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Answer any Five questions in the answer sheets provided

  1. a) Identify five literally forms used in writing of the Bible.                         (5mks)
    b) Outline seven similarities in the two creation accounts in Genesis chapter one and two. (7mks)
    c) Explain four ways in which Christians have lost their roles as stewards of God’s creation (8mks)
  2. a) Describe the call of Abraham in Genesis 12: (1-9)                                                              (8mks)
    b) State six promises of God to Abraham. (6mks)
    c) Give six challenges that Christian leaders face while practicing their faith in Kenya. (6mks)
  3. a) Identify seven reasons that led to the spread of Idolatry in Israel.             (7mks)
    b) Outline seven characteristics of Canaanite religion. (7mks)
    c) What lessons do Christians learn from the activities of Elijah as a prophet.   (6mks)
  4. a) State five ways in which God revealed himself to the old testament prophets when being called (5mks)
    b) Describe the social background of prophet Amos. (8mks)
    c) Identify five ways in which prophecy is practiced in the church today. (7mks)
  5. a) State five reasons why Jeremiah condemned human sacrifice. (5mks)
    b) Explain seven ways in which Jeremiah suffered and lamented during his ministry. (7mks)
    c) Explain four ways in which the church can help in political reforms in Kenya.   (8mks)
  6. a) How did the kinship system in traditional African society contribute to harmony and mutual responsibility.                         (8mks)
    b) Identify six ways in which members of traditional African society spent their leisure time. (6mks)
    c) Outline six factors that have undermined the roles of elders in our society today. (6mks)
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