Home Science Questions and Answers - Form 3 Mid Term 1 Exams 2023

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  • Answer all the questions in section A and B and any two questions in section C.


  1. Give the correct meaning of the following:-
    1. Stain
    2. Suction                 
  2. List down three known causes of food spoilage.                (3m)
  3. Outline three functions of water in the body.       (3m)
  4. Mention three uses of mineral fibres.                           (3m)
  5. Highlight on three qualities of a well made seam.          (3m)
  6. Give two examples of fat soluble and two examples of water soluble vitamins
  7. State three reasons for maintaining a clean drainage.         (3m)
  8. Give two negative effects of using antiperspirants.                    (2mks)
  9. Suggest 3 ways of preventing fractures.                                   (3m)
  10. Point out three dangers of poor sanitation.                          (3mks)
  11. Identify three precautionary measures to take when cleaning stainless steel.                  (3m)
  12. Give two advantages of cooking with electricity.          (2m)
  13. Three points to remember when darning articles include:-            (3m)
  14. Highlight three points to observe when using disinfectants.           (3m)
  15. Give two qualities of a good advertisement                              (2m)


  1. You have planned to spend your Saturday afternoon at home.
    1. Describe how you will launder your  loosely coloured cotton T-shirt             (7mks)   
    2. Discuss the steps you will follow in caring for a used duster.         (5mks)
    3. Give the procedure for thorough cleaning a silver tray.                        (4mks)
    4. Explain how you will thorough clean a calabash.                 (4mks)

Answer only two questions from this section, in the spaces provided.

    1. Outline five properties that make cotton fabric suitable for nightwear.                          (5m)
    2. List down five advantages of using a refrigerator a home.                                                    (5m)
    3. Give 3 advantages and two (2) disadvantages of using commercial patterns.   (5m).
    4. State and explain five qualities of a fabric for making an apron             (5m)
    1. Point out five characteristics of soft water.                  (5m)
    2. State five factors to consider when selecting storage equipment for laundry.            (5m)
    3. By use of relevant, clear diagrams describe how to work out an open seam.       (7m)
    4. Discuss three ways of draining water waste from a building.        (3m)
    1. Give 5 points on the care of a sewing machine.            (5m)
    2. State five qualities of a well made ironing board.                        (5m)
    3. Name three embroidery and two neatening stitches and sketch each of them.             (5m)
    4. Suggest five appropriate measures to take when handling a child with kwashiorkor.            (5m) 



  1. Definition of
    1. A stain is a discolouration of a fabric or a surface which is not easily removed by ordinary washing.
    2. Suction is the removal of dust by a vacuum cleaner where the dust is sucked into a bag without Scattering it.    (2m)
  2. 3 causes of food spoilage.
    • Oxidation of chemicals present in fats.
    • Chemicals sprayed on fruits & veges.
    • Action of enzymes.
  3. 3 functions of water:-
    • Aids digestion
    • Regulates body temp.
    • Dissolves food.
    • Prevents dehydration.
    • Refreshes the body.                         (3m)
  4. 3 uses of mineral fibres. 
    • Protective clothing in fire fighting services.
    • Theatre curtains.
    • Electrical installation.  ( oven + refrigerators)       (3m)
  5. 3 qualities of a well made seam.
    • of the correct size                                 
    • well pressed flat
    • Even width                                             
    • Matched where they cross  
    • Neatly stitched                                                                  (3m)
     Fat soluble vitamins  water soluble vitamin
     A, D, E,K     B + C
    ½  X 4  =  (2m)                                                           
  7. Reasons for a clean drainage:-
    • Minimizes accidents.
    • To got rid of bad smell
    • Prevents water-borne diseases
    • Prevents breeding of mosquitoes & other pests
  8. Negative affects of using antiperspirants
    • Causes irritation on the skin,
    • Clogging of pores
    • Causes cancer of the skin.              (3m)
  9. Ways of preventing fractures.
    • Floors should be well maintained
    • Ensure tidiness in the rooms
    • Repair floor coverings which they tear.
    • Ensure that the house is well lit.                    (3m)
  10. Dangers of poor sanitation.
    • Encourages breeding of disease causing micro-organisms.
    • Results to unsightly environment.
    • Causes water and food contamination.
  11. Precautionary measures to take when cleaning stainless steel.
    • Avoid using harsh abrasive.
    • Avoid leaving them in strong bleaches and acids for a long time as they corrode the surface.
    • Dry thoroughly to avoid formation of water marks
    • Avoid direct exposure to heat as it may discolour it                   (3mks)
  12. Advantages of cooking with electricity.
    • It is quick to use
    • Does not require storage space
    • It is clean to use
    • Easy to control                                            (2mks)
  13. Points on darning articles:
    • Darn or soon as tear occurs
    • Work on the w.s. of work.
    • Match the thread in colour and thickness
    • Work the darning stitches from and through the tear to the strong areas of the garment.
    • Press the darned area from the w.s.
    • Allow loops to form at each end of the rows.
    • Avoid stretching or pulling the fabric while working
    • Make the shape irregular.       (3mks)
  14. Highlight three points to observe when using disinfectants.       (3m)
    • Should be completely rinsed  out of the articles before drying.
    • Add the required amount to the final rinsing water or during soaking.
    • Wear protective clothing to avoid infection
    • Follow the manufacturers instuctions.
  15. Qualities  of a good advertisement.
    • The msg. should be clear.
    • Should attract the targeted audience
    • Should convey the msg. effectively
    • Should be brief.


    1. Laundering a loosely coloured T-shirt.
      • Collect all the items required.
      • Wash quickly in warm soapy water using  kneading and squeazing method; to minimize loss of colour.
      • Rinse in lukewake water to remove soap and dirt.
      • Final rinse in cold water with salt & vinegar.
      • Squeeze out excess water.
      • Dry flat on a clean surface under a shade.
      • Press, warm iron, w.s. avoiding the ribbing.
      • Air, fold & store in a box/shelf.
      • Clear up accordingly                             (14 x ½ )    (7m)
    2. Caring for a used duster.                             (5m)
      • Collect what is needed
      • Shake off dust outdoors.
      • Wash thoroughly in warm soapy water, using friction method.
      • Rinse in warm water
      • Final rinse in cold water to freshen the fabric.
      • Dry outdoor in the open air.
      • Store in a dry airy place.
    3. Thorough cleaning of a calabash.
      • Collect items needed.
      • Wash in hot soapy water with a sponge.
      • Rinse several times in hot water to remove soap and dirt.
      • Dry clean with a dry linen kitchen cloth while still warm.
      • Buff to shine. – clear up.
    4. Thorough cleaning of a calabash.
      • Collect equipment and materials needed.
      • Wash in warm soapy water using a soft material/sisal fibres.
      • Rinse in warm water to remove dirt & soap.
      • Final rinse in cold water to freshen.
      • Drip dry on a rack or clean dish cloth
      • Buff the outside to shine using a non-fluff cloth.
      • Clear up.


    1. 5 reasons why cotton is suitable for nightwear:-
      • Good conductor of heat.
      • Soft and comfortable to wear.
      • It is absorbent.
      • Variety of weights to suit their needs.
      • Strong and hardwearing to withstand frequent washing.
      • Withstands high temps
      • Resistant to alkalis. etc             (5mks)
    2. 5 advantages of using a refrigerator.
      • Can facilitate service of cold dishes  beverages etc in hot weather.
      • Reduces wastage
      • Perishables keep longer.
      • Meals can be planned in advance and shopping done earlier, hence approp. Storage.
      • Economical on time and energy.
      • Food is safe to eat for a period of time
      • One takes advantage of foods in season and preserves them
    3. 3 advs.  2 disads. Of using commercial patterns.
      1. Advantages;
        • Save time, labour & energy.
        • Ensure accuracy and good fit in garment construction.
        • Offer variety of designs, hence economical.
        • Can be used more than once for different people of one same measurements.
        • They give information on fabric choice, nations etc.       (3m)
      2. Disadvantages
        • Are expensive to buy.
        • Not easily available neither locally.
        • Using them discourage expanding the skill.    (2m)
    4. 5 qualities of a fabric for an apron.
      • Should be light in weight.
      • Shrink resistant.
      • Strong to withstand frequent washing.
      • Drape well for comfort.
      • Non-inflammable.
      • Absorbent.                                  (5m)
    1. 5 characteristics of soft water.
      • It is pure in it’s natural state.
      • Free from dissolved calcium or magnesium.
      • Lathers easily with soap in both warm and cold water.
      • Does not clog pipes and boilers.
      • It has a flat taste.                    (5m)
    2. factors when selecting storage equipment for laundry.
      • Size to correspond with the amount of clothes to be stored.
      • Made of good quality/lasting material.
      • Should have a door/lid to keep off dust.
      • Smoothly finished to avoid tearing.
      • Drawers should slide easily.
      • Strong hanging rods to prevent clothes from falling.
      • Hangers should be rust proof to avoid staining clothes
    3. Working of an open seam 
      • Place together 2 pieces of fabric R.S. facings F.L. matching as well as notches and the edges .
      • Pin along the F.L at intervals 
      • Tack on the F.L. 
      • Remove pins and machine on the F.L.
      • Remove tacking and machine faster off the threads
      • Trim the seam allowance to 1 cm and press the seam allowance to 1 cm and press the seam flat. Edge stitch to 1 cm width or loop stitch/ overcast appropriately 
      • Press for flatness + relevant diagrams     5+2 (7 marks )
    4. 3 ways of draining waste water (3 marks)
      • Free method 
      • Open Drainage 
      • Concealed           (If not discussed give (1/2 m)
    1. 5 points on the care of a sewing machine
      • After use, place a piece of cloth between the presser foot and the feeddog to soak up excess oil
      • Cover with a cloth to protect from dust.
      • Clean and oil regularly.
      • Leaners should not use them without supervision.
      • Dust and wipe before use.
      • Do not machine over pins to avoid breaking the needle.     (5mks)
    2. 5 qualities of a well made ironing board:
      • Should be of adjustable height.
      • Should be well padded.
      • Should be stable on the ground.
      • Should have a loose cover for easy cleaning.
      • One with a detachable sleeve board is more preferable
      • The hinges should be firmly fixed to avoid loosening.        (5m)
       3 embroidery     2 neatening stitches
       • Chain stitches
       • Stem 
       • Satin
       • French knot
       • Shell edging   
       • loop (blanket stitches)
       • overcasting     
       • zigzag               
       • Button hole      
       • machine overlock  
    4. 5 appropriate measures of a child with kwarshiorkor
      • Provide a balanced diet rich in proteins eg. milk, egg, fish, meat and legumes.
      • Provide foods that are easy to digest by boiling & steaming methods.
      • Give food in small portions at regular intervals.
      • Provide minerals as well eg. magnesium, potassium iron,
      • Ensure sufficient carbohydrates for energy.
      • Give plenty of fluids in form of fresh fruits.
      • Always breastfeed as long as possible; at least 1 ½  yrs. 

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