Computer Studies Paper 1 Questions - Kassu Jet Pre Mocks 2022

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Instruction to candidates

  1. Write your name and index number in the space provided above.
  2. Sign and write the date of examination in the spaces provided above.
  3. This paper consists of two sections A and B.
  4. Answer all the questions in section A.
  5. Answer question 16 and any other three questions from section B.
  6. All answers should be written in the space provided in the question paper.
  7. Candidates should answer the questions in English.



  1. Briefly describe three roles of a database administrator (3marks)
  2. State two situations in which bar-code scanner may be useful as a method of data entry (2marks)
  3. State two reasons why floppy disks are not commonly used as computer data storage medium today. (2 marks)
  4. Differentiate between the following information communication technology concepts.
    1. Bits and Bytes (2marks)
    2. System file and System unit (2marks)
  5. Interpret each of the following spreadsheet errors.
    1.  #####! Error (1mark)
    2. #Null! Error (1mark)
    3. #Value! Error (1mark)
  6. State four advantages of using computer-based simulation when training surgeons (4marks)
  7. State the function of the following registers
    1. Instruction register. (1mark)
    2. Address register (1mark)
    3. Storage register (1mark)
    1. State two advantages of New Technology File system (NTFS) (2marks)
    2. State one reason for partitioning a disk (1mark)
  9. A school intends to purchase new computer to be used by students in the computer laboratory. State two circumstances which may dictate the type of output devices to be purchased. (2marks)
  10. State two ways on how information and Communication Technology (ICT) can be used to reduce the spread of Covid-19 (2marks)
    1.  What you understand by the term normalization as used in databases (1mark)
    2. State two objectives of normalization. (2marks)
  12. State the circumstance under which each of the following options could be the most applicable during windows operating system installation.
    1. Upgrade (1mark)
    2. Repair (1mark)
  13. Joseph, a data entry clerk, realized that all the active tasks on his computer system were deadlocked, outline one approach he could employ to recover from this situation (1mark)
    1. Differentiate between freeware and shareware software (2marks)
    2.  Explain one reason why parallel cables are faster than serial cables in data transmission. (1mark)
  15. A computer student entered a number as 3i5 instead of 315 in a database table.
    1. State the type of error. (1mark)
    2. State two ways of minimizing the error above. (2marks)
      1. Outline two circumstances that would make a programmer to use structured programming language when writing a program (2marks)
      2. Outline two advantages of high-level language (2marks)
    2. This flowchart inputs number of hours sunshine each day over a 7 day week. It outputs the highest value recorded and the average (mean) number of hours sunshine per day.
      14 vdadadada
      Identify the errors in the flowchart and suggest possible solution (6marks)
    3. Write a pseudocode for the above flowchart without errors (7marks)
    1. Distinguish between Blogs and Portals as used in the internet (2marks)
    2. With aid of a diagram, describe the structure of a coaxial cable (4marks)
    3. Explain each of the following terms as used in the internet
      1. Bookmark (2marks)
      2. Hyperlink (2marks)
    4. Outline two factors that should be considered when selecting a Network switch, other than cost (2marks)
      1. Differentiate between star and hybrid network topologies (2marks)
      2. Other than the normal functions of Operating System, What is the main function of network operating system (1mark)
      1. Define a Master Page (1mark)
      2. Explain the importance of designing a publication using Master pages. (2marks)
      3. List two techniques of acquiring electronic images to be used in a DTP program (1mark)
      4. Why is DTP Software considered superior in designing a publication as compared to the word processor? (2marks)
    2. State the functions of each of the data processing files
      1. Reference (1mark)
      2. Transaction (1mark)
    3. With an aid of a diagram describe timesharing data processing mode (4marks)
    4. State three circumstances that may make data loss its integrity (3marks)
    1. Convert each of the following decimal numbers to binary equivalent showing the sign bit.
      1. + 2310 (2marks)
      2. - 2710 (2marks)
    2. Using 6-bit ones complement perform the binary operation: 2 2 11111 -10001 , and convert the answer to decimal notation. (4marks)
    3. Computer network technician prefer to use operating system shown below when configuring networks. Study and use it to answer questions that follow.
      c adadada
      1. Identify the type of operating system above depicted above. (1mark)
      2. Explain three limitations of the operating system depicted above when configuring networks. (6 marks)
    1. Lisa a form four student was typing her computer studies project using Microsoft word. She clicked on the view menu and saw the following documents views. State the uses of the following views.
      1. Print layout (1mark)
      2. Web layout (1mark)
      3. Page layout (1mark)
        20 aadada
    2. Citing examples, identify three formatting features used in the above passage. (3marks)
    3. At what stage in the system development life cycle does the following activities take place?
      1. Determining how cost effective a system is? (1mark)
      2. Carrying out interviews. (1mark)
      3.  Replacing an old system with a new one (1mark)
    4. User manual is designed to help a person use a system with as little guidance as possible. Outline any three kinds of information that it must contain. (3marks)
    5. System analyst uses variety of tools to design a system. State three examples of these tools. (3marks)

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