English Questions and Answers - Form 2 Term 1 Opener Exams 2022

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  • This paper consists of six sections as follows:-
    SECTION A: WRITING (15mks)
    SECTION D: GRAMMAR (20mks)
  • Ensure that you answer all questions in the spaces provide



Your friend in primary school is in form one in Bidii Secondary of P.O Box 341, Kisimani. She has written to you telling you about her new school. She has also requested you to carry your end of term one examinations for comparative analysis. Write your reply to her.


A neighbor had left (1) _______________________ store un attended (2) ____________________ she heeded the cries of her (3) _________________________ baby. Her kitchen caught fire, and the flames (4) ________________ to the neighboring shacks in (5) _______________________. There was no (6) _______________________________ available and no fire (7) __________________________ for the people to call. (8)_____________________________ that the assembled crowd of hundreds (9)__________________________ do was gather buckets of sand and (10)_______________________ into the flame.


  1. For each of the following words, write a word that is pronounced the same way (5mks)
    1. Principle ……………………………………..
    2. Dye …………………………………….
    3. Weak …………………………………….
    4. Stationery …………………………………….
    5. Sent …………………………………….
  2. You have noted that your desk mate Vivian has a poor handwriting. State two factors that might have contributed to this (2mks)
  3. In Form One, one makes new friends. Write three things that you can do when introducing yourself to a new person, so as to appear friendly (3mks


  1. Fill in the blank spaces in the following passage with the most appropriate article (4mks) ___________________________ banana tree is _______________________________ strange looking plant. It grows very quickly and in less than _____________________________ year will reach a height of seven meters or more. Usually, pruning needs to be done and one can take more than ______________________________ hour to finish an acre.
  2. Choose the correct word from the ones in bracket and use it to fill in the blank spaces (4mks)
    1. “I am sorry for the ________________________,” said my friend. (loose, loss)
    2. Why have you ________________________ to eat raw bananas while we have ripe ones in the store? (chose, chosen)
    3. We ___________________ for our president each time we get an opportunity. (pray, prays)
    4. Who ____________________ the bell this morning? (rang, rung)
  3. Complete the sentences below using appropriate reflexive pronouns. (4mks)
    1. The boy was beside___________________________ with fury for missing the penalty.
    2. Let us not deceive ____________________ that life is a bed of roses.
    3. When one faces challenges, one has to encourage __________________________ that things will just be fine.
    4. A house divided against ____________________________ cannot stand.
  4. Use the plural forms of the words in brackets to fill in the blank spaces. (4mks)
    1. You surely do not need three ___________________________. (radio)
    2. Remember to buy grandmother some _______________________ .(potato)
    3. The two ________________________ met so that they could make strategic plans for their locations. (Chief).
    4. The two _____________________ disappeared into the nearby bush. (deer)
  5. Use the most appropriate word to fill in the blank spaces so as to form questions. (4mks)
    1. ____________________________ is your mother? Is she a nurse or a teacher?
    2. _______________________________ did you find at the shop? Tom or Mary?
    3. ____________________ of these bags is yours? The red one or the green one?
    4. ________________________ pen is this? Is it Wilson’s or Kennedy’s?

Read the following story and answer the questions that follow

The Monkey and The Crocodile

A long long time ago. Monkey and Crocodile were very good friends. The Monkey’s house was close to a river and there were many fruit trees on the banks of this river.

Usually monkey would sit on the branches of the fruit trees and chat with his friend Crocodile who would be basking on the banks of the river. Their friendship continued for a long time until they decided it was time to introduce their wives to this friendship. "We have been friends for a long time and you don’t even know my house, Crocodile began.

"Neither do you know mine," Monkey replied. "It is easier for you to come to my-house that it is for me to visit you since I cannot swim and your house is beyond the water."

“That is not a problem. I can always carry you on my back," responded crocodile. "Let us visit my house first. My wife is a very good cook,” Monkey argued. “No” replied Crocodile “My wife has had a baby and there is plenty to eat in the house.”

“Let us not argue about this,” Monkey said. “If we go to my house first, my wife will not be anxious when I tell her I am going across the waters to visit you." They agreed that they would visit Monkey's house first. Though at first Monkey's wife was afraid of crocodile, she later realized that Crocodile was very friendly. She did not have problems with her husband visiting him. In fact she wished she would join him.

Monkey was very excited the following day when he got to the banks of the river and found Crocodile waiting for him. This was going to be Monkey's first trip across the waters and he could not hide his excitement. He jumped onto Crocodile's back and Crocodile swiftly swam towards the deep waters.

When they were in the middle of the river, crocodile slowed down and began, laughing.

"Why are you laughing?" Monkey asked in surprise "You fool. Did you think I would take you to my house? I have waited for that heart of yours for a long time. Today I have it.”

Immediately Monkey knew he was in deep trouble. He started thinking of a way out of his predicament. "Poor you, my friend: Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?" Monkey calmly asked. "What do you mean?" asked Crocodile in surprise "It is not difficult for me to give you my heart. If you had asked when we were at my house. I would even have given you my wife's heart too," Monkey replied. Crocodile was confused.

"Then why don't you give it to me now?" Crocodile asked.

You see my friend; Monkeys have a tradition of leaving their hearts at home when they are going for a long journey. I therefore left mine on my favorite tree." Crocodile was even more confused.

"We can go and visit your wife first, and then I will give you my heart when you take me back," Monkey suggested.

"No," cried crocodile "I will take you back first. When 1 have your heart, we can then visit my wife."

Quickly, Crocodile headed back to the bank of the river. When they got there, monkey jumped from Crocodile's back onto his favorite tree. He asked crocodile to open is mouth wide to receive the heart. Monkey then picked the biggest of the mangoes on the tree and threw it into Crocodile's open mouth. It fell in with a thud, breaking four of Crocodile's teeth. Crocodile was so upset but there was nothing he could do as Monkey jumped from tree to tree insulting him.
From that day Monkey and Crocodile have remained enemies. And that is the end of my story and may I not end like it.


  1. Classify this narrative and give reasons for your classification (3mks)
  2. Name two characters found in this story (2mks)
    1. Using an adjective, describe monkey’s character trait that enabled him save his life from the crocodile (1mk)
    2. Illustrate your answer (2mks)
  4. What economic activity is practiced by the people from whom this narrative was collected? (2mks)
  5. Write a proverbs that summarizes the narrative and explain how this proverb applies to the narrative (3mks)
  6. Apart from your answer in A1 above, name two other types of narratives that you know of (3mks)

Marking Scheme



  • Address (2mks)
  • Date (1mk)
  • Salutation (1mk)
  • Valediction (1mk)
  • Name (1mk)
  • Total (6mks)


  • Introduction/greetings (2mks)
  •  Acknowledge receiving a letter (2mks)
  • Comment anything about the friend’s school (1mks)
  • Carrying of exam papers (2mks)
  • Conclusion (2mks)


  • A – 4mks
  • B – 3mks
  • C – 2mks
  • D – 1mk


  1. If student writes the address of Bidii Secondary deny marks for address. Deny mark for half punctuated address.
  2. Salutation should contain one name and must be punctuated with a comma.
  3. The name at the end of the letter should be one, or a short form, not a full name.


Ufanisi High School,
P.O Box 1362,
28th February, 2014

Dear Sue,

I send my warm greetings hoping that you are fine. I am happy to tell you that I am now settled in my new school.

I received your letter last Friday. It reminded me of the days we had in Primary School when you would send me messages using your mother’s phone. I was surprised that your school has three buses. Ours has got only a van. I also noted that you wanted us to compare our end of term exams. I will carry the exam papers.

I wish you all the best in your new school remember to keep good company. See you over the holidays.

Your friend,


  1. her              6. water
  2. while           7. brigade
  3. young         8. All – ‘A’ must be capital
  4. spread        9. could
  5. minutes     10. Throw


    1. Principal
    2. Die
    3. Week
    4. Stationary
    5. Scent, cent

  2. Poor sitting posture when writing
    • Holding the pen in the wrong way
    • Shaping letters in the wrong way/poor spacing of work
    • Writing carelessly and in hurry
    • Poor training in primary school (2 x 1 = 2mks)

  3. Shaking hands
    • Smiling at them
    • Maintaining eye contact
    • Using phrases like “pleasure to meet you”
    • Using phrases like “ happy to be your friend”
    • Nodding of the head where appropriate (3 x 1 = 3mks)


  1. The – ‘T’ must be capital
    • a
    • a
    • an
    1. loss
    2. chosen
    3. pray
    4. rang
    1. himself
    2. ourselves
    3. oneself
    4. itself
    1. radios
    2. potatoes
    3. chiefs
    4. deer
    1. What
    2. Whom
    3. Which
    4. Whose


  1. Fable √(1) – The main characters are animals √(1)
    • The crocodile and the monkey √(1)
      Trickster – The crocodile tricks the monkey to visit his home yet he wants to eat his heart √(2)
      Or The monkey tricks the crocodile that her left his heart on top of a tree √(2)

  2. The crocodile √(1)
    The monkey √(1)
    NB: If candidate does not mention the names
    Or simply says “animals” deny mark

  3. Clever √(1) – He tricked the crocodile that he had left his heart on top of the tree √(2)
    Note: Accept any other appropriate answer e.g. intelligent

  4. Fishermen √(1) – presence of the river√(1)
    Farmers √(1) – grew mangoes√(1)
    Identification (1mk)
    Illustration (1mk)

  5. 1 mk for an appropriate proverbs
    2mks for appropriate explanation
    Examples of proverbs
    • The best of friend must part
    • An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship
    • A friend in need is a friend to be avoided
    • Your closest friend may turn out to be your greatest enemy
    • Friends are like roses, you have to look out for the thorns
    • An open enemy is better than a false friend
  6. Legends
    • Myths
    • Dilemma stories
    • Spirit tales
    • Human stories
    • Allegorical stories
    • Ogre/monster stories (2 x 1 = 2mks)

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