CRE Paper 2 Questions And Answers - Form 3 Term 2 Opener Exams 2021

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    1. Explain how Jesus fulfilled the old testament prophecies about the messiah (8mks)
    2. Describe Zacharias vision in the temple (6mks)
    3. State six lesson Christians learn from the annunciation of the birth of john the Baptist(6mks)
    1. Mention six incidences where the angel were used by God to communicate his message in St Luke’s gospel(6mks)
    2. Describe Jesus raising Jairus daughter (Lk 8;40-56) (
    3. Describe six ways in which Jesus observed the religious practices of the Jews
    1. Narrate the parable of the good Samaritan (lk 10) ( 8mks)
    2. Give six reasons that Jesus used parables in his teachings(6mks)
    3. In which six ways in which Christians show their faith in God today(6mks)
    1. identify six reasons why Jesus conflicted with the Jewish religious leaders (6mks)
    2. What is the importance of transfiguration to the ministry of Jesus (8mks)
    3. Explain six reasons why the resurrection of Jesus is important to Christians(6mks)
    1. Explain what Jesus taught his disciples about the role of the holy spirit (7mks)
    2. Outline what Paul taught about Jesus in his speech on the day of Pentecost (6mks)
    3. Explain ways in which gifts of the holy spirit are abused in church in Kenya(7mks)
    1. Explain four teachings of Paul on Christian unity as illustrated in the body of Christ (1st Cor 12: 12-27 (8mks)
    2. State six problems faced by the church at the Corinth during the time of Paul. (6mks)
    3. Outline six fruits of holy spirit according to Galatians 5: 6-26 ( 6mks)


    1. Explain how Jesus fulfilled the to prophecies
      • He was born in the linage of David –Mary was engaged to Joseph who was from the linage of David.
      • Mary conception was through the power of holy spirit Mary was a virgin
      • Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem as prophesied by Micha
      • The messiah in the old testetament was to bring salvation to the world if came to pass assted by simeon in the temple
      • In the synague when preaching in Nazareth
      • Jesus was betrayed by across friend
      • He was crucified on the cross
      • He was buried in rich mans tomb
    2. Describe Zachariah’s vision in the temple (8mks)
      • Zachariah was performing his priestly duty at the temple.
      • He had gone to burn incense inside the temple as other worshippers where praying outside.
      • An angle of God appeared to him standing at the right hand side of the altar.
      • He felt frightened and scared but the angel reassured him that he had good news.
      • He told Zachariah that God had heard his prayers and would bless him with a son to be named John meaning God is gracious.
      • The child will be a joy and delight to Zachariah and many people will rejoice because of his birth.
      • The child will be great in the sight of the Lord.
      • He will never take wine and would be filled with the Holy Spirit.
      • He will convert many people back to Christ
      • He will be a forerunner of Christ in the spirit of Elijah.
      • Zachariah could not believe because he was too old to have children and his wife was barren.
      • The angle gave him a sign by making him dumb until the child is born.
      • The people who were waiting outside were wondering why he took long in the temple and when he came out he could not speak to them which made them realize that he had
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from the annunciation of the birth of john the Baptist? (6mks)
      • God answers people prayers and therefore as God for the needs.
      • Christians should not doubt God’s message an commands delivered through as servants.
      • Christian’s couples should be devoted to God in prayers.
      • Children are a gift from God and a joy to their parents
      • God has a purpose for every child’s life.
      • Christians should commit themselves in serving God..
      • Christians should condemn evils in the society
      • Christians should spread the gospel to non- believers so as to convert them t o Christianity
      • Christians should be prepared for second coming of Christ.
    1. Mention six incidents where angels were used by God to communicate his message in St.Luke’s Gospel
      • God used Angel Gabriel to speak to Zachariah of the Birth of John the Baptist (Luke 1:11-20)
      • God sent Angel Gabriel to Mary where he spoke of the birth of Jesus (Luke 1:26-38)
      • The Angel of the lord announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds (Luke 2: 9-12)
      • The angels accompany the son of man at his coming in a choir/ host of heavenly angels singing the hymn of praise to God (Luke 2:13-14)
      • The angel appears as heavenly court attending to Jesus (Luke 5:10)
      • Angels carry Lazarus to Abraham’s bosom
      • Angels are ministers of God’s judgement during second coming of Jesus Christ. (Parousia) and gather the sinners for judgement (Luke 17:34-35)
      • Angels are seen present at the resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24:23)
        (Any 6 points x 1 mark total 6 marks
    2. Describe Jesus rising of Jarus daughter (7mks)
      • Jairus was an administrator in the synagogue
      • when Jesus returned from healing the man with demons he found Jairus desperate as his daughter was sick
      • Jairus begged Jesus to come to his house to heal her
      • before Jesus reach a messenger reported that Jairus daughter had died
      • Jesus arrived at Jairus and ordered mourned to stop crying and to remain outside the houseJesus went in with the child’s parent peter john and James
      • he took the child’s hand and ordered her to arise the child came back to life and Jesus asked the parents to feed her 
      • the parents were amazed
      • Jesus asked them not so tell anybody about it
    3. Describe ways in which Jesus observed the religious practice of the Jews (6mks)
      • He was circumcised at 8 days according to the Jews culture
      • He was dedicated to God as a first born boy
      • The respected the law of the Sabbath and visited synagogues
      • He attended the Passover feast in Jerusalem as a Jewish annual festivals
      • Jesus lived with parents in Nazareth and was obedient to them as required by Jewish law
      • Jesus was given a name as required by the Jewish culture
      • Jesus fasted and prayed in line with he Jewish way of worship
    1. Narate the parable of the good Samaritan
      • Jesus encountered a law experts
      • He asked who is my neighbor
      • In response Jesus gave the parable of good Samaritan
      • He asked Jesus what he could to to have eternal life
      • Jesus asked him about the law
      • I had obeyed since youth
    2. Give six reasons why Jesus used parables in his teaching. (6mks)
      • Avoid direct confrontation
      • Separation true +less disciples
      • Establish faithful group
      • Motivate listeners
      • Thinking critically
      • Gifted teachers
      • Keep Messiah sylc secret full time
    3. In which six ways do Christians show their faith in God today. (6mks)
      • reading the bible/ being prayerful
      • preaching the gopel
      • helping the needy/ visiting the sick
      • commitment to Gods work
      • tithing
    1. Identify the area of conflict arising from Jesus Galilean ministry (7mks)
      • Jesus claimed to fulfill the prophesy of Isaiah of being the messiah
      • Jesus healed the sick on a Sabbath day
      • Jesus declared sins forgiven something that only God could do
      • Jesus touched unclean people (leaper)
      • Jesus mixed with sinners e.g. tax collectors
      • Jesus disciple did not observe the rate of fasting
      • Jesus refused to perform a miracle at home on the demand of the Jewish
      • Jesus popularity and the scribes who felt that their authority was being undermined
    2. What is the importance of transfiguration to the ministry of Jesus?
      • The incident prepared the disciples of Jesus of His death and resurrection/ showed that there is life after death
      • The appearance of Moses showed that Jesus had come to fulfill the law
      • The appearance of Elijah showed that Jesus had come to fulfill the prophecies/ prophets
      • The voice of God, (This is my son) was a voice to confirmation that the son of God/ the expected messiah (that the disciples were right in the following him)
      • It taught the disciples that Jesus was to be obeyed/ trusted
      • The disciple witnessed/ experience the presence of God
      • The disciples witnessed/ had a glimpse of Jesus in his heavenly glory divine nature
      • The episode teaches that Jesus had come to usher in the heavenly kingdom/ the kingdom of God
      • The episode prepared Peter for the future leadership of the church
      • It teaches the need for privacy during prayer
      • The comforting words of God encouraged Jesus to continue in his ministry
      • It also strengthened the faith of the disciples who later become leaders of the church
      • The tabernacle/ booths/ tents desired by Peter refer to the tabernacle of the Old Testament where God dwelt among the people
      • It is in the transfiguration that Jesus even in his earthly existence is the glorious son of God who would be fully recognized in his gory after his passion and resurrection
        (Any 8 points x 1 mark total 8marks)    
    3. Explain five reasons why the resurrection of Jesus is important to Christians
      • It is the foundation of the Christian faith and hope without which their believe would be useless
      • Christian faith would be in vain if Jesus had not resurrected
      • Through the resurrection, Christians have confidence and hope because the one they believe in has been exalted and sits at the right hand of God Almighty
      • Through the resurrection , Christians are given the hope of eternal life
      • The resurrection of Jesus led to the coming of the Holy Spirit who help Christians to live according to the teachings of Christ, preach the gospel and speak boldly against evils in the society
      • The resurrection gives meaning to Baptism in that one dies in sin and is raised with Christ to new life
      • The resurrection confirms the divinity of Jesus as true (son of God, the messiah)
      • The resurrection gives Christians courage to face death because they have hope of resurrecting at his second return
      • The resurrection acts as a unifying factor for all Christians in the world
      • It is remembered by Christians during the celebration of holy Eucharist(6marks)
    1. what Jesus taught the disciples about the role of holy spirit
      • it guides the believer in true
      • It enables believers to send away evil spirit
      • It revels the truth to the believers
      • Act as covnsellor
      • Enables the people to witness about Jesus Christ
      • Give various gifts to the disciples
      • Make the world aware of sin and Judgment of God
      • Help the disciples endure temptation
    2. Outline seven teachings about Jesus from Peter’s speech on the day of Pentecost.
      • Jesus was from Nazareth.
      • He had divine nature.
      • He had human nature.
      • God raised Jesus from the dead.
      • His death and crucification was according to God’s plan.
      • He was descendant of David.
      • God has made Jesus both Lord and Christ.
      • The Holy Spirit is a gift from Jesus.     
    3. Explain ways in which the gift of the Holy Spirit have been abused in the church today (6mks
      • the gift of healing-abused by preachers who perform the healing for money
      • the gift of performing miracles-abused to entice people /attract people to church for popularity
      • the gift of preaching-abused by preachers for economic gains
      • speaking in tongues-abused when others are discriminated against e.g. those without tongues
      • discerning-abused by dismissing preachers as being false or true preachers when they cannot really discern
      • speaking in tongues when there is no interprators
      • wisdom-abused to misinterpreted the bible
    1. Four teachings of Paul on Christian unity as illustrated (1st Corinthian 12-27)(8marks)
      • Christians are members of one body Christ
      • The body is composed of many parts so are the Christians
      • By one spirit all Christians are baptized into one body
      • Members of the body/ church must cre for one another
      • Each member of the body is important and likewise all the members of the church are important.
      • When one members suffers all members suffers as well
      • All parts of the body must operate in harmony because they are interdependent likewise Christians should work in harmony
    2. Problems faced by church at Corinth during the time of paul(6marks)
      • Leadership wrangles
      • eating of food offered to idols
      • Worship – women – hair- coverage
      • Spiritual gifts cafild
      • Lords supper abuse
      • Sexual /immorality
      • Court + settled or by pagans
      • Resurrection of the body
    3. State seven fruits of the Holy Sprit according to Galatians 5:6-26(7mks)
      • love , joy , peace, kindness, patience, self control, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness

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