English Form 2 Questions and Answers - Term 3 Opener Exams 2021

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  1. Functional writing
    Write an apology letter to your English teacher for failing to complete the holiday assignment that he/she had given you. Ensure you explain the reason for your failure (20mks)

  2. Comprehension
    (20 marks)

A bill of rights is a written a list of rights freedoms of citizens of country. It is designed to recognize, protect and preserve the dignity of people. it is therefore an important part of Kenya’s constitution. The bill is guidance for ensuring that no citizen is treated unfairly. The right to life is a basic right. Every person has a right to live. The life of a person begins at conception. Abortion is, therefore not permitted except in cases where the life of a mother is in danger. It is therefore a crime to take another person’s life.

Every person is equal before the law, and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. Before the law, therefore should be no difference with regard to a person’s sex, religion, political affiliation, race or status in society. The law should be applied in all cases equally. For instance, if the law states that punishment for stealing is imprisonment that should be applied in all cases whether the person who has stolen is a Christian or Hindu, male or female, master or servant.

The state shall not discriminate directly or indirectly against any person on any basis including Race, sex, pregnancy, marital status, health status, ethnic or social origin, colour age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture, dress, language or birth. People should not discriminate directly or indirectly against others on the same bases. For instance, if a student performs well in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) they should not be denied admission to secondary school because of their religion, race or culture. The states will therefore, take specific measures to ensure that people are not discriminated against.

Women and men have the right to equal treatment including the right to equal opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social activities. In addition, both men and women have an equal right to inherit have access to and manage property. any law, culture, custom or tradition that undermines the dignity, welfare, interest or status of women or men is prohibited. For instance, although in some cultures all property including land belongs to the men the constitution states that women have a right to own property to. By law, Women in such a community can insist on their right to own land and property.

In the proposed revised constitution of Kenya, the state shall take measures to ensure that women and their rights are protected. The state shall also provide reasonable facilities and opportunities to ensure that women realize their full potential and advance in the society.

The youth constitute an important part of the society and are entitled to enjoy all rights and freedoms set out in the bill of rights, taking into account their unique needs. The state shall try to ensure that the youth have access to quality and relevant education, training and employment. The youth shall also be given a chance to participate in governance. The state shall also ensure that the youth have enough chances in the social, political economic as well as other areas of national life. The youth, like other citizens have a right to associate with others to further their interests within the limits of the law. They are also entitled to protection from any culture, custom, tradition or practice that undermines their dignity or quality of life. They should lead a life free from exploitation, discrimination or abuse.

It is the duty of every state to observe respect, protect, promote and fulfill the rights and freedoms of the citizens. Laws, policies and other measures should be used to ensure that this rights and freedoms are recognized. A person has the right to complain to the commission of human rights and administrative justice, and take legal action if the rights or freedom are violated, infringed or denied.


  1. What is a bill of rights? (1mk)
  1. Explain the purpose of the bill of rights? (2mk)   
  1. State two rights mentioned in the passage? (2mks)
  1. In what ways, according to the Bill of Rights, are women treated as equal to men? (3mks)
  1. Explain how the state can ensure that the rights and freedoms of the youth are safeguarded? (3mks)
  1. Explain, using and example how you can be discriminated against because of your age religion or sex? (3mks)
  1. To whom can people complain if their rights are violated or denied? (1mk)
  1. Explain the meaning of the following words as used in the passage (5mks)
    1. Dignity
    2. Promote
    3. Infringed
    4. Violated
    5. Unique

Two politicians Mambo 1)______________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Jumbo had just arrived at the airport (2) ________________a foreign country. Mambo was (3)______________illiterate and had no profound knowledge of English. Jumbo on the other (4)_________________was moderately well versed at the language. On the day they arrived there was a workers strike in that country. All the newspapers (5)___________the headline “Boycott”. Mambo looked at the headline and shook (6)_____________head. He looked at it again, but he couldn’t understand what the word “Boycott” (7)_______________at least he knew (8)______________the word”Boy” meant, but as for “cott” he had (9)____________idea “or maybe they meant ‘Caught’,” he wondered. He turned (10)_____________his colleague, Jumbo, and asked him, “Jumbo, what has the boy done this time?” Jumbo looked at him and laughed wondering.

    1. For each of the following words provide a word that is pronounced in the same way   (5MKS)
      1. Band
      2. Sell
      3. Lapse
      4. Find
      5. Bear
    2. Write the silent letters in the following words (5MKS)
      1. Debt
      2. Honour
      3. Bridge
      4. Watch
      5. Receipt
    3. Identify the word that is pronounced with a different Vowel sounds from the ones provided below (5MKS)
      1. Bear bare beer
      2. Wore war woe
      3. Worn won one
      4. Choir quire queue
      5. Knows gnaws nose
  1. Grammar
    1. Rewrite the following sentences using the correct form of the verb given in the brackets(5MKS)
      1. Mary ___________________five lengths of the swimming pool yesterday(swim)
      2. He______________ a stone into the sea (fling).
      3. They___________ around in amazement (spin).
      4. A front tyre ______________as we were driving along the road (burst).
      5. Have you_____________ two bottles of soda (drink).
    2. Add question tags to the following (5MKS)
      1. He should have finished by now…?
      2. I’m rather late…?
      3. Let us go to the cinema…?
      4. You haven’t seen the teacher…?
    3. fill the following with the correct preposition (5MKS)
      1. She taught us a lot ______________cooking
      2. James has been suffering___________ malaria.
      3. He shows no interest_____________ hokey.
      4. She finds it hard to concentrate ______________ her work.
    4. Change the following into direct speech (5MKS)
      1. “I will do it tomorrow.” He promised.
      2. “I can go no further,” said John.
      3. “Where did I leave my pen?” she asked herself.
      4. “You’ve passed your examination.” The teacher told me, “Congratulations.”
    5. Change the following sentences into passive voice (5MKS)
      1. Paris is a very beautiful city.
      2. She hates people starring at her.
      3. Some should do something about the plight of the homeless.
      4. Rats have eaten all the stored grain.                                                                                                          
  1. Read the following song and answer the questions that follow
    I went and went and went
    And found the gazelle
    Grinding millet for her kids
    And it said
    Grind for me

    I ground and ground and ground
    And it said
    Then go
    I went and went and went
    I found the turtle in water
    Dancing the music
    I said dance for me
    And she danced and danced and danced
    1. Questions
      1. Mention the different types of song you know?(4mks)
      2. On what occasion will this song be sang?(2mks)
      3. What feature of style is evident in this song?(2mks)
      4. What do you learn about the community from which this song is taken from?(2mks)
    2. Identify the following short forms (4mks)
      1. Do not judge a book by its cover
      2. Challenger: My house has no door
        Respondent: An egg
      3. She sells sea shells at the sea shore
      4. I can see you are at sea
    1. Complete the following dialogue between Mary and her father  (6mks)
      Father: Good morning Mary?
      Mary: Good morning father. How was your night?
      Mary: Er, father I would like to make a request
      Mary: I know you don’t like trips, but I would like to go camping in Mombasa this coming holiday.
      Mary: I understand, but this trip is very important. We shall undergo first aid training and to be trained on how to deal with the AIDS pandemic. I promise to finish my homework before we go.
      Mary: I agree with you father. I promise to start putting lots of effort in my studies from now on.
      Mary: Thank you father.


  1. Functional writing
    Addresses                   (4MKS)
    Date                           (1MK)
    Salutation                   (1MK)
    Content                      (8MKS)
    Language                    (5MKS)
    Complimentary close    (1mk)
  2. Comprehension 
    1. A Bill of Rights is a written list of rights and freedoms of citizens of a country.
    2. The Bill of Rights is meant to ascertain the recognition, protection and preservation of the dignity of people.
    3. In the passage, the right to life, the right to equal treatment and the right to acess and manage property is mentioned.
    4. Women have the right to equal opportunities in political, economic, cultural and social activities. Women are also considered as equal to men by the right to access and manage property. Women have a right to own property.
    5. The state can ensure that the rights and freedoms of the youth are safeguarded by enabling them to have access to quality and relevant education, training and employment that they can flly participate in national affairs and that they can freerly associate with other people. The youth are also protected by law from harmful cultural practices, discrimination, exploitation and abuse.
    6. One cvan be discriminated against because of age, for example by not being allowed to hold a certain office. You can also be employed and be paid less that you are entitled because you are young. In some cases, you may not be employed by certain organizations for example, a Christian organization may not employ you because you are of a different religion or vice versa. In some organizations a woman may be denied leave even when she needs it. For example a maternity leave and this may even lead to her being sacked for failing to go to work.
    7. People can complain or appeal to the Commission on Human Tights and administrative justice if their rights are violated.
      1. Dignity- the state of being worthy of honour or respect.
      2. Promote- actively support and uphold.
      3. Infringed- Acted in contrast to the law, trespassed or encroached where one should not.
      4. Violated- Disregarded/disrespected/ disturbed.
      5. Unique- unusual/ special.
    1. and
    2. of
    3. almost
    4. hand
    5. had
    6. his
    7. meant
    8. what
    9. no
    10. to
  4. Oral skills

      1. Banned
      2. Cell
      3. Laps
      4. Finned
      5. Bare

      1. b
      2. h
      3. d
      4. t
      5. p

      1. beer
      2. woe
      3. Worn
      4. Queue
      5. Gnaws
  5. Grammar

      1. swam
      2. flang
      3. span
      4. burst
      5. drank
      1. shouldn’t he?
      2. Aren’t I?
      3. Shan’t we?
      4. Have you?
      5. Didn’t they?
      1. of
      2. in
      3. from
      4. in
      5. in
      1. He promised that he would do it the next day/the following day.
      2. John said that he could go no further.
      3. She asked herself where she had left her pen.
      4. The teacher congratulated me on passing my examinations.
      5. The stranger asked the way to kakamega.
      1. Paris is said to be a very beautiful city.
      2. People staring at her are hated
      3. The plight of the homeless should be done something about.
      4. All the stored grains have been eaten by rats.
      5. The door has been left open.
      1. The girl who was sewing her dress was very young.
      2. Having finished supper, Hillary went to bed by his mother.
      3. Morro regrets for not working hard at secondary.
      4. That shall save me a lot of trouble.
      5. He started studying too late to pass his exams.
  6. Songs

        • Lullabies
        • Dirges
        • praise songs
        • wedding/ marriage songs
        • political songs
        • circumcision/initiation songs
        • war songs
        • love songs
        • work songs
      1. This is a song that is sang during a work session. it is a work song because there is grinding of millet.
      2. Repetition
        • I went and went and went
        • I ground and ground and ground
        • and she danced and danced and danced.
        1. The community grows millet. This is shown when the gazelle was growing millet for her family.
        2. The community is social. The persona is asked to grind millet and it does.

      1. Proverb
      2. Riddle
      3. Tongue twister
      4. Pun

    1. Dialogue
      Father: It was quite fine. I hope yours too was good.
      Father: Yes my daughter, go on.
      Father: Okay, tell me, of what importance is the trip to your studies?
      Father: No problem as long as you improve since your future is dependent on your studies.
      Father: You may now go.
      Father: You welcome.

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