Agriculture Questions and Answers - Form 1 Mid Term 1 Exams 2022

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    1. Define the term agriculture correctly (1mk)
      1. Give two practices that shows agriculture is a science subject. (2mks)
      2. Give two practices that shows agriculture is an art subject. (2mks)
  2. State five roles of agriculture in the Kenyan economy. (5mks)
  3. List the Five branches of agriculture. (5mks)
  4. Define the following terms as used in crop production. (2mks)
    1. pomology
    2. floriculture
  5. State two reasons why nomads move with their livestock from place to place. (2mks)
    1. Give two effects of HIV/AIDS in Agriculture (2mks)
    2. Give four advantages of mixed farming (4mks)
    1. State three aspects of rainfall important to a farmer (3mks)
    2. Mention two methods of farming (2mks)

Marking Scheme

    1. Agriculture is the art and science of crop production and livestock rearing
      1. Science activities
        crop pathology, entomology, agricultural engineering, soil science, genetics
      2. Art activities
        construction of farm structures, tilling of land, measuring distance, machine operation, harvesting crops, feeding and handling livestock, marketing of agricultural produce.
    • food supply
    • source of employment
    • provision of foreign exchange
    • source of raw materials for industries
    • provision of market for industrial goods
    • source of money or capital
  3. Crop production, livestock production, soil science, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering
    • pomology; growing of fruits
    • Floriculture; growing of flowers
    • search for food
    • Search for water
      • shortage of labour
      •  increase cost of living of AIDS patients
      •  low living standards leading to despondency and hopelessness
      • government and NGO’S are using a lot of time and money in controlling the pandemic
      • There is a mutual benefit between the plants and animals
      •  if one of the enterprise fails the farmer can try the other one
      •  High profit realized from the two enterprises
    1. Rainfall reliability, rainfall distribution, rainfall intensity, amount of rainfall
      • Mixed farming
      • Nomadic pastrolism
      • Shifting cultivation
      • Agroforestry
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