English Questions and Answers - Form 2 Term 2 Opener Exams 2021

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TERM 2  2021


  • Answer all the questions


  1. SECTION A : WRITING (20mks)
    You attended a cousin’s wedding during the April holiday. On the day of wedding, your younger sister Celestine Wanjiku went missing. You decided to help your parents in the search for the girl, hence, you did not open school with the rest, which is against the school rules.

    Write a letter of Apology to the Principal of your school, explaining what made you not report on the first day of the term.

    Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow

    Decades ago, two geologists visited Migori County and left villagers with high hopes of striking it reach. A valuable mineral had been discovered.

    Now, 20 years later, nothing much has been done to tap the gold in Macalder. Instead, hundreds of people have died in the process of digging the mines, while pregnant women working in the area have been giving birth to children with deformities.

    Residents attribute their misfortunes to lack of modern equipment to professionally exploit the mineral. They have been mining gold using mercury mixed with water and powdered stones which they stir to the consistency of porridge before washing off the mercury into their farms.

    One man is keen to prevent deaths among the residents depending on gold mining as a source of income.He has invented a gold mining machine- the ball mill machine.

    Mr. Olello, 41says he got idea for the machine from a friend who went to Zimbabwe on business and returned with a photograph of a gold mining machine.

    “It took me two years to design my first machine and in 1999, I eventually came up with the ball mill” . Mr.Okello says his villagers neither knew nor cared whether mercury was harmful to their health.

    Mr. Okello explains that his machine is a multipurpose appliance. It can mill numerous kinds of rocks for building materials industry.

    For gold mining, the machine uses small steel ball grinders which separate gold ore from dust, after which it is further refined.

    Among the places that have been mapped for gold deposits within the region are Rongo, Kehancha in Kuria District; Masara and Kehara in Nyatike constituency, Lolgorian area in Trans Mara and some parts of Siaya county.

    Gold qualities make it one of the most coveted metals in the world. Not only can it be beautifully shaped and sculpted, the yellow metal conducts electricity and does not tarnish.

    Gold has been used in dentistry for nearly 3,000 years. It is used for filling, crowns, bridges and orthodontic appliances. Gold can be placed in contact with person’s body and not cause harm.

    1. What gave the villagers the hopes of striking it rich? (2mks)
    2. Outline the challenges experienced by the villagers in the mines. (2mks)
    3. What according to the residents contribute to their misfortunes? (2mks)
    4. Explain how the rate of deaths among the villagers has been prevented. (2mks)
    5. How did Mr. Okello get the idea of the machine? (2mks)
    6. “It took me two years to design my first machine and in 1999 I eventually came up with the ball mill,”says Mr. Okello. (Rewrite in reported speech) (2mks)
    7. Mr. Okello explains that the machine is a multipurpose appliance(add a question tag) (1mk)
    8. Make notes on uses of gold (4mks)
    9. State the meaning of the following words as used in the passage (3mks)
      1. Invented –
      2. Mapped –
      3. Coveted-

  3. SECTION C: CLOZE TEST (10mks)
    Fill in the blank spaces with the most appropriate word.

    What is good governance? This is a question that people       1     very often. It refers to the responsible      2     of the affairs of a village, town or country. Where there is good governance, people live in harmony; ways of      3     poverty are sought and people assume ownership      4     the process of developing their communities.      5    the government is expected to create a      6     political and legal environment for development, it cannot succeed if ordinary citizens do not co-operate and play their role. Everyone craves for the      7     of the rule of law, but if we do not obey that      8     law, we will not know peace. We accuse certain sectors of      9     but give bribes in order to induce others to give us      10     treatment. If we realy desire to have positive changes in our society, we must change our attitude and join our hands in building a society.

    1. Read the narrative below and answer the questions that follow.

      One day the chameleon and the donkey were arguing as who could run faster than the other. The donkey said; ”You chameleon, you are very old. You can’t compete with me in a race.”

      The chameleon replied, “Don’t blow your own trumpet. I am not going to praise myself but I know you can’t defeat me in a race. We shall be equal.”

      The race began and the chameleon jumped on the donkey’s tail. They ran until the donkey was so tired that he stopped to rest. As soon as the donkey stopped, the chameleon jumped from the donkey’s tail and said, “Now my friend donkey, are you faster than I ?”

      “No, now I know that you are a man.”

      1. Mention any two things you would do to capture the attention of the audience before you begin your narration. (2mks)
      2. Explain any two ways you would use to make the narration from, “The chameleon replied……(line 4) …We shall be equal. (line 5) effective. (2mks)
      3. If you were part of the audience for this story, explain three things you would do to show that you are participating in the performance. (3mks)

    2. In each of the following words, underline the syllable that is stressed. (4mks)
      1. chal .lenge (verb)
      2. ad.vise
      3. ac.cent(noun)
      4. de.let
    3. For each of the following words, write a word that is pronounced the same way (4mks)
      1. time
      2. toad
      3. what
      4. seller

    Read the song below and answer the questions that follow.

    Daughter of Lekamoi
    Oh, mother
    Behold the daughter of Lekamoi
    Who has just grown up
    Young woman, when will she return
    When does my love come back?
    Daughter of the bull?
    Woman, come, let me see you,
    Daughter of Lekamoi
    Leader of the girls
    When does my own arrive?
    Ah! Abul, chief of women.
    Her neck resembles a snake
    Coming out of a vase
    Behold, daughter of Lekamoi
    Her teeth are like ash
    Oh, when does my love come back?
    Daughter of the bull
    Abul, come and dance before me
    Daughter of Lekamoi
    Who has just shot up,
    All men want her
    Ah, Abul, chief of women
    My girl appears on the path from
    Behold the daughter of Lekamoi
    Tall and graceful
    With whose daughter can you
    Compare her?
    My companion, when will
    She return?
    Daughter of the bull
    Woman come, I will take
    You from your husband, Listen
    Daughter of Lekamoi,
    Leader of the girls,
    Ye, all the men want her
    Abul,Chief of women.

    1. What type of song is this? Give reasons for your answer. (2mks)
    2. who is the singer? (1mk)
    3. To whom is the song sung? (1mk)
    4. Describe the singer’s attitude towards the subject? (3mks)
    5. Where is Abul at the time of singing? (2mks)
    6. What makes the song an oral song? Support your answer (4mks)
    7. Identify and illustrate any two poetic styles used in this song (4mks)
    8. With illustrations, describe the mood of the song? (3mks)

  6. SECTION F: GRAMMAR (15mks)
    1. Fill in the blank spaces with the correct preposition. (4mks)
      1. Every member was asked to part _____________ twenty shillings for the purchase of the gift.
      2. He bought a bicycle_________________ loan from the credit shop in town.
      3. We heard the news __________________ the radio.
      4. Have a look of yourself _________________ the mirror.
    2. Fill in the blank spaces using the correct form of the verb in the blanket (4mks)
      1. If I had the money, I ____________________ (buy) the computer already.
      2. If I ___________________( be) Bill Cosby, I would have helped the poor with the money I made.
      3. We ______________________(walk) along Koinange street when we met him.
      4. The party ____________________(start) when we arrived.
    3. Rewrite each of the following sentences as instructed. (5mks)
      1. Wanjohi is more responsible than his brother.
        Wanjohi is the last born.
        Join the two sentences, beginning with the word ‘although’
      2. The man bombed the hotel.
        He was finally arrested.
        Join the two sentences, using the word ‘who’
      3. Jane is strong. Her brother is equally strong.
        Join the two sentences using a comparative
      4. The young man was very hungry. He swallowed the potato without chewing it.
        Join the two sentences beginning with ’so’
      5. Kimani said, “I will do the work tomorrow”
        Rewrite in reported speech
    4. Arrange the adjectives in brackets and use them to fill in the blank spaces.
      1. The East African community has _______________________________________forces. (Combined, military, powerful).
      2. She bought a ____________________________________________________ bed. (huge, wooden, old, Japanese)


  1. SECTION A: WRITING(20mks)
    • Writers address   (2mks) deny one mark where the name of the writer is included in the address.
    • Date  (1mk)  should not be part of address
    • Recipient’s address beginning with the title  (2mks)  if no title of recipient deny (1mk)
    • Salutation (1mk)
    • Reference (1mk)
    • Introduction (2mks) the student must acknowledge the mistake to score.
    • Body  (3mks)- student gives a short explanation as to why he/she did not open the school in time. Explanation must  be in line with the situation in question for student to score.
    • Conclusion (1mk) student to assure the principal that it will not happen again, or promise to work hard to catch up with the rest.
    • Signing off (2mks). Must contain the valedictory formula, signature and full name. if name comes before signature, or if one item is missing, deny 1 mark
      Grammar -   
      1. D- 1 mk
      2. C- 2 mks
      3. B -3mks
      4. A- 4mks
        Consistency in format of address and paragraphing style (indented/blocked)= 1 m
        Total( 20mks)

    1. The discovery of a valuable mineral gave the villagers the hopes of striking it rich.          (2mks)
      • Hundreds of people have died in the process of digging the mine                                       (1mk)  
      • Pregnant women working in the area have been giving birth to children with deformities (1mk)  
    3. According to the residents, the lack of modern equipment to exploit the minerals professionally contributes to their misfortunes. .          (2mks)
    4. The rate of deaths among the villagers has been prevented by use of the ball machine during mining  (2mks)
    5. Mr.Okello got the idea of the machine from a friend who visited Zimbabwe  and returned with a photograph of a gold mining machine.        (2mks)
    6. Mr. Okello says it took him two years to design his first machine and in 1999, he eventually came up with the ball mill.
    7. Mr.Okello explains that the machine is  a multipurpose appliance, doesn’t’he?
      Student should rewrite the whole sentence before adding the tag.
    8. Uses of gold include;
      • Fillin
      • Making crowns
      • Construction of bridges
      • In orthodontic appliances.
        *if written in summary, divide the total score by two.
      1. Invented- came up with, created, made
      2. Mapped- identified, located, sited
      3. Coveted- wanted, sought for

  3. SECTION C: CLOZE TEST ( 10mks)
    1. ask
    2. state
    3. eradicating
    4. of
    5. Although
    6. condusive
    7. supremacy
    8. same
    9. corruption
    10. fair

  4. SECTION D: ORAL SKILLS                                (15mks)
        • Ask  the audience relevant questions e.g Do you know the story f the chameleon and the donkey? Between the donkey and the chameleon, who is faster?
        • Bang a table
        • Ring a bell
        • Clap my hands
        • Clear my throat
          *Accept any other relevant way
        • Use of gestures-Chameleon pointing at the donkey, or himself
        • Facial expressions- chameleon displaying arrogance, confidence.
        • Tonal variation-authoritative tone for donkey, calm tone for chameleon   2×1=2mks
        • Maintaining eye contact with narrator
        • Nodding the head
        • Laughing where necessary
        • Answer questions from narrator                               3×1=3mk
      1. Chal.lenge
      2. Ad.vise
      3. Ac.cent
      4. De.lete
      1. thyme
      2. tored
      3. watt
      4. cellar

      • Love song      (1mk)
      • when does my love come back?(1mk)  
    2. The singer is a male lover/a man in love (1mk)  
    3. Abul, daughter of Lekamoi                         (1mk)  
      • Loving- he says, all men want her
      • Admiration- tall and graceful
      • Respectful- leader of the girls
        *One adjective well explained and illustrated from the song gets (3mks)
    5. She is married, and she is with the husband in Anaka L26, L34,35
      • Use of direct speech/direct address  
        Woman, come, let me see you, L7.
         Listen L8
      • Use of interjections
        Oh, L 17,L1
        Ye, L38
      • Metaphor –daughter of the bull L33
      • Repetition – listen L 8 L 20 Daughter of Lekamoi L9,L15
      • Rhetoric questions, when does my own arrive? L11
        (2×2= 4mks)
    8. Desperate/ longin mood. The speaker wishes that Abul would appear on the path from Anaka:
      Young woman, when will she return? L
      When does my love come back? L6
      Woman,come, let me see you. L7

  6. SECTION F: GRAMMAR( 15mks)
      1. with
      2. on
      3. on
      4. in
      1. would have bought
      2. were
      3. were walking
      4. started
      1. Although Wanjohi is the last born, he is more responsible than his brother
      2. The man who bombed the hotel was finally arrested.
      3. Jane is as strong as his brother
      4. So hungry was the young man that he swallowed the potato without chewing it.
      5. Kimani said he would do the work the  following/next day
      1. The East African community has powerful, combined, military forces,
      2. She bought a huge, old, wooden, Japanese bed.

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