.(3mks)
      3. What type of work was The King’s Stamp?(1mk)
      4. To whom was The King’s Stamp dedicated to?(2mk)
  3. Analysis of Prescribed African Music.
    Pokot folksong by Otoo
    1. Explain the introductory part.(4mks)
    2. Identify the instruments used in the recording. (2mks)
    3. Describe any three features of call and response style of music evident in the recording. (3mks)
    4. Which ornament is played by the horn in the recording. (1mk)
  4. Analysis of Prescribed Western Music
    Choral Fantasia in C minor, op 80,finale(allegretto, ma non troppo)by Ludwig van Beethoven.
    1. Describe the entry of the voices in the beginning. (2mks)
    2. Name two compositional devices used between bar 117 -124. (2mks)
      1. Identify the chord progression in bars 214 and 215 (1mk)
      2.  Identify the cadence described by above listed chord progression. (1mrk)
    4. In reference to bar numbers, identifty instances with scalic movements in the voice part. (4mrks)
  5. Analysis of unprepared work.
    1. Identify the bars with the following
      1. a syncopation 1mrk 
      2.  a sequence in the brass section. 1mrk 
    2. Name the instrument that plays tremolos in this excerpt. 1mrk
    3. Describe the first chord of bar 2. 1mrk
    4. Explain the pitch relationship between.
      1. Flute and Oboe 1. 1mrk
      2. Horn in F1 and horn in F2 in bar 1 and 5. 1mrk
  6. General Music Knowledge.
    1. Name two instrumental ornaments used in traditional African music performance. 2mrks
    2. Name any three families of the instruments of the orchestra. 3mrks
    3. Translate the following to staff notation. 5mrks Doh= B flat
    4. State any 3 techniques that contribute to good singing. 3mrks
    5. Explain the meaning of the following music terms. 3mrks
      1. Metronome.
      2. Antiphonal singing.
      3. Melisma.

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