Christian Religious Education Questions and Answers - Form 2 Term 2 Opener Exams 2022

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  1. Identify seven literal forms used in writing of the bible (7mks)
  2. State the effects of sins from the fall of human being (7mks)
  3. Which activities did the Israelites carry on the night of Passover (6mks)
  4. What were the failures of King Saul (5mks)
  5. Explain four characteristics of Canaanite religion (8mks)
  6. How do Christians in Kenya demonstrate their faith in God (6mks)
  7. Outline the places of worship used by Traditional African Community (5mks)
  8. State Nathans prophecies about the Messiah (5mks)
  9. Give five Jewish expectations about the Messiah (5mks)
  10. Outline the events that took place during the dedication of Jesus in the temple (5mks)
  11. Give reasons why Christians sing in the church (5mks)
  12. What were the teachings of the church of the John the Baptist (6mks)


    • Legislature text
    • Prophetic speeches
    • Philosophical essay
    • Gospel
    • Narrative
    • Letters
    • Religious Epics
    • What was innocent and good became shameful
    • Pain became part of human experience
    • Good relationship between god and human beings was destroyed
    • Man was to toil to make the earth produce
    • Life span was reduced
    • Death became part of human life
    • there was enemity between human beings and animals
    • Each family was to choose either a lamb or a young goat for his household
    • Smearing of blood on the door post
    • Roasting of meat
    • Eating bitter herbs with unleavened bread
    • Everyone was to remain indoor until morning
    • Eating while standing sandals on their feet and staff on their hands
    • He became impatient and offered sacrifice to god
    • He broke the law of Harem
    • The spirit of god left Saul and was possessed evil spirit
    • He committed suicide
    • Nature religion
    • Temple prostitution
    • They offered human sacrifice
    • A symbol to represent gods
    • They had family of gods
    • It was cyclic in religion
    • Had many places of warship
    • Going to church to praise and worship
    • Sharing what they need
    • Worshipping one God
    • Bing kind to others
    • Observation of the ten commandments
    • Preaching the gospel
    • Caves
    • Waterfalls
    • Mountains/hills
    • Rocks
    • Rivers
    • Forests
    • God would ensure the kingdom of David last forever
    • A heir David lineage would be raised up to sit on the throne
    • The king would save people of Israel from enemies
    • God would support such kings
    • God would keep such kingdom strong for David’s sons
    • God would make David’s name great
    • God would give Israel their own land
    • Military and political messiah
    • Messiah who would hold uphold Judaism
    • Messiah who would appear in Jerusalem full of glory
    • Expected a Messiah from a royal family
    • They expected an earthly Messiah
    • The parents of baby Jesus took him to the temple to present him to the lord as the law of Moses demanded
    • The parents of Jesus two turtles doves and a young pigeon
    • Simeon was moved by the holy spirit and took Jesus in his arms
    • Praised God for fulfilling His promise
    • Simeon gave a prophecy about the mission of Jesus
    • Prophetess Anna thank God for for the baby Jesus/prophesied about the baby child
    • Jesus’ parents were amazed by the things Simeon and Anna said
    • TO PRAISE God
    • To be entertained and relax the mind
    • Strengthen their faith
    • Express the feelings of God
    • To ask for needs
    • To pass a spiritual teachings
    • To develop God
    • To keep a congration alert during the worship
    • To obey biblical teachings
    • To attract more people to the church
    • He warned people about God’s judgment
    • He pronounced the coming of the Messiah/announced the Messianic era
    • He preached the social injustice
    • He preached repentance for the forgiveness of sins
    • He preached Baptism by fire 

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