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State five causes of the Maji maji rebellion in Tanganyika (1905-1907).

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  1. Africans resented the forced labor introduced by the Germans
  2. Africans were forced to grow their cotton on infertile land
  3. The Africans disliked the rule of Akidas and Jumbes who were foreigners and brutal
  4. The Germans mistreated African rulers(flogging/whipping/harshness)
  5. The Africans were against the introduction of taxes by the Germans
  6. The German officials sexually abused the African women
  7. The Africans were inspired by the prophecy of Kinjeketile Ngwale
  8. Africans wanted to repossess their land from the Germans.
  9. The Ngoni fought to seek revenge over the Boma massacre of 1897.
  10. Africans wanted to regain their last independence
  11. The Germans despised /looked down upon the African way of life. (Christianity vs tradition)
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