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What are the differences between the works of John the Baptist and that of Jesus Christ?

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  • John the Baptist preached mainly  in the wilderness/ the desert of Judah, while Jesus preached in the synagogues/ homes cities/ towns/ temple
  • John the Baptist called people to repentance, while Jesus forgave/ died for their sins
  • John the Baptist baptised with water, but Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit/ fire
  • John the Baptist lived the life of  Nazarite, while Jesus mixed freely with all people
  • The emphasis of John the Baptist preaching was in the promised Messiah, while that of Jesus was about the kingdom of God
  • John the Baptist’s message was direct  whereas Jesus  preached in parables
  • While John the Baptist disciples fasted, the disciples of Jesus ate and drank
  • John the Baptist did not perform miracles, but Jesus ministry was full  of signs/ wonders
  • John the Baptist was the fore runner / prepared the way while Jesus fulfilled/was the Messiah
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John will  prepare the  way for  the Messiah while Jesus will be the  Messiah

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John the baptist came to make way for Jesus and make people to repent their sins and Jesus came to die for our sins 
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.John was brought to prepare the way for the Messiah
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