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Answer any five questions

  1. (a) With to St. Luke’s Gospel state the mission of John the Baptist as prophesied by his father in the Benedictus (4mks).
    (b)  Give the teachings of John the Baptist about the Messiah (8mks)
    (c)  How do Christians today plat the role of John the Baptist.   (8mks)
  2. (a) List five expectations of the Jews about the Messiah (5mks)
    (b)  Describe the parable of the great feast with reference to Lk 14: 15 – 24 (8mks)
    (c)  State seven lessons learnt by Christians about wealth and poverty from the parable of the rich man and Lazarus (7mks)
  3. (a) Explain the teaching of Jesus on prayer (10mks)
    (b)  State the occasions when Jesus prayed (6mks)
    (c)  Why do some Christians find it difficult to pray ? (4mks)
  4. (a) Explain the teaching of Jesus about the vine and the branches in reference to John 15: 1 – 10 (8mks)
    (b)  Identify the fruit of the Holy Spirit taught by St. Paul in Galatians 5: 22 – 23 (7mks)
    (c)  In what ways do the gift of the Holy Spirit manifest in the church today ? (5mks)
  5. (a) Identify six measures taken in traditional African communities to prevent pre-marital sex (6mks)
    (b)  Outline six religious reasons for celibacy       (6mks)
    (c)  In which ways does drug abuse contribute to irresponsible sexual behaviour ?        (8mks)
  6. (a) List seven causes of conflicts between the employer and the employees in Kenya today (7mks)
    (b)  Explain the role of a Christian during a strike. (5mks)
    (c)  What factors determine the type of leisure activity a person engages in ? (8mks)


    1. Ways in which Jesus fulfilled old testaments prophesies about the Messiah with reference to Luke’s Gospel.
      • During the annunciation of Jesus birth the angel gave Jesus name and said he would be called Emmanuel as prophesied by Isaiah
      • Angel Gabriel also reaffirmed Nathan’s prophecy to David that God would make David’s descendants rule over Israel forever.
      • Mary’s conception fulfils the prophesy of Isaiah that a virgin would give birth to a son.
      • Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem as Micah had prophesied.
      • Herod massacre of the innocent children’s after the birth of Jesus was in fulfillment of jeremiahs prophesy
      • The baptism and the transfiguration of Jesus proved he was Gods anointed and was reminiscent of then old testament idea of the Messiah as Gods anointed
      • The old testaments prophesy of the messiah who would bring salvation to the world came to pass as stated by Simeon in the temple.
      • When Jesus taught in the synagogue in Nazareth at the beginning of his ministry, he quoted from Isaiah 61:1-2 and said that he was the messiah Isaiah had prophesied about.
      • Through miracles Jesus shares in the suffering of human kind thus fulfilling the prophesy of the suffering servant found in Isaiah 53:4-5.
      • Jesus fulfilled the old testament prophesy of a peaceful king during the triumphant entry when he entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey
      • Jesus taught through parables as foretold by Isaiah 6 :9-10
      • Jesus suffering, death and ascension fulfill the psalmist prophecy.
      • Jesus fulfilled the new covenant foretold by Jeremiah during the last supper ,His death and resurrection                                  1x8=8mks
    2. What Zechariah reveals about john the Baptist in the benedictus in Luke 1 :68-80
      • God was bringing salvation to his people.
      • Johns task was to prepare the way for the messiah
      • John as to give people knowledge of salvation by calling them to repentance.
      • The child was to be called the prophet of the most high
      • John’s birth was fulfillment of Gods promises of salvation and forgiving mercy to Israel.
      • He would bring peace to men by showing them the messiah, the light of the world.
      • Zechariah announced the beginning of the messianic age (1x6=6mmks)
    3. Reasons why the birth of a child is celebrated in the modern society
      • It is shown that God is pleased with the couple
      • It’s a sign of blessings/gift by God to the couple
      • It’s a demonstration that the couple is obedient to Gods will to procreate.
      • It is a show of welcome to the new born baby /member of the family
      • It provide an occasion to thank/praise /worship God for safe delivery of the baby
      • It ensures continuity of the family lineage.
      • It provides a forum for the family get together.
      • It seals marriage for the newly married couple.
      • It provides an opportunity to the married couple to be shown goodwill by well wishers through visit/gifts/messages of congratulation (7x1=7mks.)
    1. Reasons why Jesus was rejected in Nazareth
      • Jesus was accused of blasphemy because he claimed to be the son of God
      • Jesus was unwilling to perform the miracles that he had performed in the Capernaum.
      • He unfavorably compared the Jews with the gentiles.
      • He accused their fore fathers of t killing Gods prophets.
      • He came from a humble /poor background 4x2=8mks
    2. Healing of paralytic
      • Jesus of the paralytic lk17;26
      • A great crowd which included some Pharisees and scribes had gathered in a room where Jesus teaching.
      • Some people lowered into the room a paralyzed man through the roof
      • Jesus saw the paralytic faith and that to his friends he told the man that his sins were forgiven.
      • Jesus was accused of blasphemy by the leaders of the law because he claimed to have divine power and ability to forgive sins.
      • Jesus challenged them and showed that he hate divine power when he told the man to get up and walk.
      • The paralytic was healed because of his faith.
      • The man who had brought the paralytic also had strong faith. 7x1=7mks
    3. Reasons why the church leader may be rejected
      • When he is corrupt
      • Not taking his duties serious
      • Being arrogant to those he leads
      • Practicing favorism/discrimination
      • Practicing immorality.
      • Embezzlement of funds
      • Tribal inclination being attached to devil worship
    1. in a certain town there as a judge ho neither feared god nor respected man
      There was a widow in that town whose opponent had refused to settle a debt
      The widow kept going to the judge asking him to grant her justice. For a long time the judge refused to act but eventually he got tired and granted the window justice.
      Then the lord said, will not God judge in favors of his own people who cry day and night for help? 6x1=6mks
    2. Jesus teaching on prayer
      • all prayers must be done in the honest and sincere manners
      • Prayers can be done privately or publicly without showing off
      • Prayers should be short/precise/clear to the point
      • One should pray persistently
      • God should be addressed as our father
      • Jesus encouraged communal prayers
      • Gods answer honest prayers.
      • One should pray to gods protection against sins
      • Pray for enemies
      • One to pray for faith
      • Approach god with respect and humility during prayers
      • Prayer offer one courage to face challenges 8x1=8mks
    3. Importance of prayer Christian today
      • Prayers allows Christians to allow God to control their life
      • A Christian is able to worship and serve God
      • Enable one to pray for the country and others
      • One thanks God for his blessings
      • Christians make requests for their needs through prayers.
      • Assist a Christian to ask for help during difficult circumstances
      • Prayer is a part of Christians life
      • People are able to communicate with God and strengthen their relationship with him 6x1=6mks
    1. action taken by Jews leaders to, ensure that Jesus was put to death
      • They gave money to Jesus so as to betray Jesus
      • They whipped Jesus during trial
      • They accused Jesus falsely of blasphemy.
      • They tried Jesus during the night so that people could not realize what is happening
      • They threatened pirate not to release Jesus instead they demanded for the release of barnabas as the criminal
      • Crucified him when they got permission from Pilate 4x2=8mks
    2. Evidence to show that Jesus resurrected
      • Appeared to two of his disciples on their way to Emmaus
      • Jesus appeared to the disciple under closed doors in Jerusalem
      • The empty tomb confirmed by peter and John
      • Jesus ascension to heaven
      • Appearance of men in classing clothes (angel) confirmed his resurrection.
      • He invited them to examine and touch his hands and feet that bore the marks of the nails. 6x1=6mks
    3. importance of Jesus resurrection
      • Brings the assurance of overcoming physical death as Christ did
      • To strengthen their faith ,when faced with temptation
      • Assure Christian a new life after death and have hope
      • Christians have been reconciled to God, Jesus came to liberate.
      • Help renewal /start of new life in Christ
      • Bring about understanding about Christ as the savior
      • Enabled Christian to receive the holy spirit 6x1=6mks
    1. New testaments teaching about on the unity of believers as expressed in the bride
      • Jesus as a bridegroom expected to be united to a holy united; the church.
      • The unity /close relationship between Christ, the bridegroom and the bride the church should be reflected in the unity between Christians
      • Christ the bridegroom has loving relationship with the bride the church which should be replicated among Jesus followers.
      • Christ relationship with the bride is sustained through constant prayer thus Christian need to be prayerful
      • Christ is holy and expect the bride to be holy if their relationships going to continue
      • Immorality 4x2=8mks
    2. Causes of disunity in the early church
      • Dress –the question on how women should dress /behave in church
      • Division in cerebration of the lords supper i.e. one hard turned the occasion merry making opportunity rather than worship
      • Misunderstanding over spiritual gifts-some gift were considered superior to others i.e. speaking in tongue
      • Resurrection –some people were denying the resurrection       of the dead
      • Question of eating meat offered to idols.
      • Leadership struggle
      • Taking legal action against brethrens and had cases tried by non-Christians judges 6x1-6mks
    3. How church   disciplines those who caused disunity in the church today
      • They are denied leadership position.
      • Are charged a fine
      • They are reprimanded asked to apologize
      • Workers who cause disunity can lose their jobs
      • Leaders who cause disunity are asked to resign
      • Some churches ex-communicated members
      • Sometimes they may be suspended from church duties and church service
      • Are denied some services of the church such as wedding rite etc 6x1=6mks
    1. Teaching about Jesus from peters message on the day of Pentecost
      • Jesus was from Nazareth
      • Jesus had a divine nature
      • Jesus is exalted in glory –he is lord
      • Jesus was a descendant of David
      • The holy spirit is a gift from Jesus
      • The death and the resurrection of Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of David /David foretold the resurrection of Jesus
      • God raised Jesus from death
      • Jesus death/crucification was according to gods plan.
      • Jesus was empowered by god to perform miracles /wonders through the holy spirit 7x1=7mks
    2. Characteristics of love
      • It is gift from God
      • It is patient
      • It is the most important gift of the holy spirit
      • It is kind
      • It is not jealous
      • It is not proud
      • It is not ill mannered
      • It is not selfish
      • Not quick to anger.
    3. Activities of the church in Kenya which shows that the holy spirit is working among them.
      • Prayer at individual or congregation level
      • Speaking in tongue
      • Singing and dancing music
      • Preaching /teaching
      • Giving offertory and alms /sadaka
      • Decision making in the church /solving issues and problems in the church
      • Faith healing /healing the sick                     6x1=6mks
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