CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 3 Exams 2021

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  • Answer any FIVE questions
    1. Describe activities that took place during dedication of Jesus in the Temple (LK 2:22- 40)(8mks)
    2. Outline seven lessons Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was left behind by his parents in the Temple.(Luke 2: 41- 52). (7 mks)
    3. State five ways in which Christians show respect to places of worship in Kenya today. (5 mks)
    1. With reference to the sermon on the plain, state six teachings of Jesus on how human beings should relate to one another. (6 mks)
    2. Describe the incident in which Jesus calmed the storm. (Luke 8: 22 - 25). (7 mks)
    3. Identify virtues that Christians learn from the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand. (7 mks)
    1. State five accusations that were made against Jesus during his trial. (Luke 22: 66 -23: 1-23).(5mks)
    2. Give reasons why Jesus appeared to His disciples after resurrection. (7 mks)
    3. Why should Christians be discouraged from taking part in mob justice? (8mks)
    1. Explain the teaching of Peter concerning the people of God (1st Peter 2: 9 - 10) (8mks)
    2. Give ways through which Christians can promote unity among themselves in Kenya today. (7mks)
    3. State how kindness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is abused in the Church in Kenya today. (5mks)
    1. Outline the events that took place at Jesus entry into Jerusalem (Luke 19:28-40. (7mks)
    2. State what the two disciples to Emmaus discussed about Jesus. (6mks)
    3. Explain how unity is demonstrated in Kenyan churches today. (7mks)
    1. Explain the teaching of Jesus on prayer (7mks)
    2. State the occasions when Jesus prayed (7mks)
    3. Why do some Christians find it hard to pray ?(6mks)

Marking scheme

    1. Activities that took place during the dedication of Jesusin the temple (luke 2: 22 - 40) were as follows.
      • Jesus was taken to Jerusalem to be presented to the lord by his parents.
      • Simeon was moved by the Holy Spirit and took Jesus in his arms and praised God.
      • Simeon said that he was ready to die he had seen God's salvation/a light for revelation to salvation.
      • Simeon prophesied about the mission of Jesus.
      • Prophetess Anna thanked God for sending Jesus who would bring redemption.
      • The parents of Jesus were amazed by the things Simeon and Anna said about their child.
      • The parents of Jesus offered the purification sacrifice according to the law of Moses.
      • Simeon blessed Jesus' parents.
      • Jesus was dedicated to God.
      • Anna gave thanks/prayed/spoke of Jesus to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem.
      • The parents of Jesus returned home.
    2. Lessons Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was left behind by his parents in the temple( luke 2:41 - 52) are as follows.
      • It is important to read the scriptures to know the will of God;
      • Parents should show concern for their children;
      • Parents should bring up their children to obey God;
      • Children should obey and respect their parents;
      • Parents should try as much as possible to understand the abilities and gifts of their children;
      • Parents should encourage and provide their children with opportunities to attend church service;
      • Parents and children should trust/have faith in God. They should give Him first priority;
      • There should be communication among family members/they should inform one another of their whereabouts;
      • Children should obey their parents;
      • Parents should love their children.
      • Christian should accommodate the view of the youth;
      • Christian should exercise tolerance/forgiveness; or
      • Christians should give God first priority as Jesus did.
    3. Ways in which Christians show respect to places of worship in Kenya today.
      • Through code of dressing.
      • Observing silence.
      • Ensuring that places of worship are mainly reserved for worship.
      • Ensuring that the Altar is treated as sacred.
      • Social activities are not carried out in the places of worship.
      • Christians dress in decent clothing as they go to places of worship.
      • Order is maintained in places of worship.
      • Constructing special places for worshipping God/dedicating them.
      • They are treated with relevance (e.g. in some cases shoes are removed); and
      • Putting off the mobile phones.
    1. The five teachings of Jesus on how human beings should relate to one another are that human beings should relate to one another as follows.
      • They should love another in order to become the children of God.
      • They should show love to all those who treat them badly.
      • They should do to others as they would like done to them.
      • Human beings should avoid judging others. They should 'examine their faults first before pointing out the faults of others.
      • They should bless those who curse them.
      • They should also pray for those who abuse them.
      • They should help those in need.
      • They should show mercy to others.
      • They should forgive one another/not revenge.
      • They should be generous.
    2. The following is the description of how Jesus calmed the storm.
      • Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Lake of Galilee
      • Jesus was asleep, as the water started entering their boat. The disciples were afraid that they would drown.
      • They therefore woke Jesus and asked Him to save them before their boat capsized.
      • Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and raging waves and the storm ceased.
      • Jesus asked them where their faith was.
      • In fear and amazement the disciples asked each other who Jesus was. someone who could have the winds and the water obeyed him.
    3. Virtues that Christianslearn from the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand are as follows
      • Christians must be willing to share whatever they have, no matter how little.
      • Christians should show mercy to the needy.
      • Christians need to have faith like Jesus did when praying to God to answer prayers.
      • Christians should be orderly when handling issues, just like Jesus who had people sit in groups.
      • Christians should always give thanks before eating food.
      • Christians should not be wasteful and extravagant. They should use their excess to serve others.
      • Christians should take care of the environment, like the collecting of leftovers which left the environment clean.
      • Respect
      • Humility
    1. Accusations that were made against Jesus during His trial (Luke 22:66, 23:1-23) are as follows:
      • blasphemy as he claimed to be the son of God;
      • perverting their nation;
      • forbidding the payment of tribute to Caesar;
      • Claiming to be Christ the king;
      • Stirring up the people all over Judea by his teachings; or
      • Inciting people to rebellion
    2. The reasons why Jesus appeared to his disciples after resurrection are as follows:
      • To prove that his resurrection was a fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies and Psalm.
      • So that they could understand the scriptures that Jesus was the suffering servant.
      • So that he could promise them the coming of the Holy Spirit who would replace him.
      • To prove the prophecies that Jesus would rise in the third day after his death.
      • To prove that Jesus was alive.
      • To encourage them to continue preaching the repentance and forgiveness of sins to all nations.
      • He wanted to strengthen their faith.
      • To prove the power of God.
      • So that the disciples would understand the mission of Jesus.
      • So as to comfort them.
      • So as to commission them to be his witnesses.
      • So as to bless them.
      • He wanted to represent to them the correct interpretation of the suffering messiah and/or scriptures.
    3. Christians should be discouraged from taking part in mob justice because:
      • We should let the law take its course;
      • We should not judge;
      • We should not kill;
      • A person is innocent till proved guilt;
      • Life is sacred;
      • Christians should not practice violence;
      • Christians should be role models;
      • Mob justice may lead to death, and God is the only one who should take life;
      • It does not give room to reason;
      • It is impulse/based on emotions;
      • It can lead to destruction of poverty/life/it is violent physical injuries;
      • It is unbiblical/it lacks love/against law of the Lord;
      • It can be fueled by lies/malice/incitement;
      • The victim is denied a chance of defending himself/herself;
      • It is a form of revenge;
      • It does not give room for forgiveness/reconciliation/rehabilitation; or
      • It can lead to bitterness/regret/ psychological suffering.
    1. The teaching of Peter concerning the people of God is as follows:
      • Believers in Christ are God's chosen people. They are in a covenant relationship with God;
      • They are a royal priesthood;
      • They are a special chosen race;
      • They are a holy nation;
      • They are God's own people;
      • They are people who have received God's mercy;
      • They are called to declare the mighty deeds of God;
      • They were called from darkness to light/their lives had been transformed and should not be dominated by evil; orThey are led by the mercies of God/have received God's grace.
    2. The following are ways through which Christians can promote unity among themselves in Kenyatoday.
      • Christians celebrate the Holy Communion together.
      • They hold crusades and do joint church service.
      • Christians meet for prayers and fellowship together.
      • They meet for Bible study to learn more about God's kingdom.
      • They meet on the day of worship to honour God.
      • They also co-operate by producing Christian educational programmes in the mass media.
      • Christians accept members to the church without discrimination.
      • Christians take a joint stand against injustice/problems in the society.
      • They should speak with one voice on matters of constitution/political life of the nation.
      • Provide loans/funds/support to the poor irrespective of denomination/ affiliations
      • Should unite in provision of medical services.
      • Christians need to respect one another.
    3. Kindness as a fruit of the Holy Spirit is abused in the Church in Kenya today as follows.
      • Embezzlement of funds for projects.
      • Some church leadershave become greedy people.
      • Some needy people have taken advantage of the kindness in the church.
      • Some church leaders have become very extravagant.
      • Some church leaders have used the church money in immoral activities.
      • Some Christians take advantage of other Christians in the church.
      • It has led to misuse of gifts and offering.
      • Some Christians fail to work because they expect assistance from others.
      • When church leaders demand for payment for all services they render.
      • When church leaders ask their congregations to cater for their personal needs like further studies/buying of vehicles.
    1. Outline the events that took place at Jesus entry into Jerusalem Luke 19:28-40. (7mks)
      1. At Bethany he sent two disciples to the village.
      2. They were to untie a colt that had never been ridden.
      3. Instructed to tell whoever asks that the lord needed it.
      4. They found the colt as told by Jesus
      5. They brought the colt / threw their sacks on it.
      6. They put Jesus on it and saddled him
      7. People put cloths / tree branches / palm branches on the road.
      8. The disciples praised Jesus /people shouted” God bless the king who comes in the name of the lord”
      9. The Pharisee asked Jesus to tell the disciples to keep quiet.
      10. Jesus replied if they kept quiet, the stones would start shouting.
      11. He entered the temple area / drove away those trading in the temple area / my house is a house of prayer not a den of robbers.
        Any other relevant point 7×1=7marks
    2. State what the two disciples to Emmaus discussed about Jesus. (6mks)
      1. Jesus was a prophet.
      2. He was a great leader / powerful in word.
      3. He was a miracle worker / powerful in deeds
      4. He was delivered to be condemned /crucified by the chief priests and the rulers.
      5. He was a hope of Israel because he was going to redeem them/He was salvation of Israel.
      6. They believed Jesus was the Messiah
      7. Jesus had suffered and crucified.
      8. People / Holy women claimed he had resurrection.
        Any other relevant point 6×1=6marks
    3. Explain how unity is demonstrated in Kenyan churches today. (7mks)
      1. Christian meets for prayer and fellowship together.
      2. They meet on the day of worship to honor God.
      3. Christian celebrates the Holy Communion together.
      4. They help those who are poor or needy.
      5. They solve problem affecting the church e.g. H.I.V & AIDS.
      6. They preach the same gospel of Jesus Christ.
      7. Christians accepts members to the church without discrimination.
      8. They meet for bible study to learn more about God’s Kingdom
      9. The unity of church is demonstrated through the work of Holy Spirit
      10. They hold crusades and joint church services interdenominational prayers
      11. They cooperate by producing Christian messages in mass media.
        Any other relevant point
    1. Jesus teachings on prayer
      • Prayer should be done in privacy
      • Prayer should be short and precise
      • Prayer should be addressed to God the Father
      • Christians should pray with Faith
      • Christians should pray persistently without ceasing
      • Christians should approach God with respect and humility
      • Christians should pray for forgiveness
      • God answers prayers
    2. Occasions when Jesus prayed
      • During His baptism
      • During His temptations in wilderness
      • Before choosing 12 disciples
      • In the miracle of feeding 5000
      • During transfiguration
      • When He taught His disciples the Lords prayer
      • During last supper
      • Before His arrest at mount olives
      • When He was on the cross
    3. why some Christians find it difficult to pray
      • lack of faith in God
      • laziness
      • frustration at personal or family level
      • discouragements due to delay in answering prayers
      • sin in their lives
      • loss of hope in unanswered prayers
      • lack of knowledge of the scriptures
      • shyness
      • trusting wealth and education instead of God
      • lack of training from an early age.

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