Computer Studies Paper 2 Questions - Maranda Pre-Mock Examinations 2022

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    The following table contains details of Baharini Girls school
    ADM NO House No Stud Name DOB RECEIPT NO Fees Paid(kshs) House Name KCPE MARKS House Capacity
    1001 H20 Alice K 7/4/1999 20000 5000 simba 380 200
    1050 SO8 Lilly O 2/3/2002 18000 7000 chui 350 150
    1202 P3O Mary  8/10/2000 23000 2000 kifaru 400 180
    1025 H2O Juliet  4/4/2000 25000 0 simba 358 200
    1200 S08 Joan 5/1/2001 15000 10000 chui 398 150
    1278 H2O Milly  3/4/1998 15000 10000 simba 402 200
    1201 P3O Linet 2/7/1998 20000 5000 kifaru  356 180
    1203 SO8 Lisper 9/5/2001 25000 0 chui 403 150
    1. Create a database file that can be used to store the above data. Name the file Baharini school database. (2mks)
    2. Create Three tables, student details, Accounts table and dormitory table (11mks) c) Format the following fields as follows: 
      1. House number to maximum of 3 characters. (1mrk) 
      2. Date of birth as medium date (1 mrk) 
      3. Fees pad and fees balance in Ksh. In two decimal points (2mrks) 
      4. House name of data type look up typed. (1mrk) 
    3. Create a relationship between the three tables (3mks) 
    4. Using appropriate forms, Enter the information given into the three tables (15mks) 
    5. Create a query for all students housed in Chui with their adm no and fee balance save as Chui query (3mks) 
    6. Design a "current age query" to display name, Fee paid and current ages of all the students (5mks)
    7. Create a query Last born to display adm no of all the students who were born after 1999 and have paid more than 20,000. (4mks)
    8. Create a report "Hefty Balances" showing students with fees balances and calculate (3mks) 
    9. Print, The Last born query, Hefty balance report (2mks)
    Enter the following as it is onto worksheet and save it as the budget. (10mks) Item Quantity Unit
    No Item description Quantity bought Unit price Amount Comments Cost Rank
    1 Mumias Sugar  4 210      
    2 Sony 2HD floppy 37       
    3 Rapid spring file 10  56       
    4 200pg A4 books 89       
    5 1 litre Quencher 2 256      
    6 AIHAO Gelink pen 15  55      
    7 Omega dustless chalk 18  105      
    8 LG 2GB Flash Disk 4 1055      
    1. Rename sheet 1 as Budget (1mks) 
    2. Insert a row above column labels and type the title as: "Aihao business budget." In uppercase colour red and double underline in blue. (3mks) 
    3. Enter cell B12 and C12, VAT and 18% respectively (1mk) 
    4. Rename cell C3 to C10 as Quantity and D3 to 110 as Price. (1mk)
    5. Calculate ; 
      1. Using name referencing calculate the amount for each item (amount = quantity *price) (2mks)
      2. Total quantity, price and amount using formulae (3mrks)
      3. Display the comment "Thank for shopping" for amount above 500, "Almost in a draw" for amount between 250 and 499, otherwise "Buy More" (4mks) )
    6. Rank the items with the most costly ranked as the last (4mks 
    7. Format all currency values on the worksheet to two decimal places aligned right of cell and in pounds (£) (2mks) 
    8. Copy the information on Budget worksheet to worksheet 3. Rename the sheet as copied (2mks)
      Save the workbook as Budget2 (1mk)
    9. Change respective quantities of items as follows (1mk)
      1. Sony 2HD floppy 18
      2. 200pg A4 books 12 
    10. Insert column TAX after cost rank, calculate the tax for every item, given that the tax is vat percentage for only those items whose amount is greater than 600. (3mks) 
    11. Merge row 1 to cover only the content of the sheet, Thick box boarder of color yellow and inside double line of color green (4mks) 
    12. Create a line chart of item description, to compare the amount and tax for every item. Move the chart in its own sheet named graph, the legend at the bottom, give the chart an appropriate title. (6mks) 
    13. Print the chart and Copied Sheet. (2mks)
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