BUSINESS STUDIES - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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  1. State the type of utility created by each of the following activities. (4 mks)
    1. Delivery of milk to a customer   
    2. Keeping money in the bank  
    3. Selling bread to a student   
    4. Making uniform for students  
  2. You are required to come up with a business idea to discuss in your class. Suggest what you will consider to turn it into a good business opportunity. (4 mks)
  1. Highlight four factors that may lead to overcharge in an invoice. (4 mks)
  1. One of the functions of an office is to safeguard and controll organizations property. State four ways how an office can achieve this. (4 mks)
  1. Outline four importances of business studies in a society. (4mks)
  1. State four features of human wants. (4 mks)
  1. State four factors that discourage entrepreneurial development in an economy. (4 mks)
  1. Outline four circumstances which would make an office manager to replace an existing machine with a modern one. (4mks)
  1. Outline four reasons why government participates in business. (4 mks)
  1. State any four internal business environments. (4 mks)
  1. State four ways in which productivity of land can be improved as a factor of production. (4 mks)
  1. Highlight four circumstances under which a firm will prefer to establish an open office. (4 mks)
  1. Identify four types of cash terms of payment. (4 mks)
  1. Name the factor of production that each of the following resources relate to: (4 mks)
     Resource   Factor of production 
  1. Rose bought goods from Ali traders on credit. Outline four means of payments she can use to clear her debt. (4 mks)
  1. State four reasons why consumers have to make a choice between competing needs. (4 mks)
  1. State four reasons why Kalekye should run a sole proprietorship form of a business rather than a partnership firm. (4 mks)
  1. For each of the following statements, state the appropriate term used. (4 mks)
    1.  Obtaining nature resources from the nature setting.
    2. Process of changing raw materials into finished goods buy combining different components.
    3. Mental/physical effort applied in production.
    4. Building of structures such as premises/buildings.
  1. Name the business document to which each of the following description relate. (4 mks)
     Description   Document used 
     Issued by a seller to a buyer as payment for goods/service in cash  
     Used to correct an overcharge  
     Used to inform the buyer that the goods ordered
     have been dispatched
     Document sent by the buyer to find out whether the seller stocks certain specified goods  
  1. Outline four gaps in society that may give rise to a business opportunity. (4 mks)
  1. Name the office machine used to perform the following functions. (4 mks)
     Function   Machine
     To fold document, place them in the envelope and seal  
     Used to transmit printed messages such as letters, maps diagrams and phtographs  
     Reproducing documents from a master copy  
     Printing postage impressions on the envelopes  
  1. State four features of a departmental store. (4 mks)
  1. State four reasons why business exist in the society. (4mks)
  1. List four types of partners in a partnership. (4mks)
  1. Identity the rewards of the following factors of production. (4 mks)
    • FACTORS                             REWARD
    • Limestone 
    • Doctor 
    • Tractor
    • Landlord
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