PHYSICS - Form 2 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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  1. Figure 1 below shows a micrometer screw gauge
    micrometer screw.png
    What is the reading in S.I units (3mks)
  1. Give the reason why it is easier to separate water into drops than to separate a solid into small pieces. (1mk)
  1. State the property of light associated with formation of shadows. (1mk)
  1. Explain why soft iron keepers are suitable for storing magnets (2mks)
  1. Figure 2 shows two plane mirrors inclined at an angle X to each other. A viewer counts total of 7 images by looking directly from the object O.
    Determine the value of angle X (2mks)
  1. A pin was observed to flat on the surface of pure water. State two adjustments to the set up that may be made to cause the pin to sink other than shaking the container. (2mks)
  1. Explain how the sensitivity of a clinical thermometer can be improved. (1mk)
  1. State the fastest mode of heat transfer. (1mk)
  1. When a Bunsen burner is lit below wire gauze, it is noted that the flame initially burns below the gauze, Explain why after sometime the flame burns below as well as above the gauze. (2mks)
    1. State the principal of moments (1mk
    2. A uniform meter rule is balanced by masses of 24g and 16g suspended from its ends. Find the position of its pivot. Determine the position of the pivot. (3mks)
  1. In using the lift pump to raise water from a bore hole. It is observed that practically the height the water is raised cannot be 10m and more. Give reasons for this observation (2mks)
  1. Figure 3 below shows a simple bimetallic thermostat used for detecting fire.
    Explain how it works (3mks)
  1. Figure 4 shows a highly negatively charged rod being brought slowing near the cap of a positively changed leaf electroscope. It is observed that the leaf initially falls and then rises.
    Explain this observation (2mks)
  1. Differentiate between hand magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials (2mks)
  1. A density bottle weighs 70g when empty, 90g when filled with water and 94g when filled with liquid A. Find the density of liquid A given that the density of water is 1000kg/m3. (4mks)
    1. give a reason why ink is most likely to used out of a pen when one is up in an aeroplane (2mks)
    2. Figure 5 below shows a simple hydraulic machine used to raise heavy loads.
      hydraulic machine.png
      1. The pressure exerted on the oil by the force applied at A (2mks)
      2. The load raised at B. (2mks)
      3. Give two properties which make the oil suitable for use in this machine. (2mks)
    3. The height of a mountain is 1360m. The barometer reading at the base of the mountain is 74 cm of mercury. Given that the densities of mercury and air are 13,600 kg/m3 and 1.25 kg/m3 respectively, determine the barometer reading at the top of the mountain (3mks)
  1.  A vacuum pump was used to pump out air from the glass tube immersed in liquids as shown below
    glass tube.png
    After sometime the level of water rose to position X Mark Y the corresponding position for the paraffin level. Give a reason for your answer. (2mks)
  1. Figure 7 below a simple circuit with three switches S1, S2 and S3 and three identical bulbs L1, L2 and L3 connected across X and Y. Compare the brightness of L1 with that of L2 and L3 when all the switches are closed. (1mk)
    1. A form none student set up a simple cell using copper and Zinc as the positive and negative terminals respectively. He used dilute sulphuric acid as the electrolyte. When he connected a bulb between the two plates, it only went on for a short while then went off. Explain why? (2mks)
    2. In an experiment to estimate the diameter of an oil molecule, an oil drop of diameter 0.06cm spread over a circular patch whose diameter is 20 cm. Determine.
      1. The volume of the oil drop (2mks)
      2. The area of the patch covered by the oil (2mks)
      3. The diameter of the oil molecule (2mks)
      4. State any assumption made in (iii) above. (1mk)
    1. State the law of magnetism. (1mk)
    2. Figure 8 below shows a bar magnet suspended using a thread and placed dose to a circuit as shown below.
      bar magnet.png
      1. State and explain the observation made when the switch, S was closed. (2mks)
      2. Why is soft iron preferred as the core of the solenoid? (1mk
    3. Sketch a graph of magnetism against magnetizing force for a magnetic material being magnetic material being magnetized. (2mks)
    4. Give a reason why attraction is not regarded as a reliable method of testing for polarity (1mk)
    5. Figure 9 below shows a soft iron ring placed in a magnetic field.
      soft iron ring.jpg
      1. Sketch the magnetic field pattern between the magnets. (1mk)
      2. State one application of the arrangement above. (1mk)
  1. 1800cm3 of fresh water of density 1000kg/m3 is mixed with 2200cm3 of sea water of density 1025 kg/m3. Calculate the density of the mixture. (3mks)
  1.  Figure 10 shows a ray of light incident on a mirror at an angle of 450. Another mirror is placed at an angle of 450 to the first one as shown. (3mks)
    incident ray.png
  1. State two factors that affect stability of an object (2mks)
  1. Explain why a glass container with thick glass walls is more likely to crack than one with a thin wall when a very hot liquid is poured into them. (2mks)
  1. Figure 11 shows spherical balls placed at different positions on a surface. (3mks)
    spherical balls.png
    1. What is surface tension? (2mks)
    2. Figure 12 shows a funnel dipped into soap solution (1mk)
  1. The vernier calipers shown below have zero error of -0.11 cm.
    vernier calliper.png
    State the actual reading on the instrument. (3mks)

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