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The positions of towns X and Y are given to the nearest degree as X(40°N, 124°E) and Y(40°N,56°W)

  1. Longitude difference 
  2. Find the distance in nautical miles between x and y along a parallel of a latitude.  
  3. Find the distance XY via the north pole in nautical mile.  
  4. A plane flying at 200 knots leaves y at 2.00p.m. on Monday what time and day does it arrive at x via great circle. 

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  1. Longitude difference
    124 + 56 =180°
  2. 180 × 60cos40
  3. Distance XY
    100 × 60=6000nm
  4. t= 6000
    time difference  180×4 =12hrs
    Time at X =2.00a.m

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