English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 4 End Term 1 Exams 2023

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  1. Imagine you are the head of the students’ council of Kubamba Secondary School and students have been complaining of incidences of insecurity in the school. The Principal has asked you to form a committee to carry out an investigation the causes of insecurity and come up with recommendations on how to curb the insecurity in school. The report should reach the principal in a month. Write the Report. (20 marks)
  2. CLOZE TEST   
    Read the passage below and fill in each blank space with the most appropriate word.
    (10 marks)
    Concerns on insecurity (1) ____________________ persisted over the last one year despite assurances from the government that it was taking robust (2) _____________________ to protect life and property.
    The situation has been complicated by (3) ________________ “lone wolf” terrorist attacks linked to the Somalia- based Al – Shabaab, eight months after the deadly Westgate (4) _______________ in Nairobi that left at least 70 people dead. The latest in the city’s popular Gikomba market only added to the body count and lives shattered.
    This is a dangerous way (5) ____________________ one of Africa’s most promising economies to live.
    Kenya’s international (6) __________________ is also slowly being eroded and, with it, the attraction as a magnet for foreign tourists and investors.
    This week (7) __________________ advisories by some western governments showed how fragile the situation is when hundreds of British tourists (8) _________________ short their holiday at the coast (9) _______________flew back  home. While some may consider this an overreaction, (10) _____________________ the reality that terrorists with dark intentions are roaming the country ready to attack is equally unhelpful. (Sunday Nation newspaper 18/05/2014)
  3. ORAL SKILLS (30 marks)
    1. Read the following Ankole song and answer the questions that follow.
      Suck and I hide you, my gentle one        
      Suck and I hide you, my beloved            
      I dreamt that the hunt was at Buganga            
      I dreamt that the hunt was at Ngarama

      Where, oh where, shall I put, my little baby?    
      Where, oh where, shall I put you, my lovely little lips?          
      If I put you in a clump of grass, my gentle one

      The hunters’ rough dog will come sniffing around
      The hunters’ thick club tears up the back

      Suck and I hide you, gentle one        
      Suck and I hide you, for whom the drum sounds

      Where, oh where, shall I put you, my lovely little lips?    
      Where, oh where, shall I put you, my beloved?

      If I put you by the wayside, gentle one            
      Passers-by will take you with them, my beloved            
      If I put you in an anthill, my little baby    
      The ants will enclose you in their nest, lovely little lips      
      Suck and I hide you, little baby        
      Suck and I hide you, my gentle one

      When I am dead and gone, gentle one        
      Feed on little blades of grass like cow, my beloved        
      And wash them down with a little water, my little baby      
      That’s what raises orphans, you for whom the drum sounds
      If I do not die, my little baby
      Good things will be ours to enjoy, you for whom the drum sounds
      1. Identify aspects of oral performance that make this song easy to remember?            (2mks)
      2. In what ways would this song be made interesting to listen to?            (2mks)
      3. How would you perform the last two lines of the above song?             (2mks)
    2. Read the following speech made by the chair of a church youth group and answer the questions that follow.
      “What’s up guys? Why do you look so sad? I thought the ting tang tong of the quitar would wake you up. I am here to represent the youth. We are asking you jamaaz to give us some colour or bakes to buy more musical instruments for this church. I can hear the click of coins. No, that will not do! We are interested in real colour; real cash in the form of notes. We want you to splash us with real cash.”
      1. Pick out four expressions/words in the speech to demonstrate that the chair has used the wrong register.          (2marks)
      2. Give at least two examples of ideophones and onomatopoeia from the chair’s speech.          (2marks)
    3. You are part of a student’s group representing your school in a conference. You have been elected the Chairperson of a small group discussing a topic on leadership.
      1. How would you ensure the group is engaged in an effective discussion?      (3marks)
      2. As you later present your points to the larger group, nobody seems to pay attention. Give   two    reasons that could have contributed to the lack of attention. (2mks)
    4. State what type of intonation you would use in the following sentences.      (3 marks)
      1. When were you born? ……………………………………………….
      2. Did you complete your work? ………………………………………..
      3. What a beautiful car you have bought!………………………………
    5. A teacher of English was in class during a reading lesson. He realized that the students had poor reading habits. Mention three of these habits he might have observed.  (3marks)
    6. Study the following item of oral literature and answer the questions that follow.
      Kot took Kot’s coat, Kot went to court, the court told Kot to return Kot’s coat to Kot.
      1. Which genre of oral literature has been used above?         (1 mark)
      2. If the above genre was to be translated to another language, what would be the effect of translation?          (2marks)
    7. Read the telephone conversation below and answer the questions that follow.
      Wanjala: Hello, is that Chaka Limited?
      Sheila:  (Picking the phone) Those shoes fit well.
                   Hello, is anybody on this line?
      Wanjala: Hello, is that Chaka Limited?
      Sheila: What do you want?
      Wanjala: Please confirm for me whether I called the right place, Chaka Limited?
      Sheila: (Shouting) Which other company has a similar phone number as this?
      Wanjala: May I then speak to the Managing Director?
      Sheila:  I prefer the red shoes…. (on phone), what did you say ?Oh, the Managing Director can’t talk to you.
      Wanjala: Can I then leave a message which you can pass to him?
      Sheila: Why can’t you call him on his personal line… (away from the receiver) go for the red ones.
      Wanjala:(Surprised) Hello, excuse me madam, I am WanjalaNicholus and am requesting to talk to the Managing Director over an important                   matter concerning one of your employees…
      Sheila: I told you the Managing Director is not in (hangs up).
      1. Explain three things that make Sheila an ineffective communicator.(3marks).
      2. Explain three things that one should observe if they are to communicate effectively over the phone.            (3mks).


Question1. Functional Writing
  • Headings 1mark
  • Introduction ½ mark
  • Methods/procedure (sub headings) ½ mark
  • Findings ½ mark
  • Conclusion ½ mark
  • Recommendations ½ mark
  • Compiled by ½ mark
    F =4 marks
  • Introduction
    • introduce topic and give background information
    • Committee
    • Duration
      Any other relevant information (max 3marks)
  • Methods – At least two methods mentioned on how the information was collected  2 marks
  • Findings – At least two findings  (2marks)
  • Conclusion-  A clear conclusion on the causes of the insecurity (2marks)
  • Recommendations -  At least two recommendations  (2marks)
    Language 5 marks

Format 4marks
Content 11 marks
Language 5 marks

Total  20marks

Question 2.Cloze Test
  1. Have.                                                                                                                                                         
  2.  Steps/measures.
  3. Frequent.
  4. Siege/attack.
  5. For.
  6. Reputation.
  7. Travel.
  8. Cut.
  9. And.
  10. ignoring/dismissing.


  1. all answers should start with small letters apart from for number 1
  2. no mark for wrong spellings
  3. no mark for two word given per blank space even if one of them is correct.

Question 3. Oral Skills

      • It is repetitive and hence easily memorable e.g. . ‘suck and I hide you’
      • Use of conversational style / direct address. The persona addresses the baby directly using the pronoun ‘you’. This makes the poem immediate and easy to remember
      • It is simple - use of short stanzas.
        (Any two correct answers 2marks)
      • Accompanying musical instruments / use of accompaniments
      • Use of appropriate tonal variation
        (Any two points 1 mark each. 1x2 = 02 marks)
        NB: Listen to refers to verbal/sound effect. Do not award marks for non-verbal cues.
      • Use of falling intonation to indicate the end
      • Use appropriate facial expression i.e. smiling when saying ‘good things will be ours, to show excitement.
        (One verbal and one non-verbal each 1 mark)
    1. Words or expressions that demonstrate that the chair has used the wrong register. Any four words/ expressions, each ½ mark.
      • What’s up?
      • Guys
      • Jamaaz
      • Colour
      • Bakes
        All the above words are slang or colloquial that should not be used in church register.
    2. Difference between ideophone and onomatopoeia
      • Ideophone: ting tang tong  (1 mark)
      • Onomatopoeia: click, splash  (1mark)
      • encourage the use of courteous language
      • Remind the participants to interrupt or disagree politely
      • Regulate them so that one speaker doesn’t take long
      • Emphasize on appropriate turn taking
        (Any other appropriate answer max 3marks)
      • You are not audible
      • Your points are not arranged logically
      • Not maintaining eye contact with the audience
      • You are not using appropriate gestures
      • Poor mastery of content
        (Mark only the first two points given)
  4. Type of intonation
    1. Falling
    2. Rising
    3. Falling
      (1 mark each)
    1. pointing at words
    2. Vocalizing – sounding words in the lips
    3. Sub – vocalizing – sounding words in the throat
    4. Regressing – going back to what they had read.
    5. Moving their head when reading. (following lines with the head)
      Any other relevant answer. 3x1= 3mks
      (Mark the first three points given only)
    1. Tongue twister
      • loses the alliteration
      • the sound pattern is lost
    1. Explain three things that make Sheila an ineffective communicator. (4mks).
      • Edith is rude, she asks ‘what do you want’
      • She is not a keen listener, picks up the phone but goes on talking with someone else.
      • She is impatient, hangs up before Wanjala finishes talking.
      • She does not introduce herself or even the organization she works for.
      • She interrupts Wanjala at the end
        Any other relevant answer. 3x1= 3mks
        (Mark the first three points given)
    2. Explain three things that one should observe if they are to communicate effectively over the phone. (3mks).
      • Use polite language.
      • One should introduce his/herself
      • Greetings to help in creating rapport
      • Be keen so as to get the details of the message by the other person.
        Observe turn taking(Mark the first three points 3x1 =3marks)

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