CHRISTIAN RELIGIOUS EDUCATION (C.R.E) Marking Scheme - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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    1. From the Genesis story of creation outline seven ways in which man is considered special to the rest of creation (7mks)
      • he was created in the image/likeness of God
      • God breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
      • he was created to have fellowship with God
      • he was given free will /intelligence/ ability to choose between right and wrong
      • he was given the responsibility to rule over creation
      • he was given the ability to fill the earth through procreation
      • he was given a companion by God
      • all other things were created for mans use
    2. With reference to the story of the fall of man in Gen 3, identify seven consequences of sin. (7mks)
      • Man lost authority over the rest of creation
      • Woman was to experience pain while giving birth
      • Man became afraid and hid from God
      • Man was to toil in order to get food
      • The ground was cursed to produce thorns and thistles
      • Man became prone to sin
      • Man realized he was naked and was ashamed
      • The lifespan of man was reduced
      • There was enmity between human and the serpent
      • The serpent was to crawl on its belly and eat dust
      • Man was sent out of the Garden of Eden 
    3. State six ways in which Christians continue with God’s work of creation. (6mks)
      • through procreation
      • by taking good care of the environment
      • by promoting responsible parenthood
      • by taking care of the needy
      • by protecting/respecting the rights of others
      • by making just laws/condemning unjust laws
      • by preserving life
      • by educating the public on the need to conserve the environment
      • promoting peace and harmony in the society
      • through scientific discovers that have improved human life and dignity 
    1. State seven promises God made to Abraham during his call Gen12:1-6 (7mks
      • God would make Abraham a great nation
      • God would bless Abraham
      • God would make Abrahams name great
      • God would make Abraham a source of blessing to others
      • God would bless those who bless Abraham
      • God would curse those who curse Abraham
      • God would give Abraham the land of Canaan 
    2. Outline eight lessons Abraham learnt about God during his call. (8mks)
      • God is the source of blessings
      • God demands obedience
      • God provides for his people
      • God punishes evil
      • God is faithful to his promises
      • God protects his people
      • God chooses anybody to carry out his plans
      • God is universal
      • God saves
    3. Identify five leadership qualities that Christians can learn from Moses. (5mks)
      • Obedience
      • wisdom
      • faith
      • courage
      • patience
      • compassion
      • readiness to forgive
      • humility
      • inquisitivity 
    1. State seven roles of medicine men in the traditional African community.(7mks)
      • to reveal causes of illness
      • to offer sacrifices
      • to administer treatment in form of herbs ,ashes, roots and other objects
      • to avert curses/misfortunes
      • to bring good luck and prosperity
      • to ’open’ barren wombs
      • to communicate with the spirits
      • to give advise/act as a counselor
      • give medicine to increase fertility in both people and animals
      • giving charms to prevent evil/diseases
      • giving instructions on how to use the medicine e.g. boil, drink, sniff or apply
    2. Explain ways in which mutual responsibility and harmony was promoted in the traditional African community.( 7mks)
      • communal ownership of land and property
      • communal worship evident in a common belief in god, spirit and ancestors
      • division of labor based on age, gender and status
      • leisure activities such as singing and dancing brought people together to discuss family and community matters
      • political ties based in how power is shared in a community from the family unit, clan and on a whole community
      • rites of passage as held in important ceremonies such as birth, initiation, marriage and death brought them together
      • rules/social norms thus people grew up knowing what is wrong and right, good morals help people to live in peace and harmony
      • sharing when there is joy and sorrow 4x2=8mks
    3. Outline six challenges facing traditional herbalists in Kenya today. (6mks)
      • most herbalist lack proper formal education
      • lack of research equipment for the herbalists
      • inability to treat certain illness
      • conmen posting as herbalists
      • modern medicine is more effective
      • formal education has ruled out superstitious and influence of spirits
      • modernity, therefore medicine men are considered outmoded and backward
      • science and technology provides solutions to problems related to medical treatment
      • advance weather condition
    1. Outline Jeremiahs prophecy about the messiah jer23:5-6 (6mks)
      • the messiah would rule wisely
      • he would advocate justice and righteousness
      • the messiah would make Judah secure
      • the messiah would be a descendant of David
      • the messiah would reign as king
      • the messiah would bring salvation to Judah/cause Judah to dwell securely
      • the messiah would bring peace to Israel 
    2. Explain simeons prophetic messages about Jesus during his dedicationlk2:21-40 (6mks)
      • Jesus was the promised messiah
      • Jesus would bring salvation to the world
      • Jesus would be alight for revelation to the gentiles
      • he would liberate the Israelites from oppression
      • he would cause the rise and fall of many
      • he would face opposition and his mother would suffer greatly due to this
      • his birth would bring joy to many 
    3. State eight ways in which parents develop their children’s spiritual life (8mks)
      • by having them baptized
      • being good role models
      • taking them to church for dedication
      • allowing the child to participate in church activities
      • by correcting them when they are wrong
      • by offering guidance and counseling on spiritual matters
      • teaching them how to read the bible
      • praying for god to guide them
      • by allowing the child to interact with others in church
    1. Identify seven reasons why Jesus was baptized. (7mks)
      • to show his willingness to follow the will of God
      • to fulfill the prophecies concerning the messiah
      • to be introduced publicly as the son of God
      • to take upon himself the sins of mankind
      • to empower him with the Holy Spirit
      • to show a good example so that others can follow
      • to acknowledge the ministry of John the Baptist
      • to teach others the virtue of humility 
    2. Give five ways in which baptism is a form of a modern covenant. (5mks)
      • it is between the believer and God
      • the believer promises to be obedient to God’s teachings
      • the congregation witness the occasion
      • the new name is given as a sign of the covenant
      • it has consequences of inheriting eternal life if one accepts or going to hell if one rejects it
      • there is a ceremony/ritual such as being immersed in water
    3. Outline the significance of baptism to Christians today. (8mks)
      • it unites a believer to Christ
      • it identifies one with the Christian community
      • it strengthens ones faith
      • it symbolizes the death of a sinful life
      • enables a believer to receive the holy spirit
      • it is a sign of obedience to Christ and his teachings
      • it prepares a Christian for heavenly kingdom
      • it marks the beginning of personal commitment to God
    1. Describe the call of the first disciples’ luke 5:1-11 (8mks)
      • Jesus was at the shores of lake gemnesaret
      • he entered one of the boats which belonged to Simon and began to preach to the crowd
      • the fishermen had toiled the whole night and caught nothing
      • Jesus asked peter to cast the net into the deep sea for a catch
      • peter was hesitant at first but obeyed Jesus command
      • there was a multiple catch of fish and asked for help
      • Simon peter was moved by the miraculous catch and fell on his knees before Jesus and declared his sinful state
      • Jesus assured Simon not to be afraid because he was not going to be catching fish
      • Simon –peter and his companion James and john left everything and followed Jesus 
    2. What lessons do Christians learn from the call of the first disciples. (7mks)
      • Christians should preach the good news to others
      • Christians should respond to God’s call on obedience
      • Christians should acknowledge their sinful state and repent
      • Christians should work as a team in their service to God
      • Christians should use their talent to serve God
      • Christians should put their hope in God
      • Christians should receive God’s call and serve him in humility
      • Christians should acknowledge the work of God in their lives
    3. Give five reasons why a person should be converted to Christianity. (5mks)
      • to have eternal life
      • to enjoy Gods’ kingdom on earth
      • to seek forgiveness of sins
      • to escape Gods’ judgment
      • to belong/ be a part of Gods covenant
      • to be the light of light of the world
      • to be a witness of Christ
      • to enjoy God’s blessing
      • to be an ambassador of Gods kingdom
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