English P3 Questions and Answers - Form 3 Term 3 Opener Exams 2022

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  1. Write your name and admission number in the spaces provided.
  2. Answer two questions only
  3. Your answers must be written in English.


  1. Imaginative composition (Compulsory) (20 marks)
    1. Write a story which ends with the following words:
      “……………. I wish I had known earlier.”
    2. Write a story illustrating the saying,
      “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”
  2. Essays based on set Text
    1. “Olarinkoi’s behaviour is like that of a predator stalking its prey. “Write an essay that shows the truth of this statement in view of what befalls the Ole Kaelo daughters in Blossoms of the Savannah. (20 Marks)
    2. “Desperation pushes individuals to do the unexpected. “Write an essay to support this statement using illustrations from A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen. (20 Marks)


QN 1

  1. Points of interpretation
    • Must be a story, if not deduct. (4 Marks)
    • Must end with the given words, if not deduct. (2 Marks)
  2. Points of interpretation.
    • Must be a creative composition, if not deduct (4 Marks)
    • Must show relevance to the saying.
    • Must not explain the meaning of the proverb.

D CLASS (01-05)
The candidate either does not communicate at all or his language ability is so minimal that the examiner practically has to guess what the candidate wants to communicate. The candidate fails to fit English words he knows into meaningful sentences.
The subject is glanced at or distorted. Practically no valid punctuation. All kinds of errors are “Broken English.”.

D- (01-01) Chaotic. Little meaning whatsoever. Question paper or some words from it simply copied.
D (03) Flow of thought almost impossible to follow. The errors are continuous.
D+(04-05) Although English is often broken and the essay is full of errors of all types one can at least guess what the candidate wants to communicate.

C CLASS (06-10) - Generally, there is difficulty in communication.
The candidate communicates understandably but only more or less clearly. He/she is not confident with their language. The language is often undeveloped. There may be some digressions. Unnecessary repetitions are frequent. The arrangement is weak and the flow is jerky. There is no economy of language mother tongue influence is felt in spelling; there is direct translation.

C- (06-07) - The candidate obviously finds it difficult to communicate his ideas. He is seriously hampered by his very limited knowledge of the language structure and vocabulary. This results in many gross errors of agreement, spelling, misuse of prepositions, tenses, verb agreement and sentence construction.

C 08 The candidate communicates but not with consistent clarity. His linguistic abilities being very limited, he cannot avoid frequent errors in sentence structure. There is little variety or originality. Very bookish English. Links are weak, incorrect and at times repeated.
C+ (09-10) The candidates communicates clearly but in the flat and uncertain manner. Simple concepts and sentences are often strained. There may be an overuse of clinches or unsuitable idioms. Proverbs are misquoted or misinterpreted. The flow is still jerky. There are some errors of agreement, tenses and spelling.

B CLASS (11-15) Generally, there is fluency in communications
This class is characterized by greater fluency and ease of expression. The candidate demonstrates that he/she can use English as a normal way expressing himself. Sentences are varied and usually well constructed. Some candidates become ambitious and even over ambitious i.e the candidate may use too much vocabulary in an effort to impress. There may be items of merit of the one word or one’s expression types. Many essays in this category may be just clean and unassuming but they still show that the candidate is at ease with the language.

B(11-12) The candidates communicates fairly and with some fluency. There may be little variety in sentence structure gross errors are occasional.
B 13 The sentences are varied but rather simple and straight forward. The candidate does not strain himself in an effort to impress. There is a fair range of vocabulary and idiom. Some items or merit, economy of language. The candidate seems to express themselves naturally and effortlessly.
B+ (14-15) The candidate communicates his ideas pleasantly and without strain. There are few errors and slips. Tenses, spellings and punctuations are quite good. A number of merit of “whole sentence” or the “whole expression” type are evident.

A CLASS (16-20) Communication is efficient
The candidate communicates not only fluently, but attractively, with originality and efficiency. He has the ability to make the reader share his deep feelings, emotions, enthusiasm. He expresses himself freely and without any visible constraint. The script gives evidence of maturity, good planning and a tinge of humour. Many items of merit which indicate that the candidate has complete command of the language. There is no strain, just pleasantness, clever arrangement and felicity of expressions.
A-(16-17) The candidates shows competence and fluency in using language. He may lack imagination or originality which usually provides the “spark” in such essays. Vocabulary, idioms, sentence structure, links and variety are impressive. Gross errors are very rare.
A18 Positive Ability.
A few errors that are felt to be slips. The story or arguments has a definite impact. No grammar problem. Variety of structures. A definite spark.
A+(19-20) The candidates communicates not only information and meaning, but also and especially the candidate’s whole self, his feelings, taste, points of view, youth and culture, this ability to communicate his deep self may express itself in many ways: wide range effective vocabulary, original approach, vivid and sustained account in case of a narrative, well developed and ordered argument in case of a debate or discussion. A very definite spark.

    1. Introduction - (2 marks)
      Body - (12 marks)
      Conclusion - (2 marks)
      Language - ( 4 marks)
      TOTAL (20 MARKS)
      In the society today, there are people who associate with others while pretending to be their friends but are on a mission to achieve their own selfish interests. In the novel Olarinkoi’s behaviour at the Ole Kaelo’s depicts this.
      Ole Kaelo’s home becomes a haven for Olarinkoi, a man of undefined origin, to lie low like a perfect predator. We are told that he was always there, sitting quietly and staring unblinkingly, like a leopard would while stealthily stalking an antelope. He endears himself by bringing in items of foodstuff like a hind quarter of a mutton, a bag of flour, a bag of sugar and even a large bundle of lamb chops. A perfect behaviour of predator.
      Olarinkoi talks less but sits quietly around giving the semblance of dependability. We are told he would do odd jobs around the compound like he would tend their flower gardens and slash grass on the lawn. And soon the man made his stay useful and his service invaluable and indispensable. This shows how he camouflaged to hide his evil intentions.
      Olainkoi beat up the would be Ole Kaelo’s daughter’s rapists. We are told a third man sprang from the bushes like a ghost. He went for the man who was struggling with Resian and gave him a heavy blow. He then went for the man who was dragging Taiyo to the bushes. He drove his fist into the man’s stomach making him topple over. This heroic act wouldn’t come from a predator from the eyes of the Ole Kaelo family.
      When Resian requires to escape after she realized that her father had already received dowry from Oloisudori, Olarinkoi offers to help her and take her to Emakererei’s ranch. He promised to take her to a family that would host her for the night as he organised for transport to the ranch. This however doesn’t happen because when he takes her to his house his intention is to make her his wife. He even tries to rape her. This clearly shows how all along he had pretended to be a good person while his intentions towards the Ole Kaelo’s was not good.
      From the illustrations above, we can conclude that Olarinkoi’s actions were just a cover up to get to marry, one of Ole Kaelo’s daughters’.
    2. Introduction - (2 marks)
      Body - (12 marks)
      Conclusion - (2 marks)
      Language - ( 4 marks)
      TOTAL (20 MARKS)
      In the society today, there are people who might do things out of desperation which they wouldn’t do without the undue pressure. In the play, several characters make decisions due to desperation.
      Nora acts out of desperation. When her husband Helmer was sick and the doctors advised her that he’ll only recover if they head South, Nora who has no money to fund for the journey, borrows money from Nils Krogstad to finance the trip. This is despite the society’s expectation that women should not handle money or enter any agreement especially without their husband’s consent.
      For Krogstad to lend the money to Nora, she needed her father’s signature since the father was ill at the time she acted out of desperation and forged his signature. She feared if she approached him to sign the bond, he would want to know why she needed such a large sum of money.
      Nils Krogstad also acts out of desperation. It is revealed that he was once disgraced for having forged a signature on a document. Helmer, as the new manager of the bank intends to fire Krogstad. This makes Krogstad desperate. He wants the job so much to win his respect for the sake of his growing sons. He therefore threatens to reveal Nora’s crime if she doesn’t use her influence to convince her husband not to fire him.
      Mrs. Linde too is pushed by desperation to do what she does. She abandons her true love, Nils Krogstand because he was poor at the time and marries a rich man, this she does because she needed financial support. Since she had an ailing mother and her two brothers who depended on her.
      From the above illustrations, we can conclude that the characters acted in the manner in which they did due to desperation.

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