English Paper 2 Form 3 Questions and Answers - End Term 2 Exams 2021

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English Paper 2 Form 3 End Term 2 Exams 2021 with Marking Schemes


Answer all questions in this question paper.

1. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow (20mks)

WORRY has completely defeated me. My mind was so confused and troubled that I could see no joy in living. My nerves were so strained that I could neither sleep at night nor relax by day. My three young children were widely separated, living with relatives. My husband was in another city trying to establish a law practice. I felt all the insecurities and uncertainties of the post –war readjustment period.

I was threatening my husband’s career, my children natural endowment of a happy, normal home life, and I was also threatening my own life. My husband could find no housing, and the only solution was to build. Everything depended on my getting well. The more I realized this and the harder I would try; the greater would my fear of failure. Then I developed a fear of planning for any responsibility. I felt that I could no longer trust myself. I felt I was a complete failure.

When all was darkest and there seemed to be no help, my mother did something for me that I will never forget or ceases being grateful for. She shocked me into fighting back.

She upbraided me for giving in and for losing control of my nerves and my mind, she challenged me to get up out of bed and fight for all I had. She said I was giving in to the situation ,fearing it instead of facing it, running from life instead of living it.

So I did start fighting from that day on. That very weekend I told my parents they could go home, because I was going to take over; and I did what seemed impossible at the time. I was left alone to care for my two younger children. I slept well. I began to eat better, and my spirits began to improve. 

A week later when they returned to visit me again, they found me singing at my ironing. I had a sense of well -being because I had begun to fight a battle and I was winning. I shall never forget this lesson....... if a situation seems insurmountable, face it! Start fighting! Don’t give in.

From that time on I forced myself to work, and lost myself to work. Finally I gathered my children together and joined my husband in our new home. I resolved that I would became well enough to give my family a strong, happy mother. I became engrossed with plans for my children, plans for my husband, and plans for everything except for me. I became too busy to think of myself. And it was that the real miracle happened.

I grew stronger and stronger and could wake up with the joy of well - being , the joy of planning for a new day ahead, the joy of living. And although day of depression did creep in occasionally after that, especially when I was tired, I would tell myself not to think or try to reason with myself on those days and gradually they became fewer and fewer and finally disappeared.

Now, a year later, I have a very happy, successful husband, a beautiful home that I can work in sixteen hours a day, and three healthy, happy children and for myself , peace of mind.

(Adapted from “How to stop worrying and start living”)


  1. Give five effects of worry on the writer. (5mks)
  2. What do you think was the cause of the writer’s worry. (2mks)
  3. Describe the element of irony in the writer’s life. (3mks)
  4. How does the writer get out of this terrible situation? (2mks)
  5. What steps does the writer undertake to overcome the problem? (4mks)
  6. In a paragraph of about 60 words explain the benefits of the writer’s efforts to overcome worry. (4mks)

2. Read the following excerpt and answer the questions that follow (25 mks)

However, the notion that he was about to hand over his own daughter to a gangster continued to gnaw at the conscience of Ole Kaelo relentlessly. He felt guilty, especially when he recalled the atrocities that were known to have been committed by Oloisudori over the years. But another voice told him quietly that he was being foolish and unreasonable to question his own conscience over the matter of Oloisudori, for he was just one among many who were enjoying the fruits of their labour. And it was hardly anybody’s business to know how honest that labour was. After all, the small voice reassured him tauntingly, those who committed bigger crimes such as Goldenberg and Anglo-leasing, were still enjoying the ‘fruits of their labour.’ Had they not invested the yields of their ill-gotten money in housing estates, in shares, in import and exports in tourism, in transport and in other trades, just as Oloisudori had done?

When he went to bed later that evening, he remained awake for many hours pondering over those disturbing thoughts that went through his mind fleetingly, like water that churned violently in a turbulent sea. He thought of Oloisudori’s impending visit and his intended marriage to Resian. He knew the success of failure of the event would determine the fate of his business. Even his continued ownership of that house where he and his family lived, depended on the outcomes of that event. Should Oloisudori fail to get Resian and recall the loan he had extended to him to buy that house, he was done. And knowing Oloisudori, he could very easily draw the rug from beneath his feet, leaving him vulnerable to all kinds of vagaries. And the thoughts gave him anxious moments.

At dawn when sleep overtook him, Ole Kaelo had a pleasant dream. Resian had consented to Oloisudori’s proposal. After Oloisudori reported that to him, he was greatly pleased and relieved. His wife was rapturous. Although they were astonished at the turn of events, they were relieved to know that they would not have to live with the guilt of having forced their daughter to get married. What a wise child his once hardheaded daughter had turned to be after all! And how devious! After all those years of sullenness, awkwardness and tactlessness, she had finally brought relief to their life and ushered in a period of peace and tranquility. But then, it was just that. A dream!


  1. Place the excerpt in its immediate context. (4mks)
  2. Discuss three major issues in this excerpt. (6mks)
  3. Discuss two character traits of ole kaelo in this excerpt. (4mks)
  4. “and the thoughts gave him anxious moments” (add a question tag.) (1mk)
  5. Discuss any three aspects of style in this excerpt. (6mks)
  6. Explain the meaning of the following expressions from the excerpt. (4mks)
    1. Gnaw……………………………………………………………………………………………….
    2. Pondering…………………………………………………………………………………………
    3. Impending visit …………………………………………………………………………………..
    4. He was done……………………………………………………………………………………….

3. Read the following oral poem and then answer the questions which follow (20mks)

O elephant possessor of a saving- basket full of money
O elephant, huge as a hill, even in a crouching posture,
O elephant, enfolded by honour:demon, flapping fans of war.
Demon who snaps tree branches into many pieces and moves on the forest farm,
O elephant, whom ignores ‘ I have fled to my father for refuge’.
Let alone ‘to my mother’Mountains Animal, Huge 
Best who tears a man like a garment and hangs him up on a tree,
The sight of whom causes people to stampede towards a hill of safety,
My chant is a salute to the elephant ,Ajanaku who walks with a heavy tread,
Demon who swallows palm-fruit bunches, whole, even with the spiky pistil –cells,
O elephant, praise named, Laaye, massive animal blackish –grey in complexion,
O elephant, who single-handed cause a tremor in a dense tropical forest,
O elephant, who stands sturdy and alert, who walks slowly as if reluctantly,
O elephant, whom one sees and points towards with all one’s fingers. 
The hunters boast at home is not repeated when he really meets the elephant.
The hunters boast at home is not repeated before the elephant, 
Ajanaku looks back with difficulty like a person suffering from a sprained neck.
The elephant has a porter’s – knot without having any load on his head. 
The elephant’s head is his burden which he balances,
O elephant, praise named, Laaye, O death, please stop following me.
This part and parcel of the elephant’s appellation.
If you wish to know the elephant, the elephant who is a veritable ferry –man.
The elephant whom honuor matches, the elephant who continually swings his trunk.
His upper fly-switch.,It’s the elephant whose eyes are veritable water –jars,

O elephant, the vagrant par excellence.
Whose molar teeth are as wide as palm- oil pits in Ijesaland,
O elephant, lord of the forest, respectfully called Oriiribobo
O elephant whose teeth are like shafts,One tooth of his a porter’s load,
O elephant fondly called Otiko,Who has a beast- of burden’s proper nock,
O elephant, whom the hunter at other times aces face to face.
O elephant, whom the hunters at other times seas from the rear.
Beast who caries mortars and yet walks with a swaggering gaint.
Primeval leper, animal treading ponderously.


  1. What type of oral poem is this? ( 2mks )
  2. Identify, illustrate and give the effect of any three features of style used in the poem.(6mks)
  3. How is the elephant portrayed in the poem? (2mks)
  4. What is the persona’s attitude towards the elephant? (2mks)
  5. Identify any two economic activities of the community from which this poem is derived. (4mks)
  6. Identify the main theme of this poem. (2mks)
  7. Explain any two problems you may encounter when collecting material for this genre. (2mks)

4. Grammar (15mks)

  1. Rewrite the following sentences as instructed (2mks)
    1. My examination results were released only after I had cleared the fee balance.(Begin: Not until......)
    2. If I were the Minister for National Security, I would ensure tighter security checks at the borders. 
      (Begin: Were I )
    3. They had handled the case so carelessly that we were not satisfied. (Begin : So ...)
    4. “I shall expect to see you next Wednesday,” the teacher told the student.(Write in reported speech.)
  2. Use the correct form of the word in brackets in the sentences that follow. (3mks)
    1. The modern world today has many ………………………….forms of communication (sophistication)
    2. The gas was stored in a …………………………………..container (pressure)
    3. Do not wait for the bus, it comes to this town very ………………………….. (regular).
  3. Give the meaning of the underlined idiomatic expression. (2mks)
    1. The teacher asked him to stop beating about the bush.
    2. The politicians asked them to cross the bridge when they reach it.
  4. Choose the correct pronoun in the following sentences. (2mks)
    1. She knew allbout my friend and ___________(I/me)
    2. What would you do if you are_____________? (she/her)
  5. Complete each blank space in the following sentences with appropriate choice from: 
    (few, a few, little ,a little, some) ( 2mks)
    1. If there is tea left in that flask, I would like to have________________
    2. Since animal proteins are very expensive__________________people eat enough
  6. Replace the underlined word with the correct phrasal verb. (2mks)
    1. The class teacher promised to solve the problem. (sort)
    2. He tried all his dirty tricks on us but he did not succeed . (come)
    3. The nurse couldn’t tolerate the noise
    4. The mayor assumed that the problem had been got rid of.
  7. Rewrite the sentences below as to remove gender bias. (2mks)
    1. The headmistress advised her girls to keep off drugs.
    2. The father left his sons and daughters a big estate.

Marking Scheme

1. Comprehension (20mks)

    • The writer was confused and troubled that he not see the joy of living.√1
    • She could not sleep at night nor relax by day.√1
    • The writer was threatening her husband career.√1
    • Her own life was also threaten.√1
    • Threaten her children endowment of happy normal life.√1 (5mks)
  2. The insecurities and uncertainties of the re adjustment period. (2mks)
  3. It is ironical that the writer plans for her children’s husband and everything else but herself. (MUST BRING OUT CONTRAST) (3mks)
  4. She was assisted by the mother who challenged her to get out of bed and fight for all she red.(2mks)
    • She tells her parents to go back home.
    • She took and started to take care of her two younger children.
    • She slept well, began to eat better.
    • She forced herself to work.
    • She gathered her children together and join her husband in their new home.
  6. One grows stronger and stronger and walks up with joy of planning for a new day ahead. Another benefit is that the writer has a successful husband, a beautiful home and healthy children. One also has a peace of mind(4mrks)

2. Literary appreciation (25mks)

  1. Place the excerpt in its immediate context. (3mks)


    Ole Kaelo and Mama Milanoi make a visit to Oloisudori’s palatial home at Naivasha, he recalls another house Oloisudori has built for Resian in Nauru, at the night he dreams that Resian has accepted Oloisudori without any resistance. (½ x3= 1½mks )
    Resian and Taiyo return the gifts that Oloisudori has given them, Resian tells him that he can only marry her over her dead body,she goes at Nasila shop and confront her father over the matter, Ole Kaelo slaps her twice,Resian runs to the river contemplating to commit suicide.
    (½ x3= 1½mks )
  2. Discuss three major issues in this excerpt. (6mks)

    Materialism /greedness /opulence - Ole kaelo wants to marry off his daughter to Oloisudori just for material gain.

    Fear - Ole Kaelo fears about the outcome should Resian turn down the marriage proposal.

    Male Chauvinism - Ole Kaelo does not listen to his daughter’s grievances-he slaps her twice
    NB: must identify and illustrate 
  3. Discuss two character traits of ole kaelo in this excerpt. (4mks)

    Remorseful - he feels guilty for having accepted rewards from Oloisudori in order to marry his daughter off to him

    Fearful/coward - he fears about the outcome should Resian resent the proposal
    NB: must identify and illustrate 
  4. “and the thoughts gave him anxious moments” (add a question tag.) (1mk)
    ‘and the thoughts gave him anxious moments , didn’t they?
  5. Discuss any three aspects of style in this excerpt. (6mks)

    Monologue - Ole Kaelo is disturbed by the relationship between him and that of oloisudori.

    Dream motif - Kaelo dream that Resian has consented to marry Oloisudori without any resistance.

    Contrast and juxtaposition - Kaelo compares Oloisudori’s fruits of labour to that of the Goldenberg and the Anglo-leasing ( n/b must identify and illustrate
  6. Explain the meaning of the following expressions from the excerpt. (4mks)
    1. Gnaw……to bite
    2. Pondering… thinking about
    3. Impending visit ……………incoming/planned visit
    4. He was done………………………completely finished


  1. It is praise poem √1 possession of a bag full of money 1mk (Any other relevant illustration)
  2. Features of style
    1. Repetition – oh elephant
      Effect-to emphasize 
    2. Simile – huge as a hill
      Effect-To emphasize on the large size of the elephant
    3. Authorial intrusion – I have fled to my father for refuge.
      Effect-Reinforce the people have for the elephant.
  3. The elephant is portrayed as mighty /powerful/ferociously /any other relevant trait)1mrk
    - He who tears man like a garment 1mrk (Any other relevant illus)
  4. Persona’s attitude: admiration 1mrk who single handed causes a tremor in a dense tropical forest 1mrk
  5. Economic activities
    1. Hunting √1mrk – the hunters boast 1mrk
    2. Farming 1mrk –palm fruits, palm oil.1mrk
  6. The main theme: Human –animal conflict. (1mrk)
    “The sight of whom cause people to stampede. (1mrk)
  7. Problems:
    1. Language barrier if conducted outside your community.
    2. Unwillingness of the resources people


    1. Not until l had cleared the fee balance were my examination results released 
    2. Where I the Minister for National Security, I would ensure tighter security checks at the borders.
    3. So carelessly did they handle the case, that we were not satisfied?
    4. The teacher told/instructed the student that he/she is expecting to see him/her by the coming Wednesday (1/2x4) =2mks
    1. .Sophisticated
    2. Pressurized
    3. Irregularly (1x3)=3mks
    1. to make things peaceful
    2. to disregard usual rules (1x2)=2mks
    1. me
    2. She (1x2)=2mks
    1. little
    2. few (1x2)=2mks 
    1. Sort out
    2. Come through
    3. Put up with
    4. Ironed out (1/2x4)=2mks
    1. The head teachers advised their students to keep off drugs/ the principal / head teacher advised students/ pupils/ learners to keep off drugs.
    2. The parents left their children a big estate. (1x2)=2mks
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