Christian Religious Education Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Sukellemo Joint Pre Mock Exams 2022

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    1. Outline the Deutro-isaiah’s prophecy concerning the Messiah  Isaiah 53,61:1-2 (6 marks)
    2. Give four differences between the Magnificat and the Benedictus  (8 marks)
    3. State ways in which Christians show gratitude to God  (6 marks)
    1. Outline the teachings of John the Baptist (7 marks)
    2. Describe the incident when Jesus was rejected at Nazareth (Luke 4:14-30) ( 7 marks)
    3. How should respond to opposition in evangelistic work? (6 marks)
    1. Narrate the healing of the Garasene  demoniac (Luke 8:26-39)  (7marks)
    2. Identify seven lessons from the healing of the demon possessed man   (7marks)
    3. How do Christians demonstrate their love for God?   (6marks)
    1. Relate  St. Paul’s teachings on the unity of believers as demonstrated in the image of the vine and the Branches.  (John 15:1-10) (6marks)
    2. Identify four  causes of disunity in the early and their  solutions offered by Paul (8marks)
    3. State five factors that bind members together in a local church in Kenya today. (6marks)
    1. Identify eight  irresponsible sexual behaviour condemned by Christians   (8marks)
    2. Assess the effects of HIV/AIDS on the society at large  (7marks) 
    3. What Christian principles may help the youth lead a responsible sexual behaviour(7 marks)
    1. Give the Christian teachings about work (7marks)
    2. Highlight factors that influence the choice of a career(7 marks)
    3. Give six advantages of active leisure (6marks)


      • Will succeed in His work will be highly honoured
      • Will be despised, rejected and ignored by those who are with Him
      • Buried in a rich man’s tomb
      • Will endure all that is done to Him in silence
      • Would be mocked and spat on
      • His suffering will reconcile mankind with God
      • Suffering is willed by God
      • His death is a sacrifice to bring forgiveness
      • Will Crucified with thieves
      • Magnificat means glorify while benedictus praise 
      • Magnificat sang by Mary  before birth of Jesus h while benedictus sang by Zachariah after birth of John
      • Magnificat sang by mother Mary benedictus sung by father Zachariah
      • Magnificat has one part; gratitude to God while the benedictus has two parts; the nature of God and mission of John
      • Magnificat concerned with the birth of the messiah while the benedictus the birth of the forerunner to the messiah 
      • Singing and dancing
      • Praying to god
      • Preaching the good news
      • Tithing and offerings
      • Viditing the sick
      • Obswerving healthy llifestyles
      • Caring for the environment
      • Building places of worship
      • He preached on baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins
      • He announced the coming of the messiah as a judge
      • He condemned the Herod for his immoral behaviour of marrying the brother’s wife the Herodias
      • John preached on God’s judgment
      • He preached of charity where the rich were to ensure they share the wealth with the less fortunate
      • He told the soldiers not to abuse their power by robbing/bearing false witness
      • He encouraged the tax collectors to be contend with their wages and take only what required 
      • Jesus went to the synagogue in Nazareth and was given a scroll of the book of Isaiah and explained that the prophecy he had read had been fulfilled in him.
      • The Jews did not believe that he was the messiah for they expected a political/military messiah but Jesus was a spiritual messiah.
      • They Jews knew Him as an ordinary son of a Joseph the carpenter and Mary. They did not expect the messiah to come from an ordinary background
      • Jesus challenged them by comparing them to the gentiles who had more faith than them, he further said their forefathers rejected God’s prophets  
      • He added that prophets were never accepted in their hometowns
      • This angered people more 
      • They took Him out of the wanted to push him over the cliff but He slipped away in their midst.(paragraph)
      • Continue to preach the gospel in the face of opposition
      • Pray
      • Condemn the hostility to the gospel
      • Forgive those who oppose them
      • It is their duty to warn the enemies of divine punishment
      • Call upon those who oppose the gospel to repent and ask forgiveness from God
      • To persevere in the face of temptations
      • Preach for message of hope and reward for eternal life
      • Jesus entered a Gentile town of Gerasa
      • He met a demon possessed man who lived in the tombs
      • The man fell down and told Jesus not torment him
      • This is because Jesus had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man
      • Jesus asked the name of the man and responded that he was legion(many demons)
      • The demons begged him to go abyss but instead to the swine. Jesus did so by commanding the demons to go to the swine
      • The swine drowned in the nearby Lake
      • The heardsmen fled and went to the people of the city and told then what happened
      • The people came back and found the man sitting at Jesus’ feet, healed, dressed and in his right mind.
      • They were afraid and told Jesus to leave their territory.
      • The man asked Jesus if he could accompany Him but Jesus told him to go and testify what God did.
      • The man went through the town proclaiming the good news.(Paragraph) (7x1=7marks)
      • Christians should persistently fight against evil powers
      • They have a duty to carry their universal mission to all parts of the world
      • Christians should have faith in Jesus as He is the son of God.
      • Jesus came to bring God’s Kingdom and destroy the kingdom of Satan
      • Christians understand that the fight against demons can only be won through Jesus Christ
      • They should put more value to human life than material things
      • They should bear the witness act of what Christ has done in their lives
      • Christians learn that God can never allow tribulations to defeat a person’s faith
      • Worshipping Him
      • Caring for the needy
      • Preaching  the good news to all nations
      • Obeying his commands
      • Celebrate the sacraments
      • Forgive others
      • Surrender their lives in service to God
      • Giving offerings and tithes
      • Fellowshipping together build places of worship
      • In The Old Testament, Israel is compared to the vine, God is the vine planter who cared for it and failed to bear fruits
      • Paul uses the analogy presenting Jesus as the vine  to teach about the unity of believers
      • Jesus is the true vine planted by God and Christian are the branches of the vine tree
      • God is the dresser from which the universal church grows
      • Christians have a responsibility to remain faithful to Jesus for they depend on him for spiritual nourishment
      • Unfaithful followers will be punished by God
      • Believers must remain united to Christ to bear spiritual fruit as Christ is the vital vine where they draw life from
      • If they remain faithful they will receive whatever they ask for from Him
      • They are expected to obeys God’s command and love one another as Christ love them
      • Love and joy are the characteristics of spiritual union
      • The unity of Christ is essential in life
      • Concerning leadership wrangles Paul told them to be united since the church ids led by the power of the holy spirit
      • Concerning meat offered to idols ‘he advised the strong Christians to refrain from it lest they lead the weak astray
      • Paul warned them on boasting about spiritual gifts as all the gifts were given to them by God
      • On sexual immorality he advised them that the body should not be defiled as it is the temple of the Holy spirit
      • Concerning covering of the head by women during worship Paul reminded them of this requirement and advised men to cut their hair short
      • On marriage and divorce he advised them that it not a sin to marry and people should avoid divorce for it destabilizes family unit 
      • Concerning cases to pagan courts; Christians were advised not to taken cases to these courts instead solve amicably
      • Use of the holy spirit
      • Church leadership
      • Church building
      • Existence of guidance and counseling
      • Use of spiritual gifts
      • Fellowship
      • Communal work
      • Church doctrines
      • Incest
      • Rape
      • Prostitution
      • Fornication /pre-marital sex
      • Adultery /extra-marital sex
      • Homosexuality
      • Bestiality
      • Concubinage
      • rise in number of orphans burdens the nation for caring for them
      • Increase on medical expenses due to failing health
      • Reduction to economic contribution
      • Death
      • Increases child labour due to loss/poor health of  guardians/parents 
      • Poverty/loss of productive age brackets/bread winners 
      • Children drop out of school from financial challenges
      • PLWAs often experience loneliness, isolation and hopelessness;
      • They experience guilty feelings 
      • Stigmatization thus some fear to take medicines thus infect more people 
      • May be denied human rights i.e. marry and have children, employment and further education thus affects future economy 
      • Avoiding physical contact i.e. kissing & hugging
      • Avoiding conversations on topics
      • Dwell on positive thoughts
      • Avoid pornographic literature ,music, films
      • Pray for God’s guidance
      • Seek G& C
      • Avoid visiting each other frequently 
      • Avoid meeting in isolated areas
      • Avoid social functions such as parties and discos
      • Study the bible on sex
      • Work is define because God worked during creation
      • Human beings were created by God to work thus work is sacred duty
      • They should work to earn their living 
      • Work enhances the development of individual talents
      • Handwork is praised while laziness is condemned 
      • Christians work spiritually by spreading the gospel
      • There should be good working conditions between employee and employers
      • There should honesty, responsibility, solidarity ‘joy’ and thoroughness at work
      • People should work to stop social parasite behaviour
      • Works should be balanced with rest
      • Available opportunities and openings for future development in a particular job
      • The need to serve others especially the church and the needy in the society  
      • Interests, strengths, talents and abilities
      • Inclination/attraction to certain kind of job
      • Compatibility with the faith example jobs that are against the commandments 
      • Level of education/required qualification
      • Time of work/working hours
      • Enables one to exercise God given talents
      • Helps in socialization
      • Strengthens relationships
      • Helps one to develop his/her body
      • Builds stamina/strength to those involved  i.e. sports
      • Enables one to participate in his/her favorite activity
      • Makes one to discover the world through travels
      • It entertains

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