CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 Mid Term 2 Exams 2021

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  • This paper consists of six questions, answer only 5 questions.
  • All questions contain equal marks
    1. Identify the names Isaiah gave the promised messiah.    (6mks)
    2. What were the Jewish expectations concerning the messiah. (7mks)
    3. How did Jesus fulfill the prophecies concerning the messiah (7mks]
    1. Relate the birth of John the Baptist. (8mks)
    2. State Zachariah's message about John in his song the benedicts. (6mks)
    3. State the ceremonies connected to the birth of a child in African traditional society.
    1. Describe the miracles of the feeding of the five thousand people by Jesus. (8mks)
    2. Give reasons why Jesus performed miracles.  (7mks)
    3. In what ways are Christians trying to solve the problem of the needy in Kenya today.  (5mks)
    1. Give reasons why Jesus used parables in his teaching.  (7mks)
    2. From the parable of the good Samaritans how should a committed follower of Jesus carry him/herself.  (7mks)
    3. In what ways do Christians demonstrate that they are committed followers of Jesus.  (6mks)
    1. Identify any seven gifts of the holy spirit as taught by Paul. (7mks)
    2. State the problems caused by speaking in tongues in the church at Corinth (6mks)
    3. Show how the gifts of the holy spirit are manifested in the church today. (7mks]
    1. Give reasons why believers are referred to as the pride in the New Testament. [6mks]
    2. State Peter's message on the day of Pentecost.   (7mks)
    3. What are the lessons Christians leam from the day of Pentecost. [7mks]


    1. Names Isaiah gives the messiah
      • Emmanuel
      • Wonderful counselor
      • Mighty God
      • Prince of peace
      • Suffering servant
      • Everlasting father
        6x 1=mrks
    2. The Jewish expectation conceming the messiah
      • Came from the line of David.
      • Would restore David Kingdom
      • Helped the Israelites conger their enemies
      • Would establish an earthly kingdom
      • Would restore the temple liturgy
      • Force other nations to observe mosaic laws
      • Would perform miracles
      • Came from a rich family
        Any 7x1=7mrks
    3. How Jesus fulfilled the prophecies concerning the messiah
      • Was born in the lineage of David
      • Jesus mother was a virgin when Jesus was conceived
      • Was born in Bethlehem hence a fulfillment of Micah's prophecy
      • Was a descendant of David. He was called by a blind beggar as a son of David.
      • Jesus claimed to be the Messiah when he began hi ministry
      • He performed miracles as foretold by Isaiah
      • Jesus suffered as foretold by Isaiah.
      • Jesus was betrayed by Judah.
      • Was crucified by two thieves
    1. When John was born it was a time of merriment to the parent,
      • In the Jewish community, naming of a baby boy took 8 days after birth when the boy is circumcised.
      • When the time for naming, the relatives of Zachariah insisted that, the child be named after the father
      • But Mary insisted that the child be named John
      • Their relatives could not see why the child could be given the name John, because none of their relative had the name
      • To their surprise, when Zachariah was asked he wrote on a piece of paper the name John
      • Zachariah then started to talking and praised God.
      • He was filled with the Holy Spirit and sang a hymn which was known as Benedictus.
    2. Message about john in the Benedictus
      • John is a prophet
      • Would prepare the way for the messiah
      • Would preach Gods salvation
      • Would preach forgiveness of sins
      • Would give light to those who are in darkness
      • Would be filled with the holy spirit
      • Would have the qualities of Elijah Why Jesus performed miracles
    3. Ceremonies connected to the birth of a child ATS
      • Naming
      • Shaving of the hair
      • Cleansing
      • Administering herbs on the body for protection
      • Offering thanks giving sacrifices
      • Careful disposal of the placenta
      • Rituals to announce the birth of a child
    1. The feeding of the five thousand people.
      • Took place after the return of the apostles who were sent by Jesus
      • A large crowd followed Jesus to a town known as Bethsaida
      • He preached and healed the sick.
      • When the sun was about to set the disciples asked Jesus to let the people go to the nearby towns and villages to look for food and accommodation
      • Jesus asked the disciples if they have food, and they said, they only had five loaves and two fish.
      • Jesus told the disciples to make the people sit down in groups
      • He took the loaves and the fish, looked up and thanked God.
      • The people ate to their satisfaction and asked the disciples to share it out.
      • The people ate to their satisfaction and the left over 's were collected and filled twelve baskets
    2. Why Jesus performed miracles
      • To show compassion to those who were suffering
      • To show that he was the life giver
      • To show that he was the son of God
      • To a firm his mission of salvation
      • To manifest Gods love
      • To show that he came for the whole being of a person physical and spiritual
      • To show that he was a universal savior
      • To show the importance of faith
    3. How Christians solve the problem of the needy
      • Counseling and guiding them
      • Rehabilitating them
      • Giving them material support
      • Training them to enable them to be self reliant
    1. Why Jesus used parables in his teachings
      • Was his method of teaching
      • Wanted to know the serious seekers of Gods kingdom
      • Parables were commonly used in those days in Palestine
      • To make his listeners thing critically
      • To avoid direct confrontation with the Pharisees
      • Wanted to use common vivid illustrations to teach about Gods kingdom
      • Wanted to attract attention of his listeners
    2. Qualities of a committed follower of Jesus from the parable of good Samaritan
      • Have mercy on the needy
      • Help those in need
      • Should not discriminate others
      • Generous and kind
      • One who goes against cultural barriers and serve anyone
      • One who understands the law and obeys it
      • One who is compassionate to those in problems
    3. How Christians demonstrate that they are committed followers of Jesus.
      • Helping the needy
      • Use their resources to serve God
      • Spread the gospel
      • Participate in church activities
      • Are in solidarity with others, despite the denominational backgrounds
      • Visit the sick in hospitals
      • Visit people in their homes and give them spiritual encouragement
      • Attend the Sabbath services on every Sabbath day
    1. Gifts of the holy spirit
      • Speaking in tongues
      • Interpreting tongues
      • Prophecy
      • Wisdom
      • Knowledge
      • Performing miracle
      • Distinguishing spirit
      • Gift of faith
        Any 7x1=7mrks
    2. Problems caused by speaking in tongues in Corinth
      • Disorderliness as the believers were trying to speak at ago
      • Pride-were boasting because they could speak in tongues
      • Overlooked other gifts emphasis was put in speaking in tongues
      • Did not express love
      • Led to confusion because of lack of interpretation
      • Those who had the gift of speaking in tongues monopolized the church services
        6x1=6 mrks
    3. How the holy spirit is manifested to church today
      • Speaking in tongues is evidenced in some churches today like Roho
      • Faith healing
      • Wisdom is manifested in the way priests interpret the bible and make decisions in church
      • The gift of prophecy is also evidenced
      • The gift of knowledge is seen in the way people are taught in church and the preaching from pastors
      • Gift of love - there is concern for one another in our churches to day
      • Interpretation of tongues is also evidenced in some churches
    1. Why the believers are referred to as the bride
      • They are spiritually united to Jesus
      • They are loved by Jesus
      • They are faithful to Jesus
      • Are committed to Jesus work
      • Are responsible in their relationship with God
      • They have a duty to serve God
    2. Peters message on the day of Pentecost
      • Jesus came to save mankind
      • Jesus was son of God
      • Jesus had had risen from the dead
      • Jesus was killed but he was innocent
      • Jesus had been exalted into heaven and sits at the right hand of God
      • Peter challenged those who were there to repent and be baptized
      • Jesus' suffering and death was God's plan.
      • That the disciples were not drunk but were overpowered by the holy spirit
    3. Lesson learned from the day of Pentecost
      • It is important to meet together the day of Pentecost
      • It is important to be obedient like the disciples who obeyed Jesus and stayed in Jerusalem
      • Jesus keeps his promises
      • The holy spirit empowered believers to preach fearlessly
      • Baptism of the holy spirit is important in salvation
      • The holy spirit can empower preachers to explain the work of God

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