Physics Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 1 Exams 2022

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Answer ALL questions this section in the spaces provided.

  1. What property of light is suggested by the formation of shadows? (1mark)
  2. Why are audio recording hall walls covered with soft materials. (1mark)
  3. A highly negatively charged rod is gradually brought close to the cap of a positively charged electroscope. It is observed that the leaf collapses initially and then diverges. Explain this observation. (3marks)
  4. The figure below shows a ray of light incident on a face of semicircular prism.
    Determine the refractive index of the glass prism. (3marks)
  5. Explain why repulsion is the only sure test for polarity of a magnet. (1mark)
  6. State the use of manganese (IV) oxide in a dry cell. (1mark)
  7. A lamp of height 6cm stands in front of pin-hole camera at a distance of 24cm from the pin-hole. The camera screen is 8cm from the pinhole. Calculate the height of the image formed on the screen. (3marks)
  8. A car accumulator is rated 40Al and is expected to supply a constant current for 120 minutes. Calculate the amount of current delivered. (2marks)
  9. The figure below shows two incident rays on a concave mirror from the top of an object.
    Complete the ray diagram showing the reflected rays. (2marks)
  10. An electric bulb rated 40W is operated on240V mains. Determine the resistance of its filament. (3marks)
  11. The force on a straight conductor carrying current in a magnetic field can be varied by changing, among others, the magnitude of the current and the magnetic field strength. Name the other factors that can be changed to vary the force. (2marks)
    1. Distinguish between transverse and longitudinal waves. (1mark)
    2. Give one example of a transverse wave and one example of a longitudinal wave. (2marks)

Answer ALL questions this section in the spaces provided

  1. The diagram below represents a wave motion.
      1. What is the amplitude of the wave in metres. (1mark)
      2. How many cycles are made. (2mark)
      3. Calculate the wavelength, λ, of the wave. (2marks)
      4. Calculate the frequency of the wave. (2marks)
      5. Calculate the velocity of the wave. (2marks)
      1. The echo sounder of a ship receives the reflected wave from a sea-bed after 0.2 seconds. What is the depth of the sea bed if the velocity of sound in water is 1450m/s. (3marks)
      2. State three factors that affect the speed of sound in air. (3marks)
    1. State two conditions necessary for total internal reflection to occur. (2marks)
    2. Define the term critical angle as used in refraction of light. (1mark)
    3. The figure below shows the path of a ray of light through a glass prism. The speed of yellow light in the prism is 1.88 × 108m/s.
      1. Determine the refractive index of the prism material for the light (speed of light in vacuum, c = 3.0 × 108m/s. (3marks)
      2. Show on the figure, the critical angle, c, and determine its value. (4marks)
      3. Given that r = 21.2º, determine the angle θ. (3marks)
    1. State the advantages of using a convex mirror as a driving mirror. (2marks)
    2. The figure below shows an object O placed infront of a converging mirror of local length 15cm.
      Draw on the figure a ray diagram to locate the image formed. (3marks)
    3. State why parabolic reflection is used in car headlights. 2mks
    1. State three factors that affect the strength of an electromagnet. (3marks)
    2. In the set up below, the suspended metre rule is in equilibrium balanced by the magnet and the weight shown. The iron core is fixed to the bench:
      1. State and explain the effect on the metre rule when the switch S, is closed. (2marks)
      2. What would be the effect of reversing the battery terminals? (2mark)
    3. The figure below shows two parallel current carrying conductors A and B placed close to each other. The direction of the current is into the plane of the paper.
      On the same figure.
      1. Sketch the magnetic field pattern. (2mark)
      2. Indicate the force F due to the current on each conductor. (2mark)
  5. Two identical spheres A and B each standing on an insulating base are in contact. A negatively charged rod is brought near sphere A as shown in figure below
    In what way will A differ from B if separated while the rod is near? Explain. (2mks)
  6. The figure 2 below shows two identical electroscopes. The one on the right is charged but the one on the left is not.
    Show the charge distribution after the caps of the two electroscopes are connected by a thin conducting wire (2mk)



  1. Light travels in a straight line.
  2. Soft materials are good absorbers of sound; to minimize undesirable echo effects. 
  3. As the rod approaches the cap, the negative charges on the cap are repelled towards the rod. The leaf collapses since the positive charges on it are neutralized by the negative charge. As the rod gets close to the cap, more negative charges are repelled to the leaf, causing it to diverge.
  4. aηg =   1   
    =    1    
    = 1.4945
  5. Attraction occurs between unlike poles of a magnet and can also occur between a magnet and unmagnetised magnetic material.
  6. To act as a depolarizer.
  7. hi/hoV/u 
    hi = V x ho
    =8 x 6
    hi = 2cm 
  8. I = Q/t
    = 50 
    I = 25A 

  9. 10
    • The reflected rays
      Must emerge parallel
    • Direction of rays
  10. P = V2 ⇒ R =(240)2 
          R               40
    R = 1440Ω
    • Length of the conductor in the field.
    • The angle the conductor makes with the field.

  12. (i)Transverse  Longitudinal 


    Recognized by crests and troughs
    Particles in transmitting medium vibrate at right angles.
    Light waves 
    Water waves 

    Recognized by compression and rare factions.
    Particles in transmitting medium
    vibrate in the direction of wave motion.
    Sound waves  


      1. 0.04m
      2. 3½ cycles
      3. 7/ = 2cm
      4. T = 0.2sec  f = 5HZ
      5. V = fλ
        = 5 x   2  
        = 0.1m/s
      1. V =  2d   d = v x t
                 t             2
        = 1450 x ½ x 0.2 = 145m 
        • Direction of winds
        • Humidity 
        • Temperature 
          (Any two)
      • A ray of light must be traveling from a denser medium to less dense medium.
      • Angle of incidence in the denser medium must be greater than the critical angle between the two media. 
    2. Angle of incidence in the denser medium for which angle of refraction (r) in less dense medium is 90º. 
      1. aηgVelocity of light in vaccuum
                    Velocity of light in glass
        =  3.0 x 10 8 
           1.88 x 108
        = 1.596
      2. 11
        ηg =   1   
        Sin C =   1    = 0.6266
        C = 38.8º 
      3.    Sinθ   = 1.596
        Sin 21.2
        θ = 35.25º 
      • Always forms up-right images
      • Have wide field of view 
        • The two rays of light
        • Location of the image
      2. Parabolic reflectors bring into focus all parallel rays to the principal focus thus producing parallel beams of light of high intensity.
      • Amount of current.
      • Number of turns in a coil 
      • Shape of the core
      1. The magnet will be attracted towards the soft iron core.
        The end of the coil facing the magnet becomes South Pole when switch is closed. 
      2. The polarities of the electro-magnet becomes reversed therefore the magnet is now repelled away from iron core.
    3. (i) & (ii)
      • Field
      • Attractive forces
        Correct charge;
        Correct field;
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