Computer Studies Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 1 Exams 2022

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Answer all the questions in space provided.

  1. List 4 hardware components that form a complete computer system. 2 mks
  2. What do you understand by the term ‘Disk initializing’? 1mks
  3. Draw an illustration of:
    1. Parallel cable 1mk
    2. USB port 1mk
  4. Explain the three parts of a task bar . 3mks
  5. Name three examples of flat-panel monitors available in market today. 3mks
  6. List four number systems that the design and organization of a computer may depend on. (4mks)
  7. Explain the meaning of the following terms as used in computer communication (2mks)
    1. Modulation
    2. Demodulation
  8. Explain the 3 factors used to classify operating systems. 3mks
  9. By using two compliment work out 3110 - 1710 in binary form.
    Show your calculations clearly. (2mks)
  10. What is the meaning of the following as used in word-processing: 2mks
    1. Word wrap
    2. Drop caps
  11. Using the long division method convert 4510 into binary. 1 mks
    1. Differentiate between a formula and a function as used in Excel 2 mks
    2. What is the effect of the following function: =COUNTIF(A10:E10, “eggs”). 1mk
    3. Explain the meaning of legends as used in Excel. 1mk
    1. Name four database models. 2mks
    2. State the work/function of the following field properties if set: 2mks
      1. Format.
      2. Default value
    1. List any 4 examples of DTP software available in the market today. 2mks
    2. What is the difference between the pasteboard and printable area? 2mks
  15. In electronic mailing (e-mail), what do the following domain refer to in an e-mail address 2mks
  16. e.g. – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • edu
    • org
    • gov
    • co
  17. Define the word protocol. 1mk

SECTION B (60 Marks)
Answer question 16 and any other TWO Questions.

    1. Describe any three mouse techniques/skills 3mks
    2. List four key groupings on a computer keyboard citing two examples in each. 4mks
    3. Name and explain the function of the following key symbols.
    1. Differentiate between a formula and a function as used in Excel. (2mks)
    2. What is the effect of the following function?
      COUNTIF (A5:D5,”orange”). (2mks)
    3. The first column in the table below contains the formula stored in all C10 of a spreadsheet. Enter the formula as they would appear when copied to cell F15 of the same spreadsheet.(3mks)
      1. Explain the concept of distributed databases. (2mks)
      2. State two advantages of distributed databases. (2mks)
    5. Outline two uses of forms in database design. (2mks)
    6. List any two word processor software. (2mks)
    1. Explain how computers are used in the following areas: (6 Mks)
      1. Law enforcement
      2. Banking
      3. A library
    2. List three factors to be considered when purchasing a microcomputer (3 mks)
    1. Identify three advantages of using computers in banking (3 mks)
    2. Define the term ‘ computer laboratory’ ( 2 mks)
    3. List down three safety precautions one should observe when entering a computer laboratory (3 mks)
    4. List down four functions of the uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (4 mks)
    1. Explain each of the following computer terminogies as used in data representation. (4mks)
      1. bit -
      2. Byte -
      3. Nibble -
      4. word -
    2. Convert 57.410 to its Octal equivalent (2mks)
    3. Perform the following Binary arithmetic:
      1. 11100111 + 00101110 (1mk)
      2. 101012 – 1102 (2mk)



    • Input devices
    • Output devices
    • Processing devices
    • Storage devices
    • Connecting devices
  2. This is the preparing of a disk to store information / data ( 1mk)

  3. 2
  4. Start button- this is on the extreme left end with a word start together with a Microsoft logo. It is used to access programs as well as shut down the computer.
  5. Task Manager – this is the middle part of the bar which displays any task / program that is running
    System tray- this is the right most part which bears the system clock
  6. LCD – Liquid crystal display
    EL – Electro Luminescent
    Gas – plasma
    TFT – Thin film transistor
    • Hexadecimal
    • Octals (Each 1 mk x 4 = 4mks)
    • Decimal
    • Binary
    1. Changing of the digital data to analog data.
    2. Changing of the analog data back to digital data.
  9. 3110 - 1710
    3110 into Binary = 00111112
    1710 into Binary 00100012
    1s compl. 1101110
    Add 1              + 1
    Add to 31 i.e 0011111
                      + 1101111
    Overflow therefore ignored
    Answer = 00011102 1410
  10. Number of people / users it can support at a given time
    1. Number of tasks / activities it can run at a given time
    2. The kind of interface it presents to the user
    1. Automatic carry over to the next line of a word that does not fit at the end of a line hence avoiding breaking up of words
    2. A feature used to enlarge the first letter of a paragraph so that it drops to cover 2 to more lines in the paragraph.
    45 1
    2 22 0
    2 11 1
    2 5 1
    2 2 0
    2 1 1
    Hence 4510 → 1011012
    1. A formular is constituted / constructed by the user while a function is a ready to use formular that comes with the program .
    2. It counts the number of occurrences of the word “Eggs” in the range A10 to E10.
    3. This is a key which explains the colour used in charts what it means. (Clear explanation 1mk)
    1. Flat files
      1. Hierarchical model
      2. Network model
      3. Relational model
        Object oriented model.
    2. Format- determines the order information appears on the screen / printed.
      Default value- a value that appears automatically in the datasheet or form if nothing is entered by the user.
    1. Adobe Page Maker
      1. Corel Draw
      2. Microsoft Publisher
    2. A paste board is a large blank area where you place text and any graphical objects for the purpose of rearranging them neatly before placing them on the printable area.
      A printable area looks like a page surrounded by margins found on the pasteboard. Any text or object found / placed here will be printed out.
  16. edu – Educational institutional
    1. org- Non – profit making organization
    2. gov- Government institution Commercial institution.
  17. A set of rules that govern how two computers can send and receive data on the network.
      • Pointing
      • Clicking
      • Double clicking
      • Drag and drop

    2. Group Example
      Function Keys
      Number Keys
      Alphabet Keys
      Special Keys
      Screen Keys
      Numeric key pad
      F1, F5
      1, 9
      A, Z
      Esc, Enter
      Pg up, scroll lock
      NumLock, 1 
      1. Enter – Used to execute commands
        Used to move the cursor/ insertion point to the next line
      2. Shift - Used to access the uppercase characters.
        Used together with direction keys to select/ highlight characters or cells
      3. Tab – Used to move the cursor/ insertion point to tab points( settings) / from field to field
      4. Escape – Used to quit/ exit certain operations
    1. Functions are predefined formula that can be used quickly instead of having to create a new one each time a calculation has to be carried out. (1mk)
      Formulas are user defined mathematical expressions that create relationship between cells and return a value in chosen cells.  1mk)
    2. It counts the number of occurrences of the word “oranges” in the range A5: DB.(2mks)

      =A56*B5  = D10 * E10
      =A$5  = D $ 5 
      =4*B$6  =4 * E $ 6
      1. This is where database are created for different departments in an organizations in different computers that are networked (2mks)
      2. Searching of items is fast. (1mk)
        No interference of other departments data (1mk)
    5. used to enter data into tables.
      Display data from tables and queries.
      • Ms word
      • WordStar
      • word perfect etc
        For Any word processor package award
        1 mark (max = 2mks).
    1. e- banking is the use of computerised systems in processing of customer transaction,
      cheque clearance and processing, electronic funds transfer and other related activities 1
      e- learning is a process where lessons and lecturers are presented from a central site and the presentation is transmitted to remote conference terminals or displayed on TV screens, or even through the internet
    2. Advantages
      • Individual learners gain access to world – class educational resources without traveling or taking excessive time away from work and home
      • The institution gets a new channel and revenue sources from students who might otherwise be unable to take advantage of their offerings
      • The institution is equipped with a new capability by which to raise the quality of life their students
      • The institution plays a better role in enabling basic skills development and offering the retaining that can provide a more qualified and adaptive labour market
      • Student understanding and retention improve when student learn by experience
      • Introduction of technologies such as interactivity modeling, simulation, virtual reality interfaces, and gaming will help student experience the skill being taught
      • High initial cost
      • Moral corruption e.g. by students visiting pornographic sites
      1. Joystick – an input device used for playing games 
        Flatted scanner:- an input device used to scan text, real objects or pictures. These are captured and converted to electrical signals for storage
      2. Biometric analysis:- is the study measurement and analysis of human biological characteristics for identification e.g. finger prints, voice, lips, facial features like Iris colour e.t.c 
        Telecommuting:- home working or use of computerized system to work ones home these systems (at work place are linked to the office
      • Using my computer icon display the explorer window
      • on the edit menu click copy
      • select the drive or folder where you want the item to be copied
      • from the edit menu click paste. Information or item is pasted to a new location
    1. An internet tool /facility used for navigating and locating sites in the internet e.g., e.t.c
    2. Serial port:- an interface that sends or receives the bits comprising each character code one at a time e.g. RS 232 C
      parallel port:- An interface that sends the set of bits for each character all at once e.g. SCSI (Small Computer standard interface) 
    3. Job scheduling
      • Resource Management (Allocation and control)
      • Input/output handling
      • Error notification and correction
      • Interrupt handling
      • Job sequencing
      • Memory management any 5 with proper explanation(5)
        ½ each for no or wrong explanation
      • sort
      • Merge
      • Editors
      • Antivirus
      • Zip
      1. make sure no cables are plugged to the mains
        • Switch off main supply switches
        • Avoid doubtful connections
        • Avoid forcing devices into their slots
        • Avoid shorting (bringing into contact two or more conductors of electricity)
      2. Minimal data redundancy
        • Data consistency
        • Data integration
        • Data sharing
        • Standards enforcements
        • Ease of application development
        • Uniform security and integrity control
        • Data independence
        • Reduced program maintenance
        • Provision of a host language interface utility
      3. List three factors to be considered when purchasing a microcomputer (3 mks)
        • Type of processor
        • Processing speed
        • Amount of main memory (RAM)
        • Storage capacity of the hard disk
        • Cost of the computer
        • Speed of output devices
        • Number of users who can access the computers at the same time
  22. Identify three advantages of using computers in banking (3 mks)
    • Speed and accuracy
    • Easy to access information
    • Easy to update records
    • Requires less space for storage
    • Improves data security and privacy
  23. Define the term ‘ computer laboratory’ ( 2 mks)
    A computer laboratory is a room that has been specially prepared to facilitate installation of computers, and provide a safe conducive environment for teaching & learning of Computer studies.
    1. List down three safety precautions one should observe when entering a computer laboratory (3 mks)
      • Avoid smoking or exposing computers to dust
      • Avoid carrying foods & drinks/ beverages to the computer room
      • Avoid unnecessary movements as you may accidentally knock the peripheral devices
      • Only authorized people should enter the computer room
      • Computers users should be trained on how to use computers frequently
      • Computer illiterates should not be allowed to operate the computers
      • collect any waste papers which might be lying in the computer room & put them into the dustbin
      • Shut the door of the computer room properly
    2. List down four functions of the uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) (4 mks)
      • It prevents sudden power surges that might destroy the computer
      • It supplies power to the Computer during blackouts and brownouts
      • It provides stable (clean) power supply
      • Alerts the user of power loss (by beeping)
      • Allows the user to save his/ her work, and switch off the system using the correct
    3. Explain each of the following computer terminogies as used in data representation. (4mks)
      1. bit - The smallest binary unit, ‘0’ or ‘1’
      2. Byte - A group/collection of 8 bits used to represent a character.
      3. Nibble - a group of four binary digits usually representing a numeric value.
      4. word - The total number of bits that a single register of a particular machine can hold
  25. Convert 57.410 to its Octal equivalent (2mks)
    57 Rem
    8 7 1
    8 7 1
    2 7 7
    0.4 x 8 = 3.2 → 3
    0.2 x 8 = 1.6 → 1 = 0.318
    =718 71.318
    1. Perform the following Binary arithmetic:
      1. 11100111 + 00101110 (1mk)
        00101110 +(1) 00010101 =1000101012 (1 mk)
      2. 101012 – 110+2 (1mk)
    2. Use Two’s compliment to subtract 101 from 1000: (2mks)
      Step 1: change the values to 8 binary digits.
      000010002 - 000001012
      Step 2: Add the binary equivalent of the first value to the Two’s complement of the second value
      11111011 + (1)00000011 =1000000112 (2mks)
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