English Questions and Answers - Form 3 Opener Term 1 Exams 2022

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Imagine you are the patron of the music club in your school. Write a letter, through your principal, to the secretary of the county music board to enquire about this year’s categories so as to enable you start preparations for the annual festival.

Fill in the following passage with the most appropriate word.

“Help! Help! It’s a gang fight.
Shoppers at Marina Center in Singapore           1               cries coming from the field nearby. A girl screamed, loudly and very shrilly. The fright in her          2                   turned Daryl’s blood cold.             3               a split second, time seemed to be frozen as the horror          4                    the situation penetrated every shoppers’ brain. Then, all of a sudden, everybody        5            running towards the field. It seemed as if everyone had gone mad! Daryl ran       6               with them, eager to see part of the action.
When he           7               the field, the fight was over. All he could        8               was a huge crowd huddled in the middle of the field. Daryl pushed his          9               through the crowd and stared.      10                  on the ground was a teenager.

Read the following story and then answer questions that follow.
In the beginning, the Maasai did not have any cattle. One day God called Maasinta, who was the first Maasai and said to him: "I want you to make a large enclosure, and when you have done so, come back and inform me." Maasinta went and did as he was instructed, and came back to report what he had done. Next God said to him: "Tomorrow, very early in the morning, I want you to go and stand against the outside wall of the house for I will give you something called cattle. But when you see or hear anything do not be surprised. Keep very silent."
Very early in the morning, Maasinta went to wait for what was to be given him. He soon heard the sound of thunder and God released a long leather thong from heaven to earth. Cattle descended down this thong into the enclosure. The surface of the earth shook so vigorously that his house almost fell over. Maasinta was gripped with fear, but did not make any move or sound. While the cattle were still descending, the Dorobo, who was a house-mate of Maasinta, woke up from his sleep. He went outside and on seeing the countless cattle coming down the strap, he was so surprised that he said: "Ayieyieyie!", an exclamation of utter shock. On hearing this, God took back the thong and the cattle stopped descending. God then said to Maasinta, thinking he was the one who had spoken: "Is it that these cattle are enough for you? I will never again do this to you, so you had better love these cattle in the same way I love you." That is why the Maasai love cattle very much.
How about the Dorobo? Maasinta was very upset with him for having cut God's thong. He cursed him thus: "Dorobo, are you the one who cut God's thong? May you remain as poor as you have always been. You and your offspring will forever remain my servants. Let it be that you will live off animals in the wild. May the milk of my cattle be poison if you ever taste it." This is why up to this day the Dorobo still live in the forest and they are never given milk.

  1. Classify this oral narrative. Why do you classify it as so? (2marks)
  2. Why did God instruct Maasinta to make a large enclosure? (2marks)
  3. Discuss the main character trait of Maasinta as brought out in the story. (3marks)
  4. Explain the lesson that you learn from the passage. (2marks)
  5. Explain one economic activity of the community in which Maasinta belong. (2marks)
  6. On hearing this, God took back the thong and the cattle stopped descending.
    Rewrite beginning with: God… (1mark)
  7. In your own words, explain why the Dorobo lives in the forest. (2marks)
  8. Which narrative is usually confused with the above narrative? (1 mark)


  1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.
    He clasps the crag with crooked hands:
    Close to the sun in lonely hands,
    Rung with the azure world, he stands,

    The wrinkled sea beneath crawls:
    He watches from his mountain walls,
    And like a thunder belt he falls.

    1. Identify two sound patterns employed in the poem. (2marks)
    2. What has the poet achieved by use of the above? (1 mark)
    3. Which words would you stress in the last line and why? (2marks)
  2. Underline the odd one out (3marks)
     Picked             wicked           packed           sacked
     World             worker              wolf               worship
     Think                 this                 thing              thistle
  3. Give a word that has the following silent letter. (3 marks)
    1. G
    2. Z
    3. H
  4. Imagine you are part of the audience that is listening to a speech. You look around and notice that some people are looking at their watches, a few are yawning and one or two are shifting in their seats.
    What would likely be the cause of such behavior? Give three reasons (3 marks)


  1. Choose the correct alternative from those given in brackets to fill in the gaps. (2 marks)
    1. Ojwang’ spends…………………… his time acting. (many of/ much of)
    2. ………………………. students left school before time. (A great deal of/ a great number of)
  2. Underline the adverbial phrases in the following sentences. (3 marks)
    1. Ngala wanted to go to the farm.
    2. The frightened thief hid in the barn.
    3. We shall decide when we get there.
  3. Use the verb below to construct two sentences, one as a transitive and the other intransitive. (2 marks)
  4. Use the correct form of the words in brackets to fill in each blank. (3 marks)
    1. She………………. (have) very interesting ideas.
    2. I think those……………. (be) the most dreadful experiences they went through.
    3. They………………(do) not go to the beautiful mansion yesterday as expected.

Marking Scheme


  • Format of a business letter
  • Writers address (1mk)
  • Date(1mk)
  • Thro (1mk)
  • Senders address(1mk)
  • Salutation(1mk)
  • Subject, single reference line(1mk)
  • Body(1mk)
  • Signing off. (1mk)
  • Content 6 marks
  • Should include an introduction, gist of the letter and a concluding paragraph. The tone should be a business tone.
  • Language 4 marks.

CLOZE TEST: (10 mks)

  1. heard
  2. voice/scream
  3. For
  4. of
  5. started
  6. along
  7. reached
  8. see
  9. way
  10. Lying.
    Do not award a mark if the word is to start with a capital letter but it is in small.


  1. It is an explanatory/ etiological/ why narrative. It explains why the Dorobo live in the forest and the Maasai have large herds of cattle. (2mks)
  2. He wanted Maasinta to make a large enclosure so that he could provide the Maasinta cattle herding. (2mks)
  3. Obedient. He follows Gods instructions dutifully.
    Short tempered. He curses the Dorobo for making God cut the enclosure. (3mks)
  4. We should be slow to anger and take time to understand before making judgement.
    We should forgive our wrong doers.award any relevant moral lesson. (2mks)
  5. Cattle herding. God gives the Maasinta cattle and nstructs them to take care of them and love them like he loves Maasinta.
  6. God took back the thong and the cattle stopped descending on hearing this.
    God, on hearing this, took back the thong and the cattle stopped descending.
    Do not award the second alternative if the two commas are not rightly used.
  7. He was cursed by the Maasinta because he was the reason why God cut the passage that the cattle were using.
  8. Myth.


  1. Poetry,
    1. Use of rhyming words e.g. hands/stands, walls/falls
    2. He has enhanced the musicality of the poem, that is, given it its rhythmic flow.
    3. Thunder, belt, falls. They carry the meaning in the line.

  2. Wicked

  3. G- phlegm, etc.
    Z- rendezvous
    h- white, weight, etc.

  4. You are inaudible
    Your speed is either too fast or too slow
    You have poor rasp of content matter.
    Failure to use appropriate gestures or facial expressions.
    The topic is irrelevant with the audience. Points are illogically arranged.
    Give any three that are right. Do not award a mark if the answer is in negative.


  1. Much of
    A great number of
  2. to the farm
    in the barn
    when we get there
  3. One verb must be transitive, the other an intransitive.
    E.g. I will eat the food he has cooked.
           I will eat when I am hungry.
  4. has

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