COMPUTER STUDIES Marking Scheme - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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  1. Explain the following terms as used in information Technology with reference software purchase:-
    1. User friendliness                                                           ( 1mk )
      • Refers to how easy the software is to use for the user.
    2. Authenticity                                                                 ( 1mk )
      • The genuinessess , validity and / or legitimacy of the software.
  1. Give three ways in which a magnetic tape differs from a magnetic disk (6mks
    Magnetic disk                                                     Magnetic tape
    Tracks are concentric                                          Tracks are parallel and located lengthwise
    Move only in one play direction                            Move in two directions( forward and Backwards)
    Do not come in control with the read/write head    Comes in contact with the read/write head            
    Have shorter access time                                     Have longer access time
    Data accessed by a number of methods     - Data accessed only by serial method.
  1. Name the three components of a spreadsheet                                      ( 3mks)
    • Database
    •  Graphs
    • Worksheet
    1. What is a page header                                                                       ( 1mk
      • This are the words at the top of every page of document just above the page margin
    2. Differentiate between a page margin and a page border.               ( 1mk )
  1. State any two differences between function keys and special keys of a keyboard. (2mks )

    Function keys                                              Special keys
    Normally used single to execute a task.          Normally used in combination with other keys the execute a task.
    Initiate frequently done task to occur             Give special instructions to the computer.
    1. Give any two differences between margin guides and column guides as used in desktop publishing                                                                       ( 2mks)
      • Column guides help to divide the pages into columns that make the publication look more organized and are witin a page, a normally pink coloured while margin guides are around the edges of the printable page and are normally blue in colour.
    2. what does the gutter in a word processor mean in relation to column settings? ( 1mk)
  3. Why is a computer referred to as an electronic device               ( 1mk)
    • It utilizes electronic signals to process information
  1. Why is a mobile phone regarded to be a computer                       ( 3mks )
    • electronic device
    • having inputs / output device
    • programmable
    • process date at high speed.
  1. State any three reason why computers are a much more preferred machine to use in an office and business than other office machines.                             (3mks )
    • computers process data faster
    • computers are more accurate
    • computers are more efficient ( they utilize minimum resources to process data)
  1. State any three factors to consider when preparing a computer laboratory ( 3mks)
    • security of programs and other resources
    • reliability of the ( source of ) power
    • the number of computers to be installed and available floor space
    • the maximum number of users that the laboratory can accommodate.
  1. Define the following terms as used in relation to operating systems             (2mks)
    • Folder
      • A container of files, which helps in grouping or organizing files. Also known as directory.
    • Drive
      • drive is a medium that is capable of storing and reading information that is not easily removed like a disk
    1. State any two functions of a UPS                                                 ( 2mks )
      • supply power to computers when power abruptly fails temporarily
      • clean power to computers
    2. Piracy is the worst computer crime that is scaring software developers out of their wits. Suggest any ways that can be instituted to reduce to reduce piracy   (4mks )
      • Enact laws that protect developers of software against piracy
      • Make software cheap enough to increase affordability
      • Use licenses and certificates to identify originals
      • Set installation passwords that deter illegal installation of software
      • create install once software.
    3. State any four measures that can be taken to detect, prevent computer crimes and seal security loopholes.                                  ( 4mks )
      • Audit trail
      • Data encryption
      • Log files
      • Firewalls.
      1.  A shopkeeper of a small shop at manga has bought a desktop computer to assist him in performing his business activities. He has been advised that before he can use it to work he has to install it with an operating system. State any six factors to consider when choosing the operating system            ( 6mks )
        • Hardware configurations ( memory size, type of processor; speed )
        • Basic design of the computer e.g IBM or IBM compatible or apple
        • Applications intended for the computer
        • User friendliness or human computer interface
        • Availability in the market
        • Reliability
      2. The shopkeeper one day switched on the computer and experienced a number of problems with windows operating system that he had installed. The problems included failure to load the operating system during the booting. After several trials of switching on the computer booting, it hang so often alongside abnormal restarting. State any four possible causes for the computer’s behaviour. (4mk)
        • Hardware conflict or incompatibility possibility due to interrupt requests or missing device drivers.
        • Possibility of a problem in the installation process
        • Problem with hard disk boot sector due to damage or virus attack
        • Insufficient memory
        • Corrupted system windows registry.
      3. Give any two reasons that may make the shopkeeper to partition the computer disk( 2mks)
        • In order to install more than one operating system on the same disk.
        • In order to be able to make back up on the same disk
    2. With reference to disk management explain what is meant by the terms below.
      1. Formatting                                                                        ( 1mk
        • Preparing disks for data storage by creating sectors and tracks on the disk surface.
      2. Defragmentation                                                               ( 1mk
        • The rearrangement of scattered files on a storage media in order to speed up access to files.
      3. Disk partitioning                                                           ( 1mk)
        • The process of dividing a large physical disk into two or more portions / logical drives or volumes
    3. Explain the following terms as used in computer science   (8mks)
      1. Data
        • A collection of raw facts, figures or instructions that do not have much meaning to the user
      2. Program
        • A computer program is a set of related instructions which specify how data is to be processed
        • A set of instructions used to guide a computer through a process
      3. Data processing
        • It is the process of collecting all terms of data together & converting them into information
      4. Information
        • Data which has been refined summarized & manipulated in the way you want it, or into a more meaningful form for decision- making
    4. Differentiate between tower – style and desktop system units (2mks
      • Tower style system unit is designed to stand alone or to be placed on the floor, desktop units lie on the desk with the monitor placed on top
      • Tower style units have more space for expansion than the typical desktop units                                                                                         
    5. Give two reasons why smaller computers like Laptops tend to be more expensive than Desktop computers (2mks)
      • The technology of producing smaller devices is expensive
      • They are convenient because they are portable
      • They have advanced power management capabilities (they consume less power since a laptop can operate on rechargeable batteries
    6. Mention four Analogue devices (2mks)
      • Computer used to control a flight Simulator for training pilots
      • Bathroom scale
      • Thermometer
      • Speedometer
      • Post- office scale
      • A radio with a knob that slides in a slot to increase volume
    7. Give three example of special – purpose computers (3mks)
      • Robots
      • Mobile phones used for communication only
      • Calculators that carry out calculations only
      • Computers used in digital watches & in petrol pumps
      • Computers used in petrol pumps
      • Computers used in washing machines
      • An automatic pilot
      • A word processor
  1. List down three safety precautions one should observe when entering a computer laboratory                                                                                                             (3 mks)
    • Avoid smoking or exposing computers to dust
    • Avoid carrying foods & drinks/ beverages to the computer ro
    • Avoid unnecessary movements as you may accidentally knock the peripheral devices
    • Only authorized people should enter the computer room
    • Computers users should be trained on how to use computers frequently
    • Computer illiterates should not be allowed to operate the computers
    • collect any waste papers which might be lying in the computer room & put them into the dustbin
    • Shut the door of the computer room properly
  2. Describe the ideal environment for a computer to work properly (3 mks)
    • Should be free from dust, water and magnets
    • Should be kept in well ventilated rooms with optimum (medium) humidity
  1. Differentiate between a computer and a computer system (2mks)
    • A computer is made up of both hardware and software, while a computer system integrates hardware, software and user
    1. List and explain three functional elements of a computer system ( 6 mks)
      1. Hardware
        • They are the physical & tangible devices that make up a computer systems, e.g system unit, input devices, output devices and storage devices
      2. Software
        • These are programs & data used in a computer system that enable it perform a number of specific functions, e.g. operating systems, application programs, utility programs, programming languages & device drives
      3. Live – ware ( people – ware)
        • These are the people who coordinate the various activities which are necessary to make a computer system perform useful tasks e.g. data entry clerks, computer operators, programmers, system analysis, etc
  1. Giving an example in each case, explain the following types of operating systems
    1. Single – user / single tasking
      • A system that allows only one user to run one user program at a time in an interactive, conversational mode. E.g. Ms- DOS, PC- DOS.
    2. Multi- User/ Multi- tasking
      • A multi- user computer system can allow interactive facilities to several at a time. A Multi- tasking Computer system can allow more than one program which are in the memory to be processed at the same time. E.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux
      1. Identify three functions of taskbar
        • Indicates what programs are running
        • Holds minimized programs
        • Provides a shortcut menu for arranging programs
      2. Explain two methods you can use in windows to back up data into a storage device (2 mks)
        • Using copy and paste commands on the Edit Menu
        • Using the send to command on the file menu
        • Using the backup facility to compress the data into another disk
    2. Identify two reasons why a user needs to know the space available for data storage in the hard disk
      • To know the amount of data that can be stored in the hard disk
      • To know how much space is left in the hard disk in case a new programs needs to be installed
      • To detect the likelihood of a virus infection
    1. What is a template? (1mk)
      • It is a document that acts as a blue print or outline for other documents of the same type. It contains the standard text, graphics and formatting for use in all documents of this type.
    2. State two advantages of using a template to create a document. (2mks)
      • It helps save time and makes creating of new documents easy
      • It ensures that there is consistency between the documents being created

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