INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY Questions and Answers - Form 1 Biology Topical Revision

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  1. Write three major differences between plants and animals.
  2. List the uses of the energy obtained from the process of respiration.
  3. State three characteristic similar in plants and animals.
  4. Motor vehicles move, use energy and produce carbon dioxide and water. Similar characteristics occur in living organisms yet motor vehicles are not classified as living. List other characteristics of living things that do NOT occur in motor vehicles.


  1. Plants  Animals 
    Manufacture their own food Cannot manufacture their own food
    Grow continuously throughout their life  Stop growing when they reach maturity
    Slow in responding to stimuli  Fast in responding to stimuli
    • Growth of the organism
    • Movement of the organism
    • Maintenance of metabolic activities
    • They grow
    • They respire
    • They have gaseous exchange
    • They reproduce
    • They excrete
    • They respond to stimuli
    • They have nutrition
    • They reproduce
    • They grow
    • They respond to stimuli

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