COMPUTER STUDIES - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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  1. Explain the following terms as used in information Technology with reference to software purchase
    1.  User friendliness    ( 1mk )
    2. Authenticity  ( 1mk )
  1. Give three ways in which a magnetic tape differs from a magnetic disk (6mks)
  1. Name the three components of a spreadsheet    ( 3mks)
    1. What is a page header     ( 1mk)
    2.  Differentiate between a page margin and a page border.  ( 1mk )
  3. State any two differences between function keys and special keys of a keyboard. (2mks )
    1. Give any two differences between margin guides and column guides as used in desktop publishing      (2mks)
    2. What does the gutter in a word processor mean in relation to column settings? (1mk)
  5. Why is a computer referred to as an electronic device               (1mk)
  1. Why is a mobile phone regarded to be a computer                       (3mks )
  1. State any three reason why computers are a much more preferred machine to use in an office and business than other office machines. ( 3mks )
  1. State any three factors to consider when preparing a computer laboratory ( 3mks)
  1. Define the following terms as used in relation to operating systems  (2mks)
    1. Folder
    2. Drive
    1. State any two functions of a UPS   ( 2mks )
    2. Piracy is the worst computer crime that is scaring software developers out of their wits. Suggest any ways that can be instituted to reduce to reduce piracy (4mks)
    3. State any four measures that can be taken to detect, prevent computer crimes and seal security loopholes.           (4mks)
      1. A shopkeeper of a small shop at manga has bought a desktop computer to assist him in performing his business activities. He has been advised that before he can use it to work he has to install it with an operating system. State any six factors to consider when choosing the operating system (6mks)
      2. The shopkeeper one day switched on the computer and experienced a number of problems with windows operating system that he had installed. The problems included failure to load the operating system during the booting. After several trials of switching on the computer booting, it hang so often alongside abnormal restarting. State any four possible causes for the computer’s behaviour.                   (4mk)
      3. Give any two reasons that may make the shopkeeper to partition the computer disk( 2mks)

    2. With reference to disk management explain what is meant by the terms below.
      1.  Formatting                                                                     (1mk)
      2. Defragmentation                                                             (1mk)
      3. Disk partitioning                                                              (1mk)
    3. Explain the following terms as used in computer science   (8mks)
      1. Data
      2. Program
      3. Data processing
      4. Information
    4. Differentiate between tower – style and desktop system units (2mks)
    5. Give two reasons why smaller computers like Laptops tend to be more expensive than Desktop computers (2mks)
    6. Mention four Analogue devices. (2mks)
    7. Give three example of special – purpose computers (3mks)
  1. List down three safety precautions one should observe when entering a computer laboratory( 3mks)
  1. Describe the ideal environment for a computer to work properly (3 mks)
  1. Differentiate between a computer and a computer system (2mks)
    1. List and explain three functional elements of a computer system (6 mks)
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
      3. Live – ware ( people – ware)
  1. Giving an example in each case, explain the following types of operating systems (4mks)
    1. Single – user / single tasking
    2. Multi- User/ Multi- tasking
      1. Identify three functions of taskbar (3mks)
      2. Explain two methods you can use in windows to back up data into a storage device (2mks)
    2. Identify two reasons why a user needs to know the space available for data storage in the hard disk
    1. What is a template? (1mk)
    2. State two advantages of using a template to create a document. (2mks)      

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