HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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  1. Give two branches in the study of History and Government. (2mks
  2. Identify two types of electronic sources of information on History and Government. (2mks
  3. Identify two economic activities of the early man. (2mks
  4. Identify two theories that explain the origin of Agriculture. (2mks
  5. Identify one social effects of the interaction of the Somali with the Bantus before 1200 AD (1mk
  6. State the main economic activity of Purko Maasai during the pre-colonial period. (1mk
  7. Name two factors that enabled Arab traders to come to Kenyan Coast by 1500 AD.. (2mks
  8. Name two historical monuments built by the Portuguese along the Kenyan Coast. (2mks
  9. Name the earliest missionary society to send missionaries in Kenya during the 19th century.(1mk
  10. Give one symbol of National Unity in Kenya.   (1mk
  11. Mention two methods of Trade. (2mks
  12. Highlight two effects of local Trade.   (2mks
  13. Give two advantages of human transport. (2mks
  14. State one feature of a cell phone. (1mk
  15. Identify two Nations which pioneered space exploration (2mks

SECTION B (45mks)

    1. Identify five factors that led to the migration of the Agikuyu. (5mks
    2. Explain five social effects of the migration of the Luo into Kenya. (10mks)
    1. State five problems faced by Trans-Saharan Traders   (5mks
    2. Explain the factors that led to the decline of Trans-Atlantic Trade. (10mks
    1. Give three disadvantages of using bodaboda bicycles and motorcycles as a means of transport. (3mks
    2. Explain six negative effects of modern means of communication. (12mks

SECTION C (30mks)

    1. State three ways of becoming a Kenyan citizen. (3mk)
    2. Explain six political rights of a Kenyan citizen.   (12mks
    1. Give five non-violent methods of conflict resolution. (5mks
    2. Explain five factors that promote national unity in Kenya.   (10mks

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