English Paper 3 Questions And Answers - Form 3 Term 2 Opener Exams 2021

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  • Answer two questions only
  • One Imaginative(compulsory) and the other from the novel or the play
    1. Write a story starting with:
      "As I said goodbye to her, little did I know that would be the last time I would be seeing her…" (20 Marks)
    2. Write a composition to illustrate the following proverb:
      “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” (20 Marks)

    1. “Blossoms of the Savannah” by Ole Kulet (20 Marks)
      Female assertiveness is one of the main thematic concerns. Using Resian as a point of reference, justify this statement.
    1. “A DOLL’S HOUSE” BY HENRIK IBSEN(20marks)
      Using illustrations from the play, A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, show how lies and deceit are exposed in the play.


    1. Must be a story, if not deduct 4mks (AD)
      • It may be told in either the first person or the third person point of view
      • The given statement must tie well to the story, if not deduct 1mk
      • If the given statement is not used at all, deduct 2mks
      • If the statement is not at the beginning of the story, deduct 1mk

      • Must be a story, if not deduct 4mks (AD)
      • Should capture the proverb (if defined deduct 2 AD)
      • Should portray a situation where one cherishes something, or somebody knows the value/worth – hence ‘beauty’ is relative: deduct 4mks in case of irrelevancy.
      • Treat as irrelevant if the composition is philosophical.
  2. Blossoms Of The Savannah   
    • Introduction
      In a patriarchal society, only those women who are assertive are able to stand in good stead. In ‘Blossoms of the Savannah’, Resian expresses her opinions openly and without fear with regards to what she considered oppressive practices against women.
      (accept any relevant introduction)
    • Body
      1. Firstly, Resian is opposed to cultural teachings that she perceives to be oppressive to women. In a defiant tone, she questions the length to which women go to please men, who she refers to as lazy bunch of busy bodies. She openly declares her refusal to be taught to solely please male counterparts. She feels, they can also cook, and they can, and should learn to please females. She also expresses her distaste/resentment for all those males who come around their home ordering them to do that or the other for them, simply because they are males. Thus, Resian intimates that male dominance should be done away with as it is oppressive to women folk.
      2. Furthermore, Resian fights the idea that women should be treated like objects. Even though Resian and Taiyo had their plans and projections for their future, their father, Ole Kaelo makes decisions for them that are likely to change the course of their life without consulting them. He takes a briefcase with money presumably as a prize for one of them from Oloisudori. Again, Oloisudori lavishes them with gifts. To show Oloisudori that they were not on sale, they hatched a plan where they packed Oloisudori’s gifts in a carton and returned them to him. This shows Taiyo’s and Resian’s desire to achieve their dreams of pursuing further education at the university thereby developing their careers as opposed to their father’s plans for their lives – marriage.
      3. In addition, Resian fiercely resists the idea of forcefully being married off. When Oloisudori declares that she was his wife, Resian screamed at him saying that she could only be his wife over her dead body and that he and her father could kill her and carry her dead body to Oloisudori’s palatial home. She was so angry at the disclosure that she shuddered with disgust and terror. Resian also confronts her father over the same issue of forced marriage. She hollered, shrieked and shrilled saying all sorts of things to express outrage. She cried accusing her father of hatred and betrayal by betrothing her to Oloisudori. Then she told her father that it would be better to kill her than to hand her over to his monster friend. All this outrage is a clear demonstration of how disgusting Resian regarded the idea of forced marriage.
      4. Moreover, Resian could not condone sexual molestation against women. When Olarinkooi attempted to rape Resian, she fought him off fiercely. Mustering all her strength, she thrust Olarinkoi’s thumb into her mouth; sunk her teeth into the flesh like a ferocious animal and tenaciously held on to it, tugging at it fiercely like a lioness. Though Olarinkoi howled in pain, she was relentless as she dug deeper and the limb. Consequently, Olarinkoi was unable to accomplish his evil intentions.
    • Conclusion
      In conclusion, through her assertiveness, Resian is able to resist oppressive practices against women and becomes one of the pioneers of women empowerment in her society.
      1. Introduction – 2mks
      2. Body 3:3:3:3 – 12mks
      3. Grammar – 4mks
      4. Conclusion – 2mks
        Accept relevant credible conclusion
    1. As the play begins, Nora behaves like an obedient and honest wife. However, this is not her real character. She does not want to reveal to her husband that she had loaned money from Krogstad to facilitate their trip to Italy.
    2. Krogstad's deceit is exposed. He commits forgery. This act of deceit destroys his reputation that he finds it difficult to get employed.
    3. Dr. Rank's lies are brought to light. For many years, he has been talking about the depth of his feelings towards Nora. However, he has been lusting on her. When Nora finds out that he is lustful towards her, she gets too shocked to borrow money from him.
    4. Torvard's deceit is exposed at the end of the play. He pretends that. he loves Nora while in reality he perceives her as property. When his real trait is brought out, Nora decides to divorce him.
      • Introduction – 2mks
      • Body 3:3:3:3 – 12mks
      • Grammar – 4mks
      • Conclusion – 2mks
        Accept relevant credible conclusion

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