Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Sukellemo Joint Pre Mock Exams 2022

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Question 1
The figure below shows an extract from Muhindi Mbingu secondary school fees income. The data titled 2022 school fee increment shows the percentage increment for the year 2022.

  1. Create the worksheet as it appears in the figure in a spreadsheet package and save it as Incomestatement. (9 marks)
  2. Copy the content of incomestatement to a new sheet and name it as incomestatement1. (1 mark)
  3. insert column in between the following labels TUITION FEE and UNIFORM FEE, UNIFORM FEE and CAUTION FEE, CAUTION FEE and REMEDIAL FEE, REMEDIAL FEE and BURSARY. Label the new columns using their predecessor column adding the text ‘TOTAL’ before. (3 mark)
  4. Use a function that references only to cells to calculate:
              TOTAL TUITION FEE for each class not forgetting that the TUITION FEE indicated is for one student. apply the same concept to obtain the totals for other columns. (3 marks)
  5. Format the Worksheet as follows:
    1. Resize the titles to font size 16 and apply bold. (2 marks)
    2. Apply outline border around data 2021 SCHOOL FEE. (1 mark)
    3. Align to the right all the column headings in the worksheet. (1 mark)
    4. Apply a grey background colour to all column headings. (1 mark)
    1. Copy the content of the current worksheet to a new worksheet and rename the new worksheet Modified. (1 mark)
    2. copy the data labeled ‘2021 SCHOOL FEE’ and paste it below the data labeled ‘2022 school fees increment’. Delete the values of the newly copied work leaving the labels and the data on the columns named CLASS and NO. OF STUDENTS. Change the title to 2022 SCHOOL FEE. (3 mark)
    3. Compute the school fee for the year 2022 using data titled ‘2022 school fees increment’. use absolute cell referencing to obtain the correct data where necessary. (6 marks)
    4. using formulae compute the total fees collected in the year 2022. Clearly indicate the sub totals and finally the grand total. (5 marks)
    5. write a function in cell B40 that sums up the bursary in class having more than 25 students only. (3marks|)
  7. Create a well labeled pie chart to compare the total fees per class. (5 marks) h) Print the following Worksheets: (4 marks)
    1. Incomestatement.
    2. incomestatement1.
    3. Modified
    4. Chart

Question 2
M/s Ann Momanyi, an ICT consultant with Makueni Distributors is in the process of developing a Management Information System (MIS) for the company. Currently, she is designing sales database using three tables namely: - customers, products and transactions. The details for each table are given below:-

Customers Products Transactions Customer ID Product ID TransID
CustomerName ProductDescription clientName PostalAddress Packaging TransacDate Town unitPrice Product
Phone Stock Quantity


  1. Create a database named MIS and in it create three relations. (12marks)
  2. Identify the most appropriate field as the primary key in each table(3marks)
  3. Establish relationships among the three tables and enforce the referential integrity (6marks)
  4. Create a form for each table. Save the forms as Customer Form, Product Form and Transaction Form. (9marks)
  5. Use the respective forms to enter the following records in each table (6marks)
    Customer ID Customer Name Postal Address Town Phone
    H001  Andrew Mwove 209 Mutituni 200870
    H002 Erick Onsongo 68 Nyamira 248567
    H003 Brenda Nyabuti 100 Bomet 789678
    H004 Lydiah Winzaa 250 Mwingi 778009
    H005 Jeff Ogero 330 Keroka 666790
    H006 Maureen Makuthu 550 Kakaeni 780906

    PorductID Product Description Packaging Unit price Stock
    AA001 Cooking Oil 20kg Gal 16 000 80
    AA003 Rice 50kg bags 4 500 60
    AB004 Detergents 5 litres 11000 40
    AC006 Fertilizer 50kg bags 4 700 30
    AA007  Mineral water 1.5 litres 8 200 400

    Customer ID  Client Name TranscDate Products Quantity
    1001 Andrew Mwove 06/04/2007 Cooking Oil 6
    1002  26/4/2007  Mineral water 8
    1003  Erick Onsongo   23/04/2007 Detergents 10
    1004  14/4/2007  Cooking Oil  12
    1005 Maureen Makuthu  02/05/2007  Rice  4
    1006 08/05/2007   Fertilizer  3
    1007  Erick Onsongo 16/05/2007  Detergents  25
  6. Create a query that displays the customer Name, Product Description, Quantity, Unit price and calculates field total payable by each customer. Save the query as MISQuery (5marks)
  7. Generate a report from MISQuery. Save the report as MISReport (4marks)
  8. Print the Customers, Products, Transaction table’s design, MISQuery and MISReport (5marks)

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