English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Maranda Pre-Mock Examinations 2022

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  1. Q1. FUNCTIONAL WRITING ( 20 Marks)
    Imagine that you are the manager in a Corporate Firm. You sadly learn of the demise of one of the staff in a fatal accident.
    1. Write a memo to inform all the other employees of the news and remind them to contribute funds towards giving the deceased a good send off. (12 marks)
    2. Write a condolence note to the spouse of the deceased. (8 marks)
  2. Q2. CLOZE TEST (10 Marks)
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word.
    Gambling addiction is (1) ____ the rise in Kenya leaving young people bankrupt and suicidal. Kenya is the third-largest gambling market in (2)____behind South Africa and Nigeria. (3)______losing forty-eight thousand Kenya shillings on bad bets in just a few hours, Jackson Kimani was thinking of (4)______suicide.
    The 26-year-old is a salaried employee. (5)___works at a mobile money agency in Nairobi. Kimani took money from his shop to put a stake on (6)____number of football games (7) ____consecutively lost his bets. It was Saturday afternoon and Kimani says he was fortunate his manager didn't come in to check the balance. On Sunday, he took (8)____chance and bet Kshs. 12000 on a number of games in European (9)_______. If he didn't recover whatever he took, he thought he would have to commit suicide (10)______he knew the police would swiftly catch him.
  3. Q3
    1. Read the oral narrative below and then answer the questions that follow.
      The Cow tail Swish
      Once upon a time, there lived a much loved village chief. He loved hunting and would share the meat with the entire village. One day, he went hunting as usual but didn't return. His people became very worried. They searched and searched for him. As they searched, they kept singing his favourite song, hoping that he'd sing back in response. The song echoed throughout the forest:
      Mother nature, mother nature
      You have enough for all
      Mother nature, may my arrow find much meat
      Meat to feed all my people
      After a long fruitless search, the chief was presumed dead. Shortly afterwards, his wife gave birth to their seventh son. With his first breath, he asked, 'What happened to my father?'
      ‘Have you ever seen anything like this?' the villagers whispered among themselves in amazement.
      'Never ever!' was the softly reply all around. Immediately, the newborn's question prompted his six older brothers to embark on another search for their father. It was with sadness that they discovered that he'd been swallowed by a python. Luckily, each of them was endowed with special talents and powers which they combined to restore their father's life. The whole village danced, the joyful pata pata of their feet resounding throughout the village.
      Now, a big problem arose: who among the sons would become heir one day and receive the cow tail swish which was the symbol of authority? Each of the six sons claimed that it was his magical powers that brought their father back from the land of the spirits. Each claim sounded as valid as the next. In confusion, the villagers scratched their heads like chickens scratching the ground.
      “Well, our land has many rivers, each with its source. Likewise, the search that eventually led to the restoration of my life had a source," the chief said in a tone of finality. All the eyes of the villagers turned on the infant son. They remembered the proverb that says: a man is only truly dead when he is not remembered.
      1. Illustrate any four features that show that this is an oral narrative. (4 Marks)
      2. Which gesture would you use while saying the words: 'With the entire village in the first paragraph. (1 mark)
      3. Which is the main sound feature used in the song? (2 Marks)
      4. Identify an ideophone in the story: (1 Mark)
    2. Identify the odd one out based on the pronunciation of the underlined letters. (4 Marks)
      Weapon Weed Wed
      Aunt August Author
      Breathe Breath Breadth
      April Ape Apart
    3. Identify the silent letters in the following words. (4 Marks)
    4. Imagine that you are listening to a speaker in a session organized by the Guidance and Counseling department. Explain the effects of maintaining meaningful eye contact with the speaker during the session. (3 Marks)
    5. Suppose you were preparing to deliver a speech. List three different ways you can practise it before the actual presentation. (3 Marks)
    6. You have been asked to give a brief speech on the ravaging effects of Covid – 19 in the country to a gathering of students. Describe the ways in which you would end your speech effectively. (3 marks)
    7. For each of the following situations below, write what you would say.
      1. Would you like to join us for coffee? (1 Mark)
      2. During a group discussion you are not quite sure what someone has just said and want to seek for clarification. (1 Mark)
      3. When walking along a corridor, you accidentally bump into someone out of your own clumsiness. (1 Mark)
      4. When someone is introduced to you. (1 Mark)
      5. You are sitting at a table and you would like someone to give you the salt next to him. (1 Mark)


    1. MEMO
      Name of corporate Firm
      Internal memo
      Reference Number
      Signing off
      Firm =C  Memo=M  Ref=R To=T From=F Date=D Subj=S Sign=V TOTAL
      01/2 01/2 01/2 01/2 01/2 01/2 01/2 01/2 04
      SUBJECT: DEATH OF MR BROWN JAMES. Any name/gender
      • Information of the sudden death
      • Cause of death road accident
      • Place of accident
      • Contributions towards the death
      • Burial date, when and where
        TOTALS - 06
      Sender's Address 
      Dear Sir or Dear Madam 
      Dear Mr. Brown James
      Dear Mrs. Brown James
      Yours Sincerely 
      Yours Faithfully
      Mr. Felix Rand
      Condolence message - sorrow for loss
      Deceased - good side
      Encouragement and Hope
      Condolence =C 01
      Attributes =A 01
      Hope=H 01
      Support =S 01 
      TOTALS - 04
      A - 04
      B - 03
      C - 02
      D - 01
      TOTALS - 04
    1. on
    2. Africa
    3. after/upon/on
    4. committing
    5. He
    6. a
    7. but
    8. another
    9. leagues/matches
    10. since/because/for/as
        • Opening formula Mance upon a time, signals start of story
        • Fantasy man alive after being swallowed by a python
        • Use of song mother nature.....
        • Direct translation: with his first breath
        • Conversational address: have you ever sten... Never ever /now /well
      2. Open hands and make a circle when saying the line
      3. Onomatopoeia - swish soft
      4. Pata pata - when villagers danced for their chief
    2. Weed
    3. w
      • helps create rapport
      • Paying attention
      • Enhances turn-taking
      • Urges the speaker to continue speaking
      • to observe speakers use of gestures and facial expressions
      • practise it before a mock audience
      • practise also alone before a mirror
      • tape record audiovisual
      • thank them for listening to you
      • pose a rhetorical question/acknowledge the main point
      • call them to action→make an appeal
      1. Yes I do. No thanks
      2. Excuse me, I beg your pardon
        Pardon please
        Please repeat
      3. I am sorry, excuse my clumsiness
        Sorry/Pardon me
      4. Pleasure to meet you
        Nice to meet you / Nice meeting you/ Nice to know you
        The pleasure is all mine / it's my pleasure 
      5. Please pass me the salt
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