CRE Questions and Answers - Form 1 Mid Term 2 Exams 2021

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  • There are 6 questions in this paper.
  • Answer any five questions.


    1. Explain 7 reasons why Christian religious education is taught in Kenyan secondary schools. (7mks)
    2. Identify the national goals of education achieved through the study of CRE (6mks)
    3. State the ways in which God speaks to us today. (7mks)
    1. Explain 6 reasons why the bible is referred to as the word of God (6mks)
    2. Write down 7 prophetic books in the Old Testament (7mks)
    3. Give reasons why Christians should read the bible (7mks)
    1. State 6 similarities in the biblical stories of creation in Gen 1 & 2 (6mks)
    2. Discuss the attributes of God from the two creation accounts. (8mks)
    3. Why is man superior to other creatures of God? (6mks)
    1. From Gen 3 – 11 explain the consequences of sin. (7mks)
    2. Explain the 4 differences between the African view of evil and the biblical concept of sin. (8mks)
    3. What are the causes of evil in the traditional African society (5mks)
    1. Describe the background to the call of Abraham (7mks)
    2. Identify 8 promises that God gave to Abraham (8mks)
    3. Give the lessons that Christians learn from the call of Abraham. (5mks)
    1. List down 6 characteristics of a covenant (6mks)
    2. Explain the importance of circumcision to Abraham and his descendants. (7mks)
    3. Write down the reasons why Christians condemn traditional female circumcision in Kenya today. (7mks)


    1. Seven reasons why Christian religious education is taught in Kenya secondary schools.
      • To enable learners get better understanding of God.
      • To enable them use the knowledge and attitudes acquired to think critically and make appropriate social, moral and spiritual decisions.
      • To enable them appreciate their own religion and that of others.
      • To help them acquire principles of Christian living.
      • To help us develop a sense of self worth and identity for ourselves and others.To promote international consciousness/
      • To help us live new lives in Christ.
      • To help form a bridge for further studies and career development.
      • To identify answers to some life’s questions.
      • To contribute to the achievement of the national goals of education
        (7 x 1= 7mks)
    2. National goals of education achieved through the study of CRE
      • National unity
      • national development (economic and social needs)
      • Individual development and self-fulfillment.
      • Social equality
      • Respect and development of cultural heritage.
      • International consciousness.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    3. State the ways in which God speaks to us today.
      • Through historical events
      • Through his creation/ Natural events
      • Through dreams/visions
      • Through Jesus Christ
      • Through the Holy Spirit
      • Through His physical manifestation. (Theophancy)
      • Through our conscience
      • Through answering prayers
        7 x 1 = 7mks
    1. 6 Reasons why the Bible is referred to as the word of God.
      • God communicate to us through the Bible.
      • Bible deals with God’s revelation to human beings.
      • God is believed to have taken part in writing the Bible indirectly.
      • It contains God message to us.
      • Writers of the Bible were influenced by the power of the Holy spirit.
      • It contains words spoken directly from God such as,” thus says the lord.
      • The bible reveals God’s universal attributes to mankind
      • Through it God speaks to mankind through the person of Jesus Christ.
      • All the Bible prophecies were later fulfilled.
      • It narrates God’s actions such as being a creator.
      • The scriptures do not contradict each other.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2. prophetic books in the old Testament
      • Isaiah
      • Jeremiah
      • Lamentations
      • Ezekiel
      • Daniel
      • Hosea
      • Joel
      • Amos
      • Obadiah
      • Jonah
      • Micah
      • Nahum
      • Habakkuk
      • Zephaniah
      • Haggai
      • Zechariah
      • Malachi
        (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    3. Reasons why Christians should read the Bible.
      • It provides Christians with moral values on how to cordially relate with others.
      • It is a source of spiritual growth and nourishment.
      • The bible helps Christians to understand their relationship with God.
      • The Bible strengthens their inner faith in God.
      • It helps them answer some life mysterious questions such as the origin of death.
      • It is authentic word of God.
      • In order to appreciate their religion and that of others.
      • It makes Christians advocate for harmony and peace in order to realize unity for humankind.
      • The bible equips Christians with different life skills such as critical thinking.
      • It is a source of Christian beliefs and practices.
        (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    1. 6 similarities in the Biblical stories of creation in Gen 1 and 2
      • In both God existed before the creation.
      • God is acknowledged as the sole creator of everything in the universe.
      • God is portrayed as all powerful ) Omnipotent) He created by a simple utterance of”Let there be” In the first account and created man out of dust in the second.
      • There is creation of both living and non-living things.
      • God provides food for man and for the animals.
      • Human beings are given responsibility to take care of God’s creation.
      • Human beings are special creatures of God in the first account they are created in the image of God. In the second account, they share God’s breath.
      • The aspect of human sexuality is divine in both.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2. Attributes of God from the two accounts of creation.
      • There is one and only God
      • He is a personal God
      • He is a God of order
      • He is good and perfect
      • He is the sole source of life.
      • He is a moral God
      • He is a spirit
      • He is powerful
      • He is the provider and sustainer of the universe.
      • God is a worker.
        (8 x 1 = 8mks)
    3. Why man is superior to other creatures.
      • Man was created in the image and likeness of God.
      • He was given freedom and knowledge to choose good from evil.
      • He was given dominion over the rest of God’s creation.
      • He was given privilege by God to name the animals.
      • He is much dignified as he walks upright.
      • He was blessed and commanded to multiply and fill the earth.
      • He was given the privilege of communicating to God through worship.
    1. The consequences of sin from Genesis 3 – 11
      • Human beings were alienated from God.
      • What was innocent and good became shameful.
      • Pain became part of human experience.
      • The good relationship between God and human beings was ruined.
      • The perfect relationship between man and woman is damaged.
      • People will have to toil and struggle to meet their needs.
      • The earth itself is under a curse.
      • There is enemity between man and wild animals.
      • Death sentence is passed upon people.
      • Murderous feelings began to enter people’s hearts.
      • Human beings changed and became proved to sin.
      • The liefespan of human beings was reduced.
      • Global violence and forbidden marriages with heavenly beings led to God to declare global destruction.
      • God felt regret and remorse having created hman beings.
      • God confused human language after the flood.
        (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    2.  4 differences between the African view of evil nd the Biblical concept of sin.
      • Biblical account emphasizes the personal nature of sin while African concept emphasizes more on the social nature and consequences of evil.
      • Bible recognizes other forces that may lead human beings to sin while in African traditional emphasis is on the moral choices people make.
      • In the bible sin is punished in the next life while Africans believe that punishment of sin is on earth.
      • In the Bible punishment is an individual’s duty while in African it is a communal responsibility.
      • In the Bible sin may not lead to suffering while in traditional African society evil always resulted into suffering.
      • In the Biblical concept sin is as a result of moral decay while in African it is due to external forces such as magicians.
      • In the Bible all are born sinners while in African society a child is born free of evil.
        (4 x 2 = 8mks)
    3. Causes of evil in the traditional African society.
      • Evil spirits
      • Malicious ancestral spirits
      • Evil people like witches
      • Breaking of taboos.
      • Curses by parents
      • Breaking of oaths
      • Bad omen
      • Bad spirits.
    1. Background to the call of Abraham
      • He lived in the city or near river Euphrates.
      • His father was a semitic
      • They were semi-nomadic people
      • His father was a moon – worshipper.
      • His father Terah never knew the true God.
      • He married a wife called sarai
      • His wife Sarai remained barren till her old age.
      • They settle at a place called Haran
        7 x 1 = 7mks
    2. Seven promises that God gave to Abraham
      • To give him a land to dwell in.
      • He would make his name famous.
      • Establish an everlasting covenant with him and his descendants.
      • Would be a shield to Abraham.
      • Give Abraham and his wife sarah a child of their own.
      • Make Abraham’s descendants a great nation.
      • Punish the nation that enslaved Abraham’s descendants.
      • Make some of his descendants kings/princes.
      • God was to bless him.
      • He would bless those who bless him.
      • Curse those that curse him.
      • Make all the families of the earth receive blessings through Abraham.
      • Would let Abraham live for long and die in peace.
        8 x 1 = 8mks
    3. Lessons that Christians learn from the call of Abraham.
      • We should obey the voice of God
      • God protects whom he has called.
      • Christians should know that there is no age limit in serving God
      • God requires total commitment from those he calls
      • God requires a personal relationship from Christians
      • God requires Christians to trust him.
        (5 x 1 = 5mks)
    1. Characteristics of a covenant
      • There must be participants.
      • A sign which is a physical proof that the parties have entered an agreement.
      • A witness to the covenant.
      • Promises that each party makes to each other.
      • A ceremony to celebrate the covenant.
      • Consequences to any party that breaks their side of the covenant.
      • It should have a seal
      • It should be permanent/should not broken.
        (6 x 1 = 6mks)
    2.  Importance of circumcision to Abraham and his descendants.
      • It was a sign of Abrahams obedience
      • It was a sign of the bond between God, Abraham and his descentants.
      • It was a physical badge of Abrahams descents
      • It was a sign that Abraham and his descendants had entered into a covenant with God.
      • It was a sign of belonging to the Jewish community/mark of identity for the true Jews.
      • It was an outward sign of their inner faith.
      • It was an acceptance of God as their only true God.
      • It showed their readiness to inherit the promises of God to Abraham.
        (7 x 1 = 7mks)
    3. Reasons why Christians condemn female circumcision.
      • It can lead to infections such as Hiv/Aids
      • It can lead to injury/mutilation of reproductive organs.
      • It is against child/human rights
      • It can cause psychological torture/traumatizes the initiate.
      • It can lead to irresponsible sexual behaviour
      • It can lead to early marriages
      • It leads to school dropouts among the girls
      • It can lead to excessive bleeding/death.
      • It can lead to separation/divorce.
        7 x 1 = 7mks

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